Foods That Start With Q – A Cheffist’s List of 25 Q-Foods

If you have ever been stuck trying to remember or come up with a list of foods that starts with a particular, this is for you. Coming up with a complete list of foods that start with the letter Q can be a hassle. Never get stuck again, as I have researched for you. 

Read through this article to find food that starts with the letter Q, some of which you already know. The list below contains foods like snacks, vegetables and fruits, and continental dishes.

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1. Quorn 

Quorn is a meat substitute for vegans and vegetarians. It is more sustainable and tastier than meat. If you’ve not tasted it before, be sure to. 

It is fungus-based. I know that this doesn’t sound appealing but you eat fungus every time you eat mushrooms, beer, and even bread. So don’t worry, Quorn is safe, healthy and the best meat substitute for you if you happen to be vegan or vegetarian.

2. Quark

If you are quite the one who loves a good diet plan, you must be aware of quarks. They are a good source of healthy protein and can be an alternative to fatty creams and yogurts. Most quack products do not contain sugar or salt as that is not used during the process.

Quarks are cheese but different from the other kinds of cheese, like cottage cheese. Additionally, it does not contain rennet, so it’s safe to say that it’s vegetarian too.

3. Quesadilla 

Quesadillas have to be one of the favorite tortilla dishes ever. It is a heated tortilla filled with melted cheese, spice, and meat. You can fill your tortilla with any fillings of your choice in addition to the regular cheese filling. 

Some of the best fillings for quesadillas include mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and so much more. As a vegetarian, you can also enjoy your quesadillas with spinach fillings.

4. Quinoa

Quinoa is often referred to as one of the world’s healthiest foods. Touted to be a superfood, Quinoa is a whole grain and is also gluten-free, which makes it safe for you if you have any form of gluten intolerance.

As a whole grain, quinoa contains essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber for the body. These are nutrients that are beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing. 

4. Quail

Ever tasted the savoring taste of chicken? Try quails too. Quails are small birds that you can fry and eat, just like chicken. You can also grill and cook them in rotisserie style. 

You will ask for more after having a taste of the rich, delightful flavors of quails. It is even more tasteful than chicken. 

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5. Quahog

Popular in the US, quahogs are also referred to as hard clams or round clams. They are large and edible sea fish that are commonly used to make clam chowders. You will most likely see Quahogs on the menu in New York and other North American cities. 

However, You can eat quahogs in different ways. You can eat them raw, fried, or steamed. For a blissful taste, you can mix quahogs with flour, eggs, and spices. 

6. Quiche

Quiche is another of the popular Q foods that you should know. It’s quite cheesy, and that’s one of its popular features. The seasonings and herbs used in preparing the meal are other things to be thankful for. 

Quiche is a pastry dough with fillings like cheese, spinach, herbs, onions, and meat. There are several varieties and recipes to choose from. One of the most popular varieties is the Quiche Lorraine, which is made from bacon.

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7. Queso Dip

Queso is another popular Q food common among Americans. You probably already know what queso dip is. But if you don’t, allow me. Quesos are made from white cheese such as goat cheese or American cheese. 

There are several ways to make queso dip, as it depends on the chef’s discretion. You can also find recipes online to help you make a queso dip.

8. Quandong

Here’s a fruit that starts with the letter Q. Quandong has three varieties: sweet quandong, bitter quandong, and blue quandong. 

The sweet quandong is the most popular one and is also referred to as desert quandong. Despite being called sweet, it has a sour, salty taste.

9. Quavers

Quavers are a popular snack food made from a combination of crispy chips. They are a type of potato chips that’s ideally different from other American chips. It had low-calorie content, as well as a satisfying taste and crunchiness.

10. Quick Oats

Quick oats are one of the go-to steadfast breakfasts you can opt for. Asides from being a healthy breakfast option, you can also incorporate it into baking recipes, porridge, and other dishes.

There are several methods of preparation and application of quick oats. The process requires steaming unlike the regular cooking method of traditional oats.

11. Quince

Quince is a fruit of bright yellow color that looks like pears. They smell nice but taste very unpleasant and bitter when eaten raw. However, they taste great after steaming, just like apples and other citrus fruits. 

You can simmer them in sugar water to get a more delightful taste. You can also add spices to the mix to get an even more blissful taste. They are beneficial to the overall health, especially if you have stomach ulcers or digestive problems. 

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12. Quenelle

A quenelle is an egg-shaped topping made from creamed fish or meat that you can add to a meal. You can combine it with breadcrumbs and egg binding before cooking. 

However, a quenelle can be anything you want it to be. It is a versatile dish and can be ice cream, caviar, or even pork. As long as it has the shape of an egg and you add it on top of your food to enhance the taste, you can call it a quenelle. 

