The Different Bowl Types and What They Are Used For

If you are a lover of soup and side dishes, then you would be conversant with the various kind of bowl types out there. 

That you are aware of the different bowl types due to your series of restaurant voyages and love for soups, broths, and pudding, does not take away the fact that there are much more you still do not know.

Therefore, this article will set you on the right course as regards the bowl types there are and what they are used for.

What Is a Bowl?

It is a circle-shaped vessel, with a wide unclosed top. It is used for serving food, fruits, soups, and salads.

Some bowls are for cleaning, washing, and general tidiness. However, there is very much nothing you cannot use a bowl for as each bowl is significant to the user.

Distinct Types of Bowls

Finding the best bowl to use for occasions, at family dinners, and at sleepovers are crucial. There is a peculiar bowl to be used on every occasion and setting. Therefore, you should not mix it up or put one for the other.

1. Ceramic Bowls


This is the most common bowl around the world. The ceramic bowl is very prevalent because it is easy to use and has a multipurpose function.

It is sturdy, won’t easily break, has got a long shelf life, and can be handed to toddlers and kids. It is also very appealing due to the many colors in which they are made and most especially easy to wash and store.

2. Glass Bowls


A glass bowl is modeled for strict and professional occasions and gathering. These bowls are to be used cautiously as they are made of glass and can break easily. You will find that these types of bowls are not placed around children or toddlers due to safety reasons.

Consequently, glass bowls are very aesthetically pleasing, and it is sometimes good to use in the microwave or a dishwasher without a hassle.

3. Plastic Bowls


A plastic bowl is another bowl that is very sought after. The bowls are very easy to move around, use, and clean. Moreso, they can be easily disposed of when the need be.

4. Metal Bowls


This is a type of bowl that is used to mix ingredients or anything at all. This is because they can hold properly without an allowed content spill.

In addition, this bowl cannot be destroyed. It has a great life strength because of the property in which it was made from being metal and is very easy to clean.

Moreover, there are metal bowls that you can also use to eat. You will find them mostly in silver, gold, and bronze.

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5. Stoneware


These are rugged bowls made to serve for a long time. A stoneware bowl is a good everyday kind of bowl that comes in fun designs and patterns.

These bowls are microwave safe, and you will be able to use bowls in your dishwasher and microwave without any issues.

6. Earthenware


Earthenware bowl is a bit like stoneware bowls but has a few key distinctions. You can find many different earthenware sets on the market that are attractive and durable.

7. Fine China


This type of bowl is widely known to be fragile and pretty. They can easily break or slip off your hand due to how sleek they are.

However, they are very great for evening dinner and professional luncheon. You can only use fine china bowls occasionally and not all the time because of how they are made.

8. Finger Bowls


This is a type of bowl made to clean fingers before eating. You present this bowl to your visitors which is common in Asia and Africa before they eat or taste anything you serve them

9. Bone China Bowls


In comparison to fine china, bone china is the harder version. Although it is thinner than the fine china, it is very durable and sturdy.

It is made with animal bone which gives clarity to its ruggedness even if thin to the touch.

10. Bamboo Bowls


In the wake of global warming, bamboo bowls have become a thing. They are made to serve all purposes, from eating to mixing, to pounding, and many more.

In addition, to its biodegradable property, it is environmentally safe. They are often used for salads and house decor for the earthy feeling it brings. Furthermore, these bowls cannot be used in the microwave or the dishwasher.

11. Melamine Bowls


Produced via the organic chemical process used to make plastic, the melamine bowl is a common children’s type of bowl.

Consequently, they may be a bit difficult to wash but you can use them in the dishwasher only and not the microwave. Also, it is a type of bowl that can be bought at will without much financial discomfort to the user.

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12. Soup Bowls


This bowl is perfect for eating soup; therefore, the name soup bowl. It has a depth like no other that allows it to carry hot soup without so much as a spilling.

It is a multipurpose bowl and can be used for even more than soups.

13. Salad Bowls


Another valuable bowl is the salad bowl, which is used to mix salads. Some people like to toss the salad and then put it on a plate or a smaller bowl. Salad bowls can be made from many different materials, but glass and wooden salad bowls are the most common.

14. Rice Bowls


Rice bowl is common in Asia and North America. They are used in eating rice dishes and are regularly sold with chopsticks.

15. Cereal Bowls


This is used for your early morning feeding and breakfast. The cereal bowl is fit for everything flakes, oats, and many more. They are mainly made from ceramic, glass, and melamine.

16. Mixing Bowls


Mixing bowls are used to mix ingredients; they are very important kitchen utensils because they are part of the process of making any dish, desserts, or appetizers.

17. Storage Bowls


This is a bowl meant for storing food in your refrigerator or not. They mostly come with lids and are of different sizes.

18. Dip Bowls


A dip bowl is a small bowl that is used for food dipping. For instance, sauce for your fries, chicken, etc.

Dip bowls are made for this purpose, and it is made so that it is easy to achieve the aim and consequently the different shapes it comes with.

19. Pet Bowls


Pet bowls are durable, long-lasting melamine, and are meant to fit your home decor. You can get your pet bowls at numerous retail outlets across the country. These bowls are mainly used for pet feeding.

20. Change Bowls


It is used to store change. These changes are of a monetary type where you can store and swap when you need them.

21. Ramekin


Ramekin is a Dutch word that means to toast. It is used as a small side dish for serving and baking a small quantity of food.

22. Porcelain Bowls


Porcelain bowls have a white and translucent appearance made from China clay (kaolin) and pottery stone. It can be used for serving salad, sauces, and soups and it is water-resistant.

23. Silicone Bowls


Silicone bowls are made from polymer and rubber material. Therefore, it is safe to use and does not react with food or drinks. They’re foldable and don’t take up space.

24. Candy Bowls


These are bowls made specifically for candy stores. You will find these bowls of candy at offices for guests and snacks that you can take while conversing.

25. Singing Bowls


This is a synthetic alloys copper bowl that is made for relaxation. They emit sounds and vibrations when struck with a hammer.

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26. Pasta Bowls


If you love pasta, you should get a pasta bowl. It gives the pasta a perfect look inside the bowl. These bowls are perfect for holding your linguine, rigatoni, fettuccine, or any other type of pasta.

27. Copper Bowls


Even though these bowls are expensive, they are a good substitute for mixing bowls. It is elegant and eye-catching and would serve as a nice utensil aesthetic in the kitchen.

Subsequently, you can use them for anything mixing, from baking to stuffing to whisking and them mashing.

28. Decorative Bowl


The decorative bowl aims to lighten and brighten up your home. In addition, these bowls give a nice feel and look. Basically, they draw guests’ attention to your decor and home ambiance.


How many types of singing bowls are there?

The commonly known singing bowls are Thadobati, Jambati, Naga, Mani, Ultabati, Manipuri, Lingam, and Remuna.

These bowls also have different shapes, sizes, tones, and qualities. They all have their uniqueness, but they all essentially serve the same purpose.

What are the three basic bowl types?

The most basic bowl types known to everyone are soup bowls, finger bowls, and ramekins. The soup bowl is common for its purpose, finger bowls for the rising of hands, which is a very common type, and ramekins for solid foods mostly in Asian cuisine.

What are shallow bowls called?

A shallow bowl is another name for pasta or soup bowl. They are a very useful addition that you should have to your kitchen dinnerware.


Cut across different races, ethnicity, and culture, bowl types are made to serve different purposes.

A bowl that is commonly used in North America may differ from that which is used in South America. What this means is that bowls have different essence, and they play different values to each people.

Thank you for reading.

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