Can Opener Not Working? Here’s Why And Solutions

Is your can opener not working? If yes, then this article is for you.

The can opener not working is one of the kitchen problems that we all face once in a while. I mean, who has not experienced this problem at least one time.

So, today I think we should discuss why your can opener is not working and how you can make it last longer without having to buy a new can opener every month.

What is a Can Opener?

A can opener is a tool usually used in the kitchen or house to open cans and jars. It can be used to open a wide variety of containers, including glass jars and metal cans.

The most common type of can opener consists of a round piece of metal that fits into the edge of a can’s lid and turns on an axis when pulled toward it.

The handles on today’s can openers are also different from those from the past because they are designed to be easy to grip while using the tool to prevent your hand from slipping off the handle when opening a can.

Some designs have handles mounted on either side for easier handling during use, while others have one long handle that can be used on either side to open larger cans without having to turn them sideways.

Can openers come in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles depending on what kind of cans you want to open and how much space you have available for storing them in your kitchen cabinets or pantry shelves when not in use?

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Why is Your Can Opener Not Working?

If your can opener is not working, there are many possible reasons which may include:

1. You are overusing your can opener

If you’ve been using your can opener for a long time, it may have worn down the edges or become dulled by constant use. This will cause the knives inside of it to not cut as well when they hit something solid in the opening process.

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2. Your can opener is rust

The most common reason your can opener is not working is that the gears are rusty. The gears in a can opener are like the gears in a car, they need to be oiled and lubricated regularly to keep them working properly.

If you have used your can opener for too long without cleaning it, then it will start to rust and damage the inside of your can opener.

3. The blade of your can opener is dull or bent.

Your can opener is not working? Then you probably should check out the blade. The blade of your can opener might be dull or bent. If you have a sharpener on board, try to use it to sharpen the blade in case it’s damaged. If that doesn’t work, then it will need to be replaced with a new one.

4. Misalignment of your can opener’s blade

Another thing that can cause your can opener to not work is misalignment. This means that the blade doesn’t line up properly with the opening mechanism of the can opener. This can happen if something is blocking the path of the blade or if there’s an issue with how it’s assembled altogether.

5. Your can opener is low quality

If you buy a cheap can opener, you will probably find that it doesn’t last very long or that it gets stuck when opening cans of food. This is because cheap models are made from inferior materials and do not work as well as better-quality models would have done in the first place.

If you want to use a good-quality can opener and save money at the same time, consider buying a quality one from an online retailer or at a local store. If buying online, check reviews first.

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How to Keep Your Can Opener Working For Long

1. Lubricate the gears with cooking oil to ensure a smooth performance

This is especially important if you’re using the can opener for a lot of heavy-duty work. Lubricate the gears with cooking oil often. This helps prevent rust, which can cause damage to the gears and also wear down any sharp edges on the cutter blade.

2. Clean the cutter blade and replace it when the edge is no longer cutting smoothly

When your blade starts becoming dull, clean it immediately by using an old toothbrush or binder clip to clean off any debris from around the edge of the blade. Then give your new blade a quick run through its sharpening process before using it again.

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3. Store your can opener in a safe place and avoid bending it or dropping it on a hard surface

Store your can opener away from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight, which can cause rust to form on the metal parts of your can opener.

In addition, bending or dropping can damage the sharp edges of the metal parts of your can opener and weaken them over time which makes them more likely to break down at any moment.

4. Don’t over-stretch the opener

The blades are designed to be sharp, so they can cut through metal easily, but they’re not made to last forever. If you’re cutting through large numbers of cans or jars, your opener may wear down faster than it should. So take care not to force it too hard when opening and don’t apply too much pressure.

5. Don’t leave it dirty for a long time

If you leave your can opener in the sink or on the countertop where food collects, the metal parts will rust and tarnish over time. It’s best to rinse off your can opener after each use and wipe it dry with a clean cloth before storing it away.

6. Use it as little as possible

The truth is that nothing last forever. Nevertheless, you should use your can opener as little as possible. The more you use it, the faster it becomes dull, less effective, and worn out. Therefore, use your can opener only when necessary.

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Do you know how to use your can opener the right way?

Even if you buy the most expensive and quality can opener, if you don’t know how to use it properly, it won’t take long before it stops working.

So, if you’ve been using your can opener wrongly or you don’t know how to use one, here’s how to use a can opener the right way:

Turn the can opener so that the handle is parallel with the lid and facing up, and the cutting wheel pierces the side of the can just below the lip of the can.

Unlike many, ensure you’re not placing the knob on the side of the can and opening the lid from the top. While the lid will likely still be clinging to the can opener, simply spin the hand directly above it until it is freed from the can.


Can you use a can opener to open a jar lid?

While some people use it, using a can opener to open jar lids is not safe. Instead, you should get a jar opener.

Can you open a can without an opener?

Yes, the alternative to a can opener is a knife. So without a can opener, you can try opening the can with your knife.

Are there can openers for seniors?

Yes, there are can openers specifically designed for seniors, people with Arthritis hands, and anyone with low strength. You can check Amazon and choose from the different kinds available.


Your can opener can stop working for a few reasons which I have highlighted earlier in this article. Nevertheless, can openers are designed to last a long time but they will eventually wear out, even if you put them away after every use.

How long your can opener will last depends on how you use and maintain it. Ensure you clean it after each use, lubricate often, sharpen the blade if dull, and most importantly, keep it in a dry safe place.

If you don’t use your can opener often, make sure that you store it in a clean place away from dust, water, direct sunlight, and other dirt particles.

Like every other kitchen appliance, you should invest in a quality can opener and care for it to get the best out of it. At least you should get value for your money.

I hope you found this article helpful. If so, you should also check out these things to never do with your kitchen knife for your safety in the kitchen.

Thank you for reading.