13. Quarter Pounder

Quarter Pounder had to be McDonald’s most popular hamburger. It has been around for quite some time. It combines a pound of seasoned beef in a sesame seed bun. Meanwhile, the toppings include pickles, onions, and ketchup. You can even order yours with cheese. 

There have been different versions of this hamburger since its introduction. Popular ones include the Double Quarter Pounder and the Quarter Pounder Deluxe.

14. Queen of Puddings

This traditional British dessert is made from a mixture of meringue, fruit jam, milk, eggs, breadcrumbs, sugar, butter, and zest. One can guess it is called the queen of pudding because of the crown of meringue topping on it. 

This pudding tastes delicious and looks pretty as well. You will enjoy it best when served warm. 

15. Queens Cake

Otherwise known as Queen Elizabeth cake, this cake is truly worth the hype. It’s rich in nutrients, moist, buttery, and delicious. It is made from a mixture of sugar, coconut, vanilla, dates, walnuts, and other intriguing ingredients. 

The cake requires fewer ingredients compared to its counterparts and is low in fat as well. Quite simple, classy, and tasty. 

16. Quick Bread

Loaves of bread that are made using a chemical leavening agent are called quick loaves of bread. Most bread use yeast or sourdough starters while quick bread uses the leavening agent because it is much faster.

The chemical leavening agent makes the bread rise and gets done quickly. So if you want to bake bread and you don’t have much time, use a chemical leavening agent to make the whole process fast. 

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17. Quail Eggs

If you’ve ever seen eggs with multi-hued speckles and spots, those are Quail eggs.  They have the shape of chicken eggs but are much smaller. You can eat your quail egg differently. You can boil, cook, scramble or even poach them. They taste good either way. 

Unlike chicken eggs, you will need more quail eggs to cook or fry because of their minuscule size. 

18. Quadrettini 

Also referred to as pastina, Quadrettini means small pasta. These are pasta noodles that are flat and small. You can use them in soups and stew. Like most of its counterparts, quadrettini has a taste of its own but can soak up the flavor of what you cook it with so well. 

19. Qatayef

This is a popular Arab pastry that is prepared differently, depending on who’s preparing the meal. You can make them in the form of pancakes, or dumplings. You can also add tasty fillings like nuts and cream to it. 

20. Queso Añejo

This is a traditional Mexican white cheese and a more authentic version of goat milk cheese. However, it is now popularly made with cow’s milk. Queso añejo is firm and you can eat it alone without toppings or fillings. 

However, you can use it for baking as well as grilling. You can also sprinkle it on burritos, quesadillas, and other Mexican dishes.

21. Queso Cotija  

Here’s another cheese popularly used in Mexican dishes. It was first used in a gown called Cotija, which is where the name Queso Cotija comes from. You can use it as a dipping sauce by melting it. You can also use it as toppings on your favorite Mexican dishes. 

22. Quindim  

Quidim is a popular item on the Mexican menu. It is a type of coconut flan that’s baked into a pudding-like consistency. It is often bright yellow and has a strong coconut taste. You can sprinkle coconut flakes or powdered sugar on top of it to get a savory taste. 

23. Queens Fish

Also known as Queen croaker, queenfish is highly nutritional. It contains high levels of vitamins A and D. You can use it in soup or stew, while you can also grill or boil it with salt to taste.  

24. Quills Pasta

Quills pasta is one of the numerous varieties of pasta noodles. It has the shape of a cylinder with a cut that resembles the tip of a quill. For the best blissful experience, you can pair it with heavy meat sauce or bake it in a cream sauce.  

25. Quisp

Quisp is a breakfast cereal made by the Quaker Oats factory. It is made with corn and syrup. Quisp has the shape of a saucer. It tastes similar to Cap’n Crunch, which is another Quaker oats cereal. 

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What is a fruit that starts with J?

Jackfruit. This is a fruit that grows in the tropical parts of the world. It has yellow pulp and green skin. It has the size and form of a melon, while the skin is rough and dry. 

Are there drinks that start with Q?

Yes, there are. Some of these drinks include cocktails like Quaker’s Cocktail, Quantum Theory, Quarter Deck, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mum, and Queen Soda. 

What is a fruit that starts with V?

Velvet Apple Fruit. This is a fruit that looks so much like an apple but has velvet-like skin. 

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Never get stuck again trying to remember foods that start with the letter Q, Cheffist’s got you. You can now boast of an increased knowledge of popular continental pastries, meals, and deserts that starts with the letter Q. 

Additionally, you can try out the foods on the list that you have never eaten before. Choose any food that tickles your fancy and enjoy the delightful savory experience.

Thanks for reading.

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