Arby’s Catering: Why Choose Them For Your Events?

Arby’s fast-food restaurant has lived up to their names when it comes to delivering a fresh, delicious variety of sandwiches. What about their mouth-watering sides like the jamocha shake? – it’s to die for. Not only that, the prices are really affordable and there’s always something new to try each time you visit.

What’s more? If you’re looking to cater an assortment of sandwiches at your next event, as well as usual menu items, Arby’s can make that happen.

This review talks about Arby’s catering service, their menu items, and price as well as the events they cater to. Kindly read along.

Arby’s Catering Overview

Why is Arby’s Catering one of the best for your events?

  • Time oriented
  • Great customer service
  • Reasonable prices
  • Great menu
  • Professional and friendly staff
  • Can cater to large and small groups

About Arby’s

Arby’s is an American restaurant chain founded by two brothers namely Forrest and Leroy Raffel in the year 1963 who wanted to take advantage of the opportunity for fast food asides from hamburgers. Thankfully, their courage paid off, today, Arby’s is one of the largest fast-food sandwich restaurants with more than 3,500 restaurants in nine countries of the world.

Originally serving roast beef sandwiches, potato chips, and soft drinks for a start. Over the years they have grown into offering a wide variety of menu items such as roast beef, beef ‘n cheddar sandwiches, a deli-style market-fresh line of sandwiches, Greek gyros, curly fries, and jamocha shakes.

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How Does Arby’s Catering Work?

Arby’s Catering does both deliveries and pickup of catering orders. If you wish to get your order delivered to your footstep, there’s an option of using Doordash to place an order on the website. You may decide to download the Doordash app or continue with your browser.

Additionally, you can fill in your location, date, and time of delivery, and select your menu options and quantity on the website directly. Thereafter, you’ll need to fill in all your personal details as requested and submit them. Then wait for them to contact you for confirmation to finalize your order.

From tasty meats to sides, to buns, to desserts, to sauces, there’s enough to savor for your guests when you order Arby’s catering for your birthdays, corporate or private events.

Arby’s Catering Menu

Market fresh sandwich platters

  • Roast beef & swiss
  • Classic roast turkey & swiss
  • Roast turkey, ranch & bacon

Market fresh salad platters

  • Crispy or roast chicken (shredded cheddar cheese, tomato, bacon, and crispy or roast chicken)
  • Family salad (shredded cheddar cheese and tomato)

Arby’s meats

  • Sliced roast beef (served hot & marinated in Arby’s au jus)
  • Chicken tender party pack

Market fresh boxed meals

  • Roast Beef & Swiss Sandwich or Wrap
  • Classic roast turkey & swiss sandwich or wrap
  • Roast turkey, ranch & bacon sandwich, or wrap


  • Slider bun
  • Sesame bun
  • Star top bun
  • Onion bun
  • Sub roll bun
  • Honey Wheat Bread


  • Turnovers (cherry or apple)
  • Gourmet Cookies (salted caramel & chocolate or triple chocolate)

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Why Order Arby’s Catering?

Still a little skeptical about why you should order Arby’s catering service today, see some authentic reasons to do that below:

  • Very affordable menu price
  • Available for pickup and delivery
  • An array of delectable menu options
  • Timely delivery of service
  • Able to serve both small and large guests
  • Easy order process

What is Arby’s Catering Minimum Order?

Arby’s catering packages include:

1. Delivery

Getting your order delivered to you is fast and convenient. Arby’s Catering works with Doordash to deliver orders to customers, well-packaged and right at your doorstep.

2. Pickup

If you are feeling like having a personal treat or hosting a party of a few persons, there are a lot of Arby’s menu packages that perfectly suit your need. Simply place an order online, and stop by physically to pick up your order at a local restaurant without hassle.

What Kind of Occasion Can You Order Arby’s Catering Service For?

Arby’s Catering is available for you at any of these events:

  • Family reunion
  • Casual outings
  • Birthdays
  • Corporate events
  • Business meetings
  • Private parties
  • Graduations
  • Big and small events, etc.

How Much Does Arby’s Catering Cost (Menu Price)?

  • Market fresh sandwich platters: $32
  • Market fresh salad platters: $12 – $20
  • Arby’s meats: $9.99 – $24
  • Market fresh boxed meals: $7 – $8
  • Buns: $3.50 – $6
  • Dessert: $12 – $18

Arby’s Coupons and Promo Codes

Arby’s doesn’t offer any coupons or promos but you can enjoy 50% off any sandwich on your next order once you sign up for their email list. This offer is valid on any full-priced sandwich or wrap and is limited to participating restaurants alone.

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What services does Arby’s Catering offer include?

Their services include delivery and pick up.

What scale of events can Arby’s cater to?

They cater to any type of event, regardless of number.

How do you request a catering quote or order?

Simply log on to Arby’s catering website and place an order to get a quote.

Why Choose Arby’s Catering Services?

Asides from the fact that Arby’s offers a wide range of mouthwatering dishes, the foods are also really affordable. With as low as $4, you can begin to enjoy tasty dishes.

Also, if you are looking to cater delectable sandwiches at your next event, Arby’s catering has got you. Another good thing is that their ordering process is so easy and delivery is swift and reliable.

Finally, another excellent catering option to consider for your next event is the renowned KFC catering.

I hope this review helped. Thanks for reading.