Are Eggs Poultry? See What You Need To Know

There are many speculations about what eggs are. They seem to be a lot like dairy products seeing that they are in proximity to dairy products in stores. Then again, it could sound appropriate to call eggs poultry since they are products of poultry birds.

Are eggs truly poultry? In a short answer, they are not. That’s surprising, right? I thought so too. Eggs are proteinous food items that are widely eaten among humans for breakfast. Chefs also incorporate eggs into baked goods and different meals.

However you like to use eggs, it is important to get matters like the classification of eggs straight. For vegans and vegetarians, knowing whether eggs are poultry or not largely influences their choice to eat them.

Are eggs poultry?

No, eggs are not poultry. The fact that eggs are products of poultry animals does not satisfy to call them poultry.

As byproducts of poultry animals, you can liken them to the milk that comes from cattle. Also, the term poultry refers to the meat gotten from poultry birds, and eggs are not meat.

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Are eggs dairy?

No, eggs do not fit in the dairy category of food. It is important to first know that these eggs we are talking about are not from mammals. They are not milk or made from milk.

It’ll amaze you that not all food items made from milk are dairy. Therefore, there is no way eggs can be classified as dairy.

Are eggs vegan?

Going by what makes something acceptable as food for vegans, eggs are not vegan. Eggs are produced at the expense of poultry animals.

However, some “veggans” say they can eat eggs that are produced by poultry animals that enjoyed proper care during egg production. This type of “veggans” will most likely not eat just any egg.

They will go the extra length to be sure that the eggs were created ethically. In simple words, eggs are not vegan, but under some conditions, some “veggans” may eat eggs.

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Are eggs vegetarian?

Yes, eggs are vegetarian. Vegetarians are people who eschew eating the flesh and muscle of animals. On this basis, vegetarians can safely eat eggs.

Looking at egg production from the angle of being a byproduct of a rooster and hen mating, some vegetarians will not eat eggs.

They believe that eggs produced this way have been fertilized, and they can become flesh – a chicken. For vegetarians, store-bought eggs are the best eggs for them because they are unfertilized.

What are eggs classified as?

Eggs are animal byproducts that are best put in the protein food group, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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Nutritional value of eggs

One large egg of about 50g weight provides:

  • 77 calories
  • 6g protein
  • 5g fat
  • 0.6g carbs
  • 0g sugar
  • 186.5mg cholesterol
  • 62mg sodium
  • 63mg potassium
  • 99mg phosphorus
  • 28mg calcium

It also contains other minerals, vitamins A, B, D, E, & K, and antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin.

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Are poultry eggs healthy?

Yes, they are. Eggs are healthy to eat because:

  • They contain digestible protein
  • They are also rich enough to make a complete protein profile
  • Eggs contain minerals and vitamins that boost immunity
  • They do not contain carbs or sugar. Therefore, they do not predispose you to high blood sugar levels
  • Also, they promote good cholesterol
  • In addition, the rich protein content of eggs makes them highly filling. They keep you feeling full and less inclined to eat. This is great for weight management
  • Eggs are one of the rich food sources of choline
  • Apart from the vitamins and minerals, eggs contain antioxidants that promote eye health


Are boiled eggs healthier than scrambled eggs?

Yes, they are. Boiled eggs are the healthiest way to eat eggs. They contain more protein and fewer calories than scrambled eggs. This is because boiled eggs are cooked without the oil, butter, and other ingredients that are used in the preparation of scrambled eggs.

Can you eat eggs every day?

Yes, you can. If you are not battling high LDL cholesterol levels, you can safely eat 1 to 2 eggs per day. Additionally, because eggs are high in cholesterol, you have to control how many eggs you eat if you have other high cholesterol foods in your diet.

Who should not eat eggs?

Apart from vegans, people who should avoid eating eggs are those looking to control their cholesterol levels. Also, people with a family history of obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases should either stay off eggs or greatly limit their daily intake.

Can boiled eggs replace meat?

Yes, they can. Some people eat eggs as meat. For instance, vegetarians – who do not eat flesh – use eggs as a replacement for meat. Moreover, it is perfect for some dishes and can help reduce meat intake. Also, eggs are nutritious enough to serve as a complete protein.


If you always wondered what eggs are, they are one of the food items in the protein food group. Eggs are not meat. Eggs are not poultry, and they are not dairy. Although they are byproducts of poultry animals, they are not flesh and cannot be classified as poultry.

In addition, even though eggs are not poultry, they are animal products. It makes them unethical for some vegans to eat. However, eggs are very nutritional and healthy.

Thanks for reading.

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