Barrio Happy Hour: Get A Discount On Your Order

Are you looking for a restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious meal at a discount? Barrio’s happy hour may be a good offer for you to have snacks, drinks, and appetizers at discounted prices. Barrio Happy Hour starts from 4 pm to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday and 3 pm to 5:30 pm on Saturday to Sunday.

Barrio’s happy hour menu is fully packed with delicious snacks and drinks. It’s an offer you may not want to miss if you have a barrio restaurant in your area.

This review will highlight every detail about the Barrio happy hour and how you can take advantage of it. Read on to learn more.

About Barrio Kitchen & Agave Bar

Barrio is a Mexican restaurant that serves its numerous customers, good foods in a friendly atmosphere. Whether you are just looking to have a casual meal or enjoy a quality drink, Barrio restaurant might be a place to go. The restaurant has been a family business that upholds the Mexican culture.

Barrio restaurant used locally sourced ingredients to cook their meals. With many items on their menu, you can order a variety of foods, drinks, and appetizers. If you are in town looking for a restaurant to eat healthy food with a flair for Mexican culture, you may want to visit Barrio Kitchen & Agave Bar.

What Time Does Barrio Open?

The Barrio restaurant is as highlighted below;

  • Monday – Friday: 4 pm to 10 pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 11 am to 10 pm

Note the opening hours might vary based on the location you find yourself. You should confirm with your local Barrio restaurant to know the right operation hour.

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What is Barrio’s Happy Hour?

The Barrio happy hour is a discount deal offered at the restaurant on snacks, drinks, and appetizers to help you save a few dollars. Meal items like Chips and Salsa, Vegan Nachos, Braised Pork Taquitos, and Guacamole are available during happy hour at discounted prices.

While this might not look like a big deal to some people, it’s a good thing. Because the offer is available from Monday to Sunday. This means you can always take advantage of it if you visit the restaurant on any day of the week. However, it’s important you visit during the appointed time if you want to take the offer.

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What Time is Barrio Happy Hour?

Barrio Happy Hour is from 4 pm to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday and 3 pm to 5:30 pm on Saturday to Sunday. You can visit the Barrio restaurant near you to enjoy delicious meals at discounted prices.

Please note that the happy hour time might vary from one location to another. Ensure you confirm the right timing at your local restaurant to avoid missing out on the offer.  

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Does Barrio have Happy Hour Every Day of the Week?

Yes, Barrio’s happy hour is available from Monday to Sunday every week. You can visit any participating Barrio restaurant in your area and order any of the selected drinks, snacks, or appetizers to enjoy the happy hour discount.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you visit the restaurant on Tuesday or Friday. The most important thing is to visit when the happy hour offer is on the table. If you visit earlier or after the happy hour period, you won’t get any discount.

Other restaurants with happy hour offer every day of the week include Macaroni Grill and Tahoe Joes. I will encourage you to visit if you have any of their restaurant in your area.

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Does Barrio Host Late-Night Happy Hour?

No, the Barrio’s happy hour is only available till 5:30 pm. Even though the offer is available Monday through Sunday, unfortunately, it’s not available for the late diners or those looking to get a discount on their dinner at the restaurant.

However, I think it will be wise to order any of the items on the happy hour menu when the offer window is open and then pick up your order later or have it delivered. After, it’s all about saving a few dollars on meals.

But if you’re the type that loves to dine in and work won’t allow you to visit Barrio Kitchen & Agave Bar during the happy hour, Ruby Tuesday happy hour is an offer I recommend. It’s available every day of the week and with the late-night offer, you can get an amazing discount on delicious meals from 9 pm to close.

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Barrio Happy Hour Menu

There are various items on the Barrio happy hour menu you can enjoy at a discounted price. The list includes:


  • Pork Al Pastor
  • Spiced Steak
  • Housemade Chorizo
  • Fried Chicken
  • Pork Belly


  • Grilled Quesadilla 
  • Chips and Salsa
  • Vegan Nachos
  • Braised Pork Taquitos
  • Guacamole
  • Classic Nachos

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What are the Drinks Available During the Barrio’s Happy Hour?

There are different flavors and a variety of drinks available at Barrio restaurant during happy hour. The drinks include; 

Beer and Wine

  • Mexican Draft Beer 
  • Red, Sparkling, or White Wine
  • Michelada


  • Sangria
  • House Margarita
  • Blood Orange Margarita
  • Rail Drinks
  • Domestic Bottles 
  • House Tequila Shot
  • Mojitos 
  • Hot Mezz
  • Ginger Mint Paloma

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Does Barrio Restaurant Host Happy Hour On Weekends? 

Yes, Barrio Kitchen & Agave Bar is one of the very few restaurants with a happy hour offer available to all customers who visit the restaurant from Sunday to Saturday.

Another similar restaurant with such an offer is Duke’s Seafood. Its happy hour offer is available from 11 – 6 pm and 9 pm-close Monday to Sunday.

Personally, I think this is a good this. At least, those that are busy with work on weekdays can still manage to take advantage of the offer on weekends. So, whether it’s a casual time-out, special dinner, or a small family get-together, Barrio happy hour could help have a nice dining experience without spending a lot.

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Barrio Happy Hour: FAQs

What time does Barrio restaurant open?

Barrio restaurant opens from 4 pm to 10 pm on Monday – Friday, and 11 am to 10 pm on Saturday – Sunday.

Does Barrio take reservations?

Unfortunately, you are served on a first-come, first-serve basis at the restaurant. 

Are there discounts on drinks during the Barrio’s happy hour?

Yes, there are discounts available for you on the drinks like draft beers, tequila, Mojito, and many more.

Barrio Happy Hour: Final Thoughts

Whether you’re happy hour regulars or not, this is definitely a great way to enjoy some food and drinks with friends. Barrio has a menu full of traditional tacos, appetizers, and margarita varieties that won’t leave your wallet empty. Pair your tacos or margaritas with some chips, queso, or guacamole for an added level of deliciousness. Your taste buds will thank you.

Therefore, if you haven’t been down to Barrio lately, it’s a great time to go. There are plenty of happy hour specials and delicious foods available at discounted prices. It’s not an offer you should miss if you have any of the Barrio restaurants in your area.

Or perhaps, there are no Barrio Kitchen & Agave Bar around you, I will encourage you to check out my Hour category on Cheffist. I’m certain you will have more than enough information on offers at some of the fast-food restaurants in your area.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review.