Claw vs Lump Crab Meat: See The Difference & Which Is Healthier

Crab meat is known as the main ingredient in making crab cake. However, when choosing from the varieties of crab meat, people tend to debate claw vs lump crab meat.

While both of them have their unique features or quality, one stands out. The lump crab meat is considered a better choice because it offers the mouth-watering taste we all love.

In this article, I will discuss claw vs lump crab meat, how they differ, their taste, their texture, and which is healthier. Let’s get started.

What is claw crab meat?

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Claw crab meat is meat obtained from the swimming fins or the claws of a crab. This particular meat contains very active muscles, which affects its coloring, making it take a different color, usually pink or light brown.

Claw meat has a robust flavor which makes them best for dishes that require bold or strong flavor. They are best used for dishes such as soups, gumbo, or bisques. Also, you can try dipping them in vinegar or warm butter.

What is lump crab meat?

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Lump crab meat is meat obtained from the leg or body of a crab, and sometimes both. It is considered one of the highest quality crab meat, and it is more expensive as well.

Lump crab meat has a noticeable white color and is shaped like a “lump,” just as the name implies. What makes it unique is that it tends to hold together when it is cooked, unlike other crab meat that falls apart.

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What is the difference between claw and lump crab meat?

The claw and the lump crab meat can be differentiated in a few ways. This includes;

1. The shape

Lump and claw crab meat can be differentiated by their shapes. Claw crab meat has a claw shape that is usually pinkish or slightly brown in color, while lump crab meat is lumped in shape and white in color.

2. Taste

The taste is another way to differentiate these two types of crab meat. The claw crab meat has a more robust taste than that of the lump crab meat.

3. Nutrients

Lump and claw crab meat offers a different amount of nutrients to your body. According to the US Department of Agriculture, below is the nutritional information on a 100g serving of both claw and lump crab meat.

For claw crab meat

  • Calories: 84
  • Cholesterol: 132mg
  • Sodium: 300mg
  • Protein: 20.4g

It also contains calcium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C.

For lump crab meat

  • Calories: 97
  • Sodium: 327.3mg
  • Cholesterol: 121.4mg
  • Protein: 21.8g

It also contains a moderate amount of calcium and iron.

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Claw vs lump crab meat – Which tastes better?

When it comes to taste, lump crab meat is often considered a better choice, although the dish plays a huge role.

Claw crab meat is known to have a strong crab taste, while lump crab meat, has a sweeter and mild taste.

If you are going for dishes that require a strong or bold taste, then claw crab meat is the right choice for you.

Which is healthier, the claw or lump crab meat?

Although they are both healthy, the claw crab is considered a healthier choice. This is because it offers a more balanced nutrient ratio and less harmful ones to your body than lump crab meat.

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Which crab meat is best for crab cake?

When it comes to crab cake, lump crab meat is also considered a better choice. This is because lump crab meat, particularly the backfin lump crab meat, holds together well, which is very good for the crab cake.

Also, the lump crab meat has a subtle taste that would not overwhelm the flavor of other ingredients used.

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Is claw meat good for you?

Yes, it is.

However, they are known to contain slightly higher amounts of fats. So, if you are on a diet, you can opt for lump crab meat.

What can you substitute for lump crab meat?

Some of the best alternatives or substitutes for lump crab meat include lobster and pollock.

How does claw crab meat look?

Claw crab meat has a pink or slightly brown color.

What does crab claw meat taste like?

Crab claw meat has a flaky and coarse taste that is best described as bold, strong, or robust.

What dishes are lump crab meat best for?

Lump crab meat is best used for crab cakes, dips, or casseroles.

Conclusion: Claw vs lump crab meat

Claw crab meat and lump crab meat are both unique and excellent choice to enjoy. Although it is up to preference, many consider lump crab meat a better tasting choice as its taste is more subtle.

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Thanks for reading.