Can You Freeze Coffee? Here’s How to Get the Most Out of Your Coffee

Should you leave your coffee to freeze?

Coffee is one of those things some people are very particular about. It is a common beverage in American homes and it is largely personalized. Personal preferences have brought about a lot of facts about how to drink and store coffee.

Freezing is a common preservation method for food and drinks. But it’ll surprise you that not everything should go into the freezer. And for some, it may not ruin the food so much but it could rob you of quality and nutrients.

Here’s a quick look at coffee and its chances of staying fresh by freezing.

What Is Coffee?

Coffee is the product of brewing roasted coffee beans. The roasted beans are first ground into a fine powder that may not be quite coarse, then, the powder is steeped in hot water to give rich, black coffee.

Coffee is a popular beverage that is known for its high caffeine content and acidic bitter taste. You don’t always have to take your coffee all black and bitter; sugar, milk, and cream go well with coffee to sweeten it and add flavor. Based on personal preferences, coffee is either served hot or ice-cold.

Additionally, a cup of brewed coffee beans is more than just a beverage. Taking coffee can enhance your energy level, reduce your chances of getting cardiovascular diseases or diabetes, help you lose weight and keep your weight steady, and keep your mind alert.

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Can You Freeze Coffee?

Yes, you can freeze coffee to preserve it for a longer period. You can store coffee grounds, coffee beans, and even brewed coffee in the freezer to extend its shelf life. Before now, freezing coffee was not a good idea but now, it’s widely embraced because it can help preserve flavor.

However, there are conditions for freezing coffee beans and grounds. If you’re freezing coffee, it means that you’ll not open the bag of coffee for a long period. This means that you shouldn’t freeze a bag of coffee you’ll be taking from every day.

Freezing works for coffee that you’d be storing for up to a month and more. Opening frozen coffee attracts condensation and the resulting moisture makes the coffee go stale.

So, if you’ll freeze your coffee grounds, you should separate them into portions you can consume in a few days after defrosting to avoid ruining and wasting so much coffee.

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Can You Freeze Coffee Creamer?

Yes, you can freeze coffee creamer and enjoy it fresh for up to six months. Freezing coffee creamer helps to retain its quality, texture, and consistency.

When freezing coffee creamer, you can either freeze the whole bottle of creamer or make creamer cubes in an ice tray and seal the cubes in an airtight bag. You should however know that freezing the whole bottle of creamer means that after thawing, you can’t freeze the cream again.

This means that making creamer cubes helps to manage and preserve your coffee creamer better.

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Can You Freeze Coffee Cake?

Yes, you can freeze coffee cake like you would a traditional cake. All you need to do is wrap the cake with aluminum foil paper and then a plastic wrap before you freeze it.

However, do not freeze the coffee cake for more than three months. It may still be edible after three months but you won’t have the best quality.

Why Should You Freeze Coffee?

Freeze coffee if you bought more coffee beans than needed. Furthermore, freeze coffee to preserve coffee against a period when there would be a price hike or scarcity. Freezing coffee is one of the ways of preserving coffee and avoiding wastage.

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How to Freeze Coffee

Divide the coffee

To start with, you should be freezing fresh coffee, otherwise, you may just be wasting time and effort. Portion the coffee into different measurements. It could be per weekly or monthly portions. This will help you avoid opening frozen coffee to air and subsequent condensation.

Pour into bags

Transfer the coffee into bags. You can use the original coffee bag if you won’t be opening it until you’re ready to use all the coffee. But for the portions, use freezer-safe plastic bags to preserve the coffee portions.

Then, double the packaging by putting the plastic bags in one big airtight container. A good idea for this proofing is a canister. It’ll protect the coffee bags from getting punctured by other food items in the freezer.


The best part of the freezer to keep the bags of coffee is at the back. Opening the freezer door too frequently can cause a temperature variation that can also affect the coffee beans or grounds. But at the back of the freezer, the temperature variation does not easily affect the coffee.

Thaw properly

When you are ready to consume coffee, only take out as many or few bags as you need. Leave the coffee to defrost overnight and open it in the morning for brewing.

If you did not use all the coffee beans or grounds, do not freeze it again. Store it in a cool place in the pantry and consume it as soon as you can.

How Long Can You Freeze Coffee?

You can keep coffee beans frozen for up to four months if you store them in an airtight bag. And you can freeze coffee grounds for up to two years if it is vacuum-sealed. Otherwise, it’ll retain its quality until 5-6 months.

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Pros of Freezing Coffee

  • Freezing coffee beans is cost-effective. It allows you to store up coffee over a long period
  • Storing coffee in the freezer can reduce the rate of coffee oxidation and staling
  • Keeping coffee in the freezer allows you to have a variety of flavors without wasting any

Cons of Freezing Coffee

  • Coffee beans attract moisture in the freezer. This moisture changes the beans’ cell structure and consequently makes the beans lose flavor
  • In the freezer, opened coffee can pick up the smell of other foods, and this can make it go stale faster
  • Also, the humidity in the freezer can make the beans decay quickly
  • Additionally, the humidity in the freezer may support the growth of microorganisms, and this can lead to contamination

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What’s the best way to store coffee long-term?

To preserve coffee long-term, store the bag of beans in a cool, dry, and dark place at room temperature. Coffee can last up to ten years if stored it properly.

Can you put hot coffee in the freezer?

Generally, you shouldn’t put hot drinks in the freeze. Allow your coffee to cool down before you freeze it.

How long does coffee stay fresh?

How long your coffee remains fresh depends on the type of coffee you’re preserving.

  • Brewed coffee lasts up to 12 hours at room temperature and can last up to 3 days in the fridge
  • You can store coffee growth for 4 or 5 months in the pantry and up to two years in the freezer
  • Coffee beans last for 6-9 months at room temperature in the pantry and up to 3 years after you freeze it
  • Instant coffee lasts the longest. You can keep it for 5 years and even more if you store it properly

How do you thaw frozen coffee?

To thaw frozen coffee beans, leave them to defrost at room temperature on the kitchen counter. You should however note that you should use up the thawed coffee beans. Don’t refreeze thawed coffee beans.

In addition, if you want to thaw frozen liquid coffee, do it in a microwave in the defrost setting. When the coffee turns liquid, you can use the heat setting to get it warm.


While some people don’t find it logical to freeze coffee, it’s the best preservation method for some. Although frozen coffee is still edible for up to a few days, it may not contain all the good stuff it once had.

This is one of the reasons why coffee is always consumed freshly brewed. However, if you must freeze your coffee grounds, beans, or even brewed coffee, you should do it the correct way.

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