Are Starburst Candies Vegan? What You Need To Know

To be vegan means you cannot eat or drink animal goods or byproducts. It includes but is not limited to candies, snacks, drinks, and any other type of food consumption. Also, it is tough to figure out which foods or snacks are vegan, especially if you enjoy eating Starburst and are constantly wondering, are Starburst candies vegan?

Unfortunately, they are not vegan, making it unfit for those who follow this lifestyle. However, you need not worry as there are other choices available.

This article goes over Starburst in detail along with vegan alternatives comparable to Starburst in terms of quality.

What Is Starburst?

The Wrigley firm, which is now a subsidiary of Mars, produced a box-shaped, fruit-flavored chewy taffy candy known as Starburst.

Candy corn, popsicles, gum, candy canes, jellybeans, e.t.c. are some of the flavor examples from Starburst.

Tropical, sour, watermelon, extremely berry, superfruit, summer blast, and original are just a few of the Starburst flavors.

Its original flavors of blackcurrant, lemon and lime, orange, and strawberry made it popular in the United Kingdom in the 1960s. Strawberry banana, pineapple, mango melon, cherry, and kiwi are among the tropical tastes available.

Are Starburst Candies Vegan?

No, they are not. Unfortunately, there is no vegan Starburst because the candy has animal-derived ingredients, including confectioner’s glaze (produced from lac beetle secretions) and gelatin – an ingredient sourced from collagen found in animal bones).

Are Starburst Jelly Beans Vegan?

No, Starburst jellybeans are not vegan. Jellybeans is a bean-shaped candy with a solid sugar coating and a gelatinous core.

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Is Pink Starburst Vegan?

Sadly, Pink Starburst is not vegan. This is because its ingredients have animal derivatives which are against the vegan diet.

Is Starburst Gluten-Free?

Yes, they are gluten-free. All Starburst candies are gluten-free, making them a safe choice for someone who is allergic to wheat or has celiac disease.

8 Vegan Starburst Alternatives

Although Starburst is not vegan inclusive, other similar brands have some products but vegan considerate, which you can try.

1. Mambas Fruit Chews


Mambas, a fruity and chewy candy, will be the most like Starburst you can find. Having had both, I can tell that there isn’t much of a difference, even though I was never a lover of fruity sweets to begin with.

2. Jolly Ranchers


This vegan version of Starburst’s classic Jolly Ranchers, lollipops, and jellybeans have no gelatin, supplying vegans with another choice for satisfying their sweet tooth.

Corn syrup; sugar; malic acid content: 2% or less; natural and artificial flavors; artificial color, mineral oil, lecithin (Soy).

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3. Air Heads Mini Taffy


Airheads Mini Taffys are comparable to Starburst in that they are both fruity and shaped similarly. There’s a tiny trick you can do to make them even smaller and more compact:

Sugar, corn syrup, maltodextrin, dextrose, modified food starch (corn), and partly hydrogenated soybean oil are used in its production. Water, citric acid, artificial flavors, blue 1, red 40, yellow 5, and yellow 6 make up less than 2% of the total.

4. Skittles


With Skittles, vegans can now enjoy the vibrant colors of the sky without having to worry about breaking their diet.

Sugar, corn syrup, citric acid, concentrated fruit juices, hydrogenated palm oil, less than 2% tapioca dextrin, modified corn starch, natural and artificial flavors, colors, sodium citrate, and carnauba wax are among the ingredients in the candy.

5. Assorted Mini Laffy Taffy


While certain Laffy Taffy varieties have eggs, it is discovered that many of the Minis do not hold any animal products. Although they aren’t exactly like Starburst, they are fruity and chewy, so their a decent substitute to try.

6. Twizzlers

Twizzlers-cheffist.jpg starburst vegan

Another wonderful vegan Starburst alternative that contains corn syrup, wheat flour, sugar, cornstarch, palm oil, salt, artificial flavor, glycerin, citric acid, potassium sorbate, red 40, and soy lecithin.

7. Dots

dots-cheffist.jpg starburst vegan

Each year, over 4 billion Dots reaches the market, and they can be bought in stores all around the world. They have no gelatin or gluten, making them another excellent vegan choice. Furthermore, they are kosher and peanut-free.

Corn syrup, sugar, modified food starch, malic acid, organic and inorganic tastes, sodium citrate, and synthetic colors to make the dots.

8. Sour Patch Kids

sour-patch-kids-cheffist.jpg starburst vegan

These sweet and tangy candies have no gelatin, making them another great vegan choice. Don’t be tricked into thinking that any candy having gelatin isn’t vegan. Although certain Sour Patch Kids sweets include gelatin- yet, they are considered vegan.

Sugar, caramelized sugar, corn syrup, altered corn starch, oxalate, citric acid, plus natural and artificial flavors make up sour patch kids.

In addition, sour patches hold gelatin, often known as agar. Because agar comes from algae (a plant), Sour Patch Kids is vegan-friendly irrespective of whether it has gelatin.

Why Should You Go for Vegan Starburst Alternatives?

If you follow a strict vegan diet, you need to choose vegan sweets because bulk of candies produced out there all have gelatin.

A vegan diet is a type of vegetarianism that tries to avoid as much possible animal exploitation and cruelty.

Therefore, it is crucial for people who practice this diet not to eat any animal byproducts or derivates.

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Does Starburst have flour?

Yes, it does. There is, however, a gluten-free Starburst that holds no wheat-derived ingredients such as wheat maltodextrin, wheat fiber, or wheat flour, nor do they have rye or any form of gluten food.

Is there gelatin in Starburst?

Yes, there are. Other candies with animal components include Bears gummy (which has gelatin), sweet corn (which holds gelatin, although they do make vegan options), and sunburst (which has gelatin derived from beef).

Gelatin is a protein-peptide mixture generated from vertebrae, tendons, ligaments, and skin of animals, most often cows, pigs, poultry, and fish. Starburst is not strictly vegan because gelatin it comes from animals.

Can you flavor water with Starburst?

Yes, you can. Starburst Water Enhancer turns simple water into a tasty, refreshing drink that tastes like your favorite candy.

The sweet flavor releases with a single press of the bottle. The 1.62 fluid ounce container is ideal for those who are always on the go.

What is Starburst made of?

Sugar, corn syrup, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, less than 2% citric acid, tapioca dextrin, gelatin, apple juice from concentrate, modified corn starch, natural and artificial flavors, and colors make up your chewy starburst (Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 1).


Vegans have several gummy taffy candy options, which may appear limited. Unfortunately, starburst is not one of these companies.

Nonetheless, a list of products such as Starburst has been supplied, which offers vegan taffy candy options. This way, you’ll know which ones are suitable for your vegan lifestyle.

Starburst, on the other hand, has gluten-free flavors that aren’t too horrible for gluten-free consumers.

You shouldn’t be concerned about spoiling your vegan diet once you’ve been acquainted with these fruity candy alternatives. Nonetheless, these candies are inexpensive and readily available at local convenience stores.

Thank you for reading.

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