11 Best Apple Corers You Can Buy

Best apple corers you can buy – With appliances like the apple corer, kitchen activities have become so easy to engage in. There is a conscious feeling when using kitchen utensils, you will just love it. Looking at how chopping is made in minutes, or the peeling and other things that would have been stressful. Thanks to good kitchen appliances.

Yes, I mentioned good. Only good ones will do the right jobs. Or ever seen a bad thing do a good thing? This is why in this post I will be sharing with you the best kitchen corers you can buy.

Quick Review

An apple corer is a tool that can be used in removing the tip and core of an apple or other fruits such as pears. If you are looking for a kitchen utensil that will help you keep your apple whole in your desired baked apple or apple pie, then the apple corer is the perfect option. To buy the best apple corer read along.

1. Zulay Kitchen Apple Corer

The is in no doubt the best among all apple corers. It is easy to use. Manufactured from steel and it goes a perfect handle that is easy to perform all kitchen duties.



Sharp and strong bladesTwo blades that might not line up when needed
Strong and durable
Zulay Kitchen Corer

2. Creencia Non-Sleep Corer

This is a budget-friendly appliance. If you need to save more money to get the best of apple corer. The Creencia non-sleep is good to go for you. It has an adjustable diameter. Every part of this appliance is easy to clean.

Pros Cons
Firmly constructedRequires extra effort
Removes Apple core easily
Creencia Non-sleep corer

3. Nature’s Kitchen NK05 Corer

The closest to the Creencia is Nature’s Kitchen. It has the best steel body parts which are a hundred percent made; rustproof and comes with a lifetime warranty. It is durable and the best choice for anyone looking best performance due to its sharp teeth.

Its sharp teeth reduce the effort you apply meaning it is stressless to use – a quality every cook cherishes. It is one of the best apple corers you can buy.

Multiple functionsExpensive
Nature’s Kitchen NK05 corer

4. Cucina Pro 340 Apple Corer

It is great at doing tough skin removals. In one application, it does a good job in peeling and slicing. Unlike the first few listed corers, this is made of iron. The iron quality makes it last longer and gives no matter the length of usage. An additional feature is its flat base that helps out in the cooking.

Simple usageExpensive
Easy to disassembleNot used for all apples
Cucina Pro 340 Corer

5. Oxo Quick Release Apple Corer

This apple corer is a good choice as it has a unique feature that enables the cook to hold the core when peeling and slicing takes place.

It has an additional advantage of a quick release handle as the name implies. The handle releases quickly to make the apple core fall out without hassle. It is made of luxurious stainless steel material which makes it a bit expensive.

Non-slip handleExpensive
Durable with quick release handleCannot be used for small apples
Oxo Quick Release Kitchen Corer

6. Zyliss Apple Corer

It has ultra-sharp serrated teeth that provide effective performance. It comes with a very strong hand that can withstand any pressure no matter how severe. This corer gives you the opportunity to use your hand on the corer when it is being removed. The body and handle can bother to be trusted which it makes outstanding.

Strongly ConstructedIt has a large barrel which is not okay for big apples
Sharp and top quality blade
Zyliss Apple Corer

7. Hoomil Apple Corer

Looking for a classy feel of the best apple corer? Then this is for you. The Hoomil is also made of stainless steel and it has a handle that is easy to grip when removal is ongoing.

It is universal because it can also be used on other fruits apart from the apple. The quality of the steel makes it easy to clean and dust off – interestingly it does not get rust.

Easy to useIt comes with a manual core
A sharp blade with quality performance
HOOMIL Apple Corer

8. Deiss Durable Apple Corer

The Deiss apple corer comes in a full set, which makes it the only apple corer that you buy with other inclusions such as an apple slicer. Regarding its performance, it is rated top as the serrated teeth are made of steel and it does a wonderful job in clearing out the skin of the apple neatly.

It is highly recommended because you can use it for as long as possible without getting rusted. Also, this apple corer is accompanied by an attractive and shining handle that you can hold no matter how wet your hands might be.

Very cheapSerrated edge needs sharpening after constant usage
Safe to wash in dishwasher
Deish Apple Corer

9. Triangle Professional-Grade Apple Corer

Lots of good apple corer but the Triangle professional-grade apple corer has the best-looped blade. It is also dynamic as it can be used for other kinds of fruits other than apples. The unique thing about his apple corer is its professional-grade accompanied with two different size blades.

The handle is 6-inch long making it comfortable to hold, compact, and lightweight.

Made with a premium steel gradeIt has a slippery handle
Comes in a stylish designThe cylinder has a small diameter
Triangle Professional-Grade Apple Corer

10. Orblue Stainless Steel Apple Corer

Another apple corer you should consider buying is the Orblu Stainless Steel; which is made in a very stylish design that you will love at first sight. The handle is soft making it easy for you to grip and control your appliance with utmost comfort. Like other apple corers, it has serrated teeth sharp enough to give you the desired cut and slice.

Serves differentIt has a small diameter which cannot take big apples.
Ultra Sharp edge tip
Orblue Stainless Steel Apple Corer

11. Norpro Apple Corer

Remember how your plunger looks like? This apple corer is constructed in such a manner. If you would love a design like that the Norpro is your best choice. It offers a premium opportunity to remove the core after slicing and it is made of two components ( plastic and stainless steel). It is one of the best apple corer you can buy.

Pros Cons
Made in stylish plunger designYou cannot wash in the dishwasher
Strong and can’t break easily

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when choosing the best Apple corer?

There are four things you must look into as you make preparations to get the best apple corer;

1. Cleaning and Storage

The ease in storing your kitchen appliances and utensils is a major factor you must consider when you want to buy a new kitchen product. You do not want to get a product that takes space and you have to rearrange your kitchen all over again.

So, to make a better plan when putting up a budget to buy your apple corer what you have to do is check how compact it is. The compactness will give you an idea of the amount of space it will take up when you eventually buy it.
Sharp blade

This is the most important factor to consider; the teeth of an apple corer are its strength and uniqueness. Imagine an apple corer manufactured without teeth? Or with one made with teeth but can’t slice well? The purpose has been defeated ultimately.

Therefore, in every specification of an apple corer, you should look at the sharpness of the teeth (serrated teeth are mostly the sharpest). And if you will be buying the apple corer in a store, you should ensure you confirm this properly before leaving.

2. Design

The aesthetic of your kitchen utensils plays a role in adding to the beauty of your kitchen. Each of the kitchen corers is made uniquely to attract buyers. Despite the generic component of steel, they were constructed especially so you can buy them.

Do not go for a product you dislike. You want only products you like because, in the long run, you will end neglecting them in your kitchen. That’s the psychology about things you dislike.

3. Usage

Even if you are new to an appliance the manual will be of help. But appliances and utensils that are extremely difficult to use will only make your cooking process tiring. Make a confirmation from the customers’ reviews if buying online and from shop attendants, if you are buying from stores.


The number of available kitchen corers will make you unsure about the best to buy. To conquer this undecisive state you should choose to go with best based on the factors listed and more importantly based on your prepared budget. Also, you must learn how to handle your kitchen appliances well like your apple corers so they can last long.