Can You Microwave Mason Jars | A Safety Measure Guide

Yes, you can. Mason jars can be used in the microwave if it isn’t heated for too long.

Nonetheless, this could be tricky as you need to make use of the one made for heating, as glass originally isn’t made for heating thus shouldn’t be more than five minutes or it could break.

Therefore, questions like, can you microwave a mason jar without the lid? or how long can you microwave a mason jar? Aren’t definite and shouldn’t be put to test to avoid domestic accidents.

What Is a Mason Jar?

Named after American tinsmith John Landis Mason, the Mason jars are large top-mouthed glass jars with a hermetic screw-top, used for conserving fruit and vegetables.

A metal ring or “band” is pressed against the jar’s rim when a separate stamped steel disc-shaped lid is screwed down against the jar’s mouth.

How Long Can You Microwave a Mason Jar?

It is preferable for you to not use your jar in the microwave, but if you insist on doing this you should ensure that the time limit doesn’t exceed five minutes to avoid in-house accidents.

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Can You Microwave Food in Mason Jars?

Mason jars are not outrightly microwaved approved. Therefore, you should use other microwave-safe wares when warming your food. This is because the jars are made of glass and shouldn’t be heated for too long.

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Can You Heat a Mason Jar in the Microwave?

So far it has been established that though mason jar is rampantly used it is not advisable therefore, it would be good for you to use other safe products.

How Do You Know if Your Mason Jar Is Microwave Safe?

The thing is you cannot genuinely be certain your mason jar is microwaveable. Therefore, ensure that when microwaving the jar, you remove the metal lid beforehand. Also, older Mason jars may break under high temperatures.

Likewise, do not try to microwave frozen Mason jars and keep them out of the oven totally as the temperature fluctuates and the oven’s dry heat is unsafe which may smash your jar.

Is It Safe to Microwave a Mason Jar? Pros and Cons

While your mason jar is good for several things, you must know that using it in the microwave isn’t at the top of the list. It is not worthwhile to microwave your food or anything else in a mason jar as it could lead to some negative effects irrespective of the good things it is always used for.


  1. The preservation of foods
  2. To keep leftovers
  3. To carry ice-cold drinks
  4. As a decoration prop in the home


  1. Hairline cracks
  2. A crack runs around the base of a jar when thermal shock occurs
  3. The overusing and moving of jars can lead to mishandling and the jar could drop if not handled carefully. Thus, it is susceptible to breakage.

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Microwave-Safe Jars

There are other alternatives to microwave with rather than the mason jar. You should stick to using your mason’s jar for preservations only and find either on Amazon, Walmart, or other stores where you can get a jar safe to use in the microwave.

Tips for Using Mason Jars in Microwave

It is not worthwhile to microwave your food or anything else in mason jars as it could lead to some negative effects. Mason jars have several shortcomings that you should consider before using them to microwave.

  • Place jars on a rack in the canner so they don’t touch the bottom of the canner to avoid dents
  • Do not place cold jars in hot water. Always slowly heat-filled jars to a simmer in hot water (180°F/82°C) before placing them in the pressure canner.
  • Elevated pressure
  • Do not place the hot jar on a cool or wet surface
  • If you use your jar to microwave often, you may have to start using metal knives or spatulas to remove air bubbles or steel wool pads to clean jars which are not good
  • Avoid using old jars
  • Do not place hot food in cold jars
  • If you desire to continue using your jars to microwave, get the new masons jar and test by immersing them in room-temperature water, bringing them to a boil, and boiling for 15 minutes.
  • Pulling lids that are too tight
  • Overfilling

How to Maintain Your Mason Jar

Since mason jars are breakable, please handle them carefully. Also, arrange the jars so that the lids do not rust.

Mason jars are made from glass, a material that can be heavy. If you put mason jars on a shelf or in a cabinet, they can add a lot of weight. Mason jars don’t stack well, so you can’t put any of them in a small space. Try to always follow all mason jar safety tips and replace the lids in time.

Also, you must make sure to not fill up the jar to the brim and leave space for air. And always ensure you avoid thermal shock.


Are mason jars dishwasher safe?

Yes, you can. Mason jars are hand-washable, if you treat the lids with care, they will come out sparkling clean. To avoid damaging the lids, we suggest handwashing only.

Can you microwave mason jars?

Yes, you can. Only when the metal lid of the jar is removed. The lid of a mason jar cannot be removed because it contains metal, which can cause damage to the glass.

What you should do is allow your frozen food if this is the case to defrost before you put it inside the microwave. The more frozen it is, the more time you should be given for it to unfreeze.

Can you recycle mason jars?

Yes. you can. But you should put it in the recycling bin by itself. Don’t mix glass with other recyclables because then it can’t be recycled. We recommend that you reuse the glass jar for other purposes, such as arts and crafts.

What is the preservation period for food in a mason jar?

Canned food will keep in Mason jars for 12 to 18 months; after that, it’s best to discard the jars and their contents. Just remember to check the seals regularly, so you can replace jars before they break.

Is it important to leave space in a mason jar?

A Mason jar should always have an inch of space between the top edge of the lid and the seal, so the lid can create a tight seal with your food.

This space is called “headspace”. You might need to add more headspace if you want to store your food for a long time, but you should do some research beforehand.


You can easily buy your mason jar at the convenience store and online. There are different sizes of mason jars, and you need to be sure to get that which is the best fit for you.

To ensure your jars have a long shelf life, you must take heed to all that has been listed in this article and especially on how to microwave with your mason jar.

Thank you for reading.

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