Chili Sauce vs Ketchup – Uses, Differences & Similarities

Chili sauce vs ketchup; while they are both condiments that can be used in similar ways, chili sauce is spicier and gives your meal a more delightful taste.

Chili sauce and ketchup are versatile and can be added to egg dishes, such as omelettes, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, and so on. They can also be good for burgers and other sandwiches.

You can as well spice up your salad by mixing some chili sauce with your dressing. However, the key difference between them is that ketchup contains onion and garlic powder, while chili sauce contains dehydrated onions.

This article explains chili sauce and ketchup, their uses, differences, and similarities.

So, let’s dive right in.

What is chili sauce?

Chili sauce is a sweet and mildly spicy condiment used in cooking and seasoning dishes after preparation. It is mainly used as a dip for different snacks or as a side sauce to add extra flavor to other dishes.

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What is ketchup?

Ketchup, also known as catsup, is a sauce predominantly made of tomatoes and flavored with sugar, vinegar, onions, garlic, and pickling spice.

It has a sweet but sharp flavor and is commonly used as a condiment sauce for dipping or coating meats like sausages, hot dogs, burgers, potatoes like french fries, and other dishes like eggs or hash.

Differences: chili sauce vs ketchup

While chili sauce is very similar to ketchup, the main difference between them is that onion and garlic powder is the key ingredients in making ketchup. In contrast, chili sauce has dehydrated onions as its main component.

Also, another difference between them is regarding their respective spice levels, chili sauce is much spicier than ketchup.

Similarities: chili sauce vs ketchup

Just as earlier said, both chili sauce and ketchup have a lot of similarities. To start with, they are both condiments and can be used in similar ways.

You can add chili sauce and ketchup to any of your egg dishes, including but not limited to omelettes, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, and so on. Also, they both go well on burgers and other sandwiches.

What are some ketchup substitutes?

Ketchup substitutes include:

  • tomato paste
  • Salsa
  • Sun-dried tomato hummus
  • Barbecue sauce
  • Mayonnaise
  • Mustard
  • Sriracha
  • Tomato jam

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What are some chili sauce substitutes?

  • Harissa sauce: It is a spicy North African condiment, which is a great way to start the list. It has red chilies and many other spices, just like chili sauce. It also contains garlic, cumin, caraway, and vinegar.
  • Sriracha sauce: Sriracha sauce is another suitable ketchup substitute, which is delicious and goes well on almost every dish. It has a hot, sour, and slightly sweet flavor. Its basic ingredients include red jalapenos, garlic, sugar, and vinegar.

What are the benefits of ketchup?

Ketchup is low in vitamins and minerals, but it is high in the potent plant component lycopene.

Lycopene contains antioxidants that can help fight cancer, guard the heart and brain, and aid male fertility.

Here are some of the benefits of ketchup:

1. It lowers the chances of prostate cancer

Ketchup contains a high amount of lycopene found in tomatoes, which is good for your health and can help prevent prostate cancer.

2. It improves your eyesight

Ketchup contains a lot of vitamin A, which can improve your eyesight and also and act as a potent preventative agent against macular degeneration, a condition that can lead to blindness.

3. It can prevent breast cancer

Still on lycopene, just as this antioxidant can increase sperm count and ward off prostate cancer in men, it can as well do the same for women and their fight against and prevention of breast cancer.

4. It can reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease

Since ketchup is low in fat and calories, it could help lower cholesterol and improve heart health.

All these benefits come from lycopene, found in tomatoes, and can also help stop fat oxidation in blocked blood vessels.

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What are the benefits of chili sauce?

1. It lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes

The main cause of type 2 diabetes is too much insulin in the blood. However, chili sauce contains capsaicin, which helps prevent hyperinsulinemia, a condition in which the body produces too much insulin.

2. It aids weight control

Chili sauce can also help people maintain healthy weights and prevent obesity.

It lowers levels of the hunger-inducing hormone and increases levels of the appetite-suppressing hormone, which will help you avoid overeating.

3. It contains powerful antioxidants and vitamins

A splash of hot sauce not only gives food extra heat, but also increases the nutritional content of your meal by adding vitamins A and C, folate, magnesium, and potassium.

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How does chili sauce taste?

Chili sauce has a unique, sweet, and sour taste.

Is chili sauce a sauce or a condiment?

Chili sauce doubles as a sauce and condiment. It goes well on a burger, with grilled fish, steak, or pork, or as a dipping sauce for fries or shrimp cocktails.

Can you substitute ketchup with chili sauce?

Yes, you can use both chili sauce and ketchup interchangeably. However, it all boils down to your spice tolerance level, as chili sauce is spicier than ketchup.

Is ketchup a sauce?

Yes, ketchup, also called “catsup,” is a sauce that typically contains tomatoes, spices, and a significant amount of acid vinegar or lactic acid.


Chili sauce and ketchup are both great and similar sauces with a lot of health benefits and versatility. However, the amount of sugar in hot sauce is significantly less than that in ketchup, making chili sauce a much healthier option.

I hope you found this article helpful. You can also read to know the difference and similarities between Sour Cream and Mayo.

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