How Much Is 1 Egg White In Grams?

If your recipe needs egg substitution or just a particular part of the egg, there are certain things you should know. For instance, your egg white cake or buttercream recipe may require that you use egg white in grams. Then, how many grams does 1 egg white weigh?

The role of eggs when making baked goods cannot be downplayed, even if you’re replacing them with an alternative like chia seeds. The size of an egg and the part you use in a recipe does not always matter, but when they matter, you should use them appropriately.

Is egg white healthy?

Yes, it is. Egg white is a rich source of protein, choline, and vitamins B2, B12, D, E, and K. Egg white, also known as the albumen, contains 80-90% water which makes it very light and suitable for recipes like meringues, mousse, macrons, and some other baked goods.

In addition, egg whites are healthier than yolks. They are low in fat and carbs. Their high protein content is one of the reasons why eggs are highly appreciated.

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How many grams is 1 egg white?

One egg white weighs 2/3 of the entire weight of an egg. One large egg weighs 48 to 50 grams. Therefore, one egg white weighs approximately 30 grams.

How many grams of protein is in 1 egg white?

1 egg white contains approximately 4 grams of protein.

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How many grams is 1 tablespoon of liquid egg white?

One egg white (30 grams) contains two tablespoons of liquid egg product. Therefore, 1 tablespoon of liquid egg white weighs 15 grams.

How many grams is 1 cup of liquid egg white?

One cup of egg white weighs approximately 220 grams to 240 grams.

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What is the nutritional value of 1 egg white?

1 large egg white contains 18 calories, 4g protein, 0.06g fat, 55mg sodium, 55mg potassium, 0.24g carbs, and 2mg calcium.

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How many grams is 150ml of egg white?

150ml egg white from large eggs will weigh 154.5 grams.

What is 12 ounces of egg white in grams?

12 ounces of egg white weighs approximately 360 grams.

Can you eat egg whites every day?

Although egg whites are highly nutritious, you should not eat them every day. Eating egg whites every day could load your body with too much protein, and this could be dangerous for people with kidney disease.

It could also result in an allergic reaction in people with albumin allergies. Moreover, eating too many egg whites can make it difficult for your body to hold biotin. That’s because egg white contains a protein-avidin- which can cause biotin deficiency.

In addition, people who take raw egg whites are at risk of salmonella poisoning if they eat egg whites every day.

How many tablespoons are in one egg white?

One large egg white contains two tablespoons of liquid egg product. This will be slightly different for a medium-sized or small egg.


If your recipe is specific about the part of the egg you use, adhere to the instruction. If it is specific about the measurements, you shouldn’t make assumptions.

Knowing how many grams an egg white weighs will not only help you in specific recipes, but it can also help you when making substitutions. For instance, for a fat-free egg substitute, replace one whole egg with two egg whites. I hope you found this article resourceful.

Thanks for reading.

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