Expired Chips – How Long Are They Good For?

You can consider snacking to be a significant part of every healthy diet. Universally, you know chips are one of the most widely consumed snacks among people of all groups. What happens if you are hungry at night and your bag of expired chips is all you have?

Chips are small and crispy. The crunchiness makes it easy for you to eat anyhow and at whatever time. But, can you eat it since it’s expired? Does it have health hazards? This article gives all the information you require.

What are chips?

Chips are small, thin, crunchy, usually salty pieces of food typically prepared by baking, deep or air frying, or drying.

You can also call them fries. Chips are crunchy snacks you can make with potatoes, corn, tortillas, etc. They are prepared with salt to give them a flavorful and delightful taste.

Expired chips

You’re probably wondering if chips can expire. Well, yes, they can. Like every food, chips get nasty after a while. Particularly, freshly cooked chips expire after three hours.

The shelf life is different for packaged chips because the process of preserving the producer takes it through. In this case, it takes about two to three months before your bag of chips spoils.

Regardless of all the preservatives, you still have to store your chips properly. You can tell if your chips have expired through the taste. The chips lose their crunch and become soft and stale.

You don’t have to wait till you taste it, though. Most packaged chips have the expiry date marked on the pack.

How long do chips last after the expiration date?

Chips are good for two months after the expiration date. You should note that it depends on how well you store the bag of chips. If you properly keep them, your unopened pack of chips will stay of the best quality for two to three months after the date on the package.

How to tell chips are expired

The best way for you to tell if your chips are expired is to first look at them carefully, smell them, and taste them. If you notice your chips have developed a foul odor or an off flavor, it is an indication that they are expired.

Also, if you can see mold on it and if the color doesn’t look as good as when it was fresh, you should discard it. In addition, if you notice it has lost its crunchiness and has become soft and sour, it is a clue that your chips are expired.

Can frozen chips expire?

Yes, they can. Frozen chips will only expire if you take them from their proper storage conditions. It would help if you kept frozen fries in the freezer at all times.

If you properly store it in a refrigerator, the snacks will remain their best quality for a whole year. They will even be safe to eat after that. Frozen chips are produced and preserved to last for a long time. It would help if you remembered to keep them at the right temperature.

Bear in mind that there’s a possibility the frozen chips might lose flavor and texture because of how long you kept them away. Regardless, you will still enjoy the most delicious fries later.

Can chocolate chips expire?

Yes, they can. Chocolate chips expire quickly when you leave them open, but chocolate chips unopened in your pantry will last for about two to four months. It lasts even longer when you keep it safe in a refrigerator.

When you preserve the cocoa goodness in a fridge, you should be sure to enjoy it for six to eight months. It’s different if you freeze it; this time, it’ll last for two to three years.

Amazingly, you can still eat expired chocolate, but only if it is a hundred percent free from harmful chemicals, that is, assuming they are wholly natural. Usually, chocolate imitations show signs immediately after they expire.

The best way to tell when your chips are spoilt is to smell or look at the chocolate chips. If they develop an off odor, taste, or look, then you should discard them.

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Can potato chips expire?

Yes, they can. All branded and packaged foods expire because of what the producers use to make them. Potato chips are also one of these products. If you leave them unopened, they can last and stay of excellent quality for two to three months.

The chips can even remain good after the expiry date labeled on the package. When potato chips have gone terrible, they lose their crunchiness.

While the tasty snack might have expired, it is still safe to eat. If you don’t mind chips that are not crispy, then passed potato chips will be ok.

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Can tortilla chips expire?

Yes, they can. People make tortilla chips out of 100% ground corn or wheat flour. You can even make it with both. It is dried, fried, salted, and even baked. These thorough processes make tortilla chips have low moisture content.

The fact that the snack has low moisture content makes it unlikely to go rancid quickly, especially if you keep it in dry conditions. Tortilla chips are safe for you to eat even after two to three months. However, if you notice it has molds or smells odd, you should throw it away.

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Can corn chips expire?

Yes, they can. Corn chips expire when you do not store them properly. If you do not make sure it is adequately tied, the corn chips will begin to lose or change their smell, flavor, and even texture.

An unopened pack of corn chips will last for two to three months, even after the labeled expiry date.

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Can you eat expired Frito Lay chips?

Yes, you can eat expired Frito Lay chips. But you may not enjoy it. Packaged food always lasts due to the preservatives, but if you eat it after it expires, you won’t get the experience.

Expired Lay chips never have the best texture and taste. It becomes soggy, losing its crispy texture.

Do chips expire if not opened?

Yes, they do. Most brands have a sell-by date. If you do not eat your chips before the sell-by date, you’ll notice the chips lose crunchiness, taste, and even flavor.

Sometimes it may be possible for you to enjoy the chips after the sell-by date, but two to three weeks after the change in its quality will be evident. If you want to enjoy it after the sell-by date, you can properly store it to extend its shelf life.

To prolong its life, keep the chips in cool, dark, and dry places. Humid environments will make your bag of chips stale, and you do not want that.

Can expired chips make you sick?

Yes, it can. The truth about expiry dates is that it is not usually a sign of its safety but the quality of the food. Most of the time, you can eat expired chips and go free but be careful because there are side effects to look out for. Some of which include;

1. Food poisoning

You can get food poisoning from chips if it’s spoiled or contaminated. This infection is severe and will cause you to experience symptoms like:

  • vomiting
  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • stomach cramps
  • chills
  • fever

Do not eat your chips if it has a weird smell, texture, or taste.

2. Harmful bacteria

Some expired chips can expose you to dangerous bacteria like salmonella. This bacteria can be found in old chips and mimic food poisoning symptoms.

However, if people with compromised immune systems eat it, they will experience worse symptoms that require hospitalization.

These include arterial infection, arthritis, nervous system issues, and inflammation of the heart lining. On rare occasions, salmonella can be fatal.

Other bacteria can make you ill but not sick enough to die. They can cause a stiff neck, muscle aches, and even loss of balance. It depends on what you exposed your chips to. So, to be on the safer side, do not eat chips that have molds.

Can a pregnant woman eat expired chips?

No, she can’t. It is a considerable risk for you to eat expired chips while pregnant. Chips are high in sodium and sugar and contain preservatives. They also contain trans fat and are not suitable for your heart.

Do not eat expired chips while pregnant. They do not have nutritional value and will only give you unhealthy weight gain. If you have eaten it and experience loss of balance, vomiting, and nausea, please see your doctor.

How to read the expiration date

You should check for the best by or best before date on the pack of your chips. Check the bottom of the bag, the sides of the box, and the top. You will see numbers permanently stamped as numerical codes with a month, day, and year sequence.

The month, day, and year sequence usually looks like this (MMDDYY – 121301). The expiration date is what guarantees the quality of your snack.

You can read and interpret it as you would any other date. Please note that the date has nothing to do with the safety of your fries.


What can you do with expired chips?

You can throw them away if they have molds. If they do not have molds, you can fry them again to enjoy. Note that frying chips again might cause a drastic change in their texture.

What is the most popular flavor of potato chips?

The most popular flavor is oregano. It’s even more popular in Greece

Why are chips so popular?

Some say the crunch sound that your teeth make when you eat chips makes it desirable. Its crispiness is addictive.

What was the first chip made?

Joe Murphy and Seamus Burke produced the world’s first seasoned chip: Cheese & Onion.


If you buy chips with an expiration date, follow the instructions on the package. If you open your bag of chips and find molds in them, please discard them.

It would be best if you enjoyed fries that are salty and crispy. Be careful before eating expired chips, even though it’s not likely to hurt you if you’re not pregnant.

Thank you for reading.

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