How Much Bouillon Powder Is In 1 Bouillon Cube?

Unless you run out of it, bouillon cubes are one of the kitchen staples you cannot do without. Bouillon cubes add flavor and taste to dishes. If your recipe requires that you use chicken broth, but you don’t have any, 1 bouillon cube can save your recipe.

Before you make the broth, you should know the quantity of bouillon granules you can get from one bouillon cube. You should also know how much broth 1 bouillon cube can make. These measurements and conversions are just as important as your recipe.

If you agree with me, that’s where the perfection of your recipes comes from. Let’s dive in already.

What is a bouillon cube?

A bouillon cube is a dehydrated and compressed cube made with stock or broth. It is dehydrated meat stock, fat, salt, some seasonings, and monosodium glutamate (MSG) or vegetables that are compressed into small seasoning cubes.

Furthermore, common names for bouillon cubes are stock cubes, broth cubes, or stockpot. Bouillon cubes make cooking easier because you can use one cube to make broth. Unlike back in the days when people had to make their broth, and this delayed the cooking process.

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1 bouillon cube equals how many teaspoons?

1 bouillon cube equals one teaspoon of bouillon granules.

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How much broth does 1 bouillon cube make?

One bouillon cube makes one cup of broth. Dissolve one bouillon cube in one cup of warm water to make broth.

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How to use bouillon cubes

There are many ways to use bouillon cube. You can use the cubes as they are to season many dishes. Moreover, they come in varieties – chicken, beef, vegetable, and lamb. The cubes can be grated into granules and used as a seasoning in dishes.

You can also choose to dissolve bouillon cubes in warm water to make broth. Whichever way you decide to use bouillon cube, remember that its saltiness can overpower your dish if you are not careful with the amount of salt you add.

In addition, the meat or vegetables used for the cubes also lend a hand to your dish and help to enhance its flavor.

To make broth with bouillon cubes, follow these steps:

  • The number of cups of broth your recipe requires is the number of bouillon cubes and water you will need. That is, dissolve bouillon cubes in equal amounts of water
  • Boil the water first and take it off the heat
  • Thereafter, put the bouillon cubes into the hot water and stir until it dissolves
  • When you have clear and uniform broth, you can stop stirring
  • Your broth is ready to use

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Can you substitute bouillon cube for broth?

Yes, you can. If you run out of broth, you can dissolve bouillon cubes in boiling water and substitute this for chicken or beef broth. One bouillon cube dissolved in one cup of boiling water will yield one cup of broth.

How many grams is one bouillon cube?

One bouillon cube weighs 4 grams.

Is beef bouillon the same as beef stock?

Beef bouillon and beef stock are not the same ingredients. Beef bouillon is dehydrated beef stock or broth.

On the other hand, beef stock is an unseasoned, rich liquid made from boiling vegetables, meat, and bones. In addition, beef stock is usually used as a base for savory dishes.

Can you get a tablespoon from 1 bouillon cube?

No, you can’t. One bouillon cube cannot make a tablespoon. If you need a tablespoon of bouillon, you’ll need about three cubes of bouillon.


Generally, one bouillon cube will give you one tablespoon of bouillon. These measurements vary with brands, but this is the amount you’re likely to get with most brands.

Moreover, the size of your cube determines the quantity of bouillon granules you will get from a cube.

Most importantly, always check the package for detailed information. I hope this article answers your questions.

Thanks for reading.

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