Foods That Start With W: See 28 W-Foods You Most Likely Know

W is one of those letters that can get you lost in a challenge, especially when it comes to food. When you’re asked what foods start with w, what comes to mind except for watermelon, wheat, or white rice?

In reality, there are so many foods that start with the letter W, they only don’t come to mind early. Maybe you also need food ideas for your family meal timetable, you can add some Ws to the list.

So, whether you need a list of foods that start with the letter W for a challenge or to give you ideas on what to cook or eat, this article has answers.

1. Wagon Wheels

Wagon wheels or moon pies are biscuit sandwiches with marshmallows in between the biscuits. Then, the whole sandwich is dipped into chocolate. Some of the different flavors of wagon wheels include toffee, double chocolate, caramel, and malt.

2. Waffles

Waffles are pastries Americans love to eat as desserts, but children love them and can have them as main meals during breakfast. They have a fluffy texture, and there are different ways to prepare waffles. It could be a regular waffle crisp or add cheese and pizza toppings for a waffle pizza.

3. Waldorf Salad

Waldorf salad can serve as a side dish or an appetizer. This salad is a combination of fruits and nuts like apples and walnuts together served on lettuce leaves and covered with mayonnaise. However, some people leave out raisins from their Waldorf salad recipe.

4. Walleye Fish

It is rather funny that walleye fish tastes less fishy. Instead, it is firmer with a butter-like feel in the mouth. This fish is a freshwater fish naturally found in Northern USA and Canada. Like every fish, you can either fry, boil, oven-bake, or pan-sear it with lemon pepper.

5. Walking Tacos

Walking tacos or Frito pies are common foods in the Midwest. They are a mixture of taco flavors into a great bite that will leave your taste buds happy. Walking tacos are regular meals at parties or a Sunday picnic with friends and family.

6. Walnut

Nuts make a good addition to your diet if you love to eat healthily. Walnuts are delicious and rich in omega-3 fats and antioxidants, which are necessary to strengthen the body. You can either have your walnuts roasted or raw.

Furthermore, they are inexpensive and good for making salad and desserts.

7. Watercress

If you need a diet free of sugar, fat, calories, and cholesterol, you can include watercress. It mainly contains water and is rich in antioxidant vitamins like vitamin A & C, manganese, calcium, and fiber.

Watercress has a peppery taste and is a popular condiment in soups, stir-fries, and potato dishes.

8. Watermelon

Fruits are nutritious foods, and watermelon is one of them. This fruit is one of the hydrating fruits that are in abundance during summer, a time when the body indeed needs them.

Additionally, watermelons help to fill the belly and keep food cravings in check. You can trust them to help you lose some weight. Do yourself good and eat them cold.

9. Weetabix

Weetabix is a cereal originating and commonly eaten in the United States. Unlike other cereals, Weetabix is in oval chunks that you have to break into bits to make them easier to eat. It is a whole-grain cereal with high fiber content.

So own your Weetabix cereal. You can have it without milk or with milk and fruit toppings like banana slices or berries.

10. Wheat

Wheat is a cereal grain cultivated across all continents and serves many purposes. It is processed into flour for bread, pasta, biscuits, noodles, and pastries.

Moreover, there are three types of wheat flour namely, white, brown, and wholemeal flour. In the African continent, they process wheat flour into pasty molds, which the people eat with different soups.

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11. Wheat Bran

Wheat bran is gotten from milling the outer layers of wheat kernels. It is a great addition to baked goods, cereals, oatmeal, and smoothies.

12. Whelks

Whelks are sea snails that have a similar salty and sweet flavor to clams. They are very meaty and make a great dish when paired with parsley and garlic butter or mustard and turmeric.   

13. Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is one of the most consumed meals in America. It is a heavy cream that is whipped to a cream with a light, fluffy texture.

Honey, orange zest, sugar, vanilla, or coffee are some of the different flavors people add to whipped cream. Whipped cream makes an excellent topping for coffee, chocolate, ice cream, fruits, and cakes.

14. White Chocolate Brownies

White chocolate brownies are a type of dessert made with cocoa butter, white chocolate, flour, vanilla extract, and chocolate chips. They taste great when eaten raw and make a good condiment for baking.  

15. White Potato

White potatoes are Irish potatoes (but the white variant). They are small and oval-shaped with smooth skin. These potatoes are very soft yet they manage to hold their shape well. White potatoes are rich in nutrients and fiber.

In addition, white potatoes are less starchy and this makes them great for boiling, mashing, potato soups, casseroles, roasting, and steaming.

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16. White Rice

White rice is a popular meal across many countries. It is an over-processed type of rice that losses its hull, bran, and germ during milling. While white rice is good for people with sensitive stomachs, it is not as healthy as brown rice.

This food is easy to prepare. You can either eat white rice alone or savor it with salt and butter or sugar and milk.

17. White Sauce

White sauce is a regular Thanksgiving meal for some American families. It goes well with pizza, pasta, asparagus, baked chicken, and grilled fish. This sauce is made with salt and nutmeg as a seasoning base.

Some people prefer to use the white sauce as a dipping for veggies or a complimentary dish for casseroles.

18. White Turnips

White turnips are the most commonly cultivated turnips in North America. Moreover, the best time to grow them is in spring and fall when the weather is cool. White turnips are fleshy, well-textured, and sweet. The bulbs and stems of turnips are edible and rich in fiber and many vitamins.

In addition, you can either eat freshly harvested young turnips raw or chop them into salads. While some people love to eat their turnips, some would rather boil, roast, fry, steam, or mash them into stew or soup. 

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19. Whiting

Whiting fish is a lean fish with a mild flavor. It is rich in proteins and vitamin B. Whiting is one of the fishes with less fishiness, firm texture, and mild flavors. It is also not so oily, and this makes it a good choice for people who want to reduce their intake of fish oils.

20. Whoopie Pie

Whoopie pies are large pies with a soft, fluffy texture. They are a sandwich made with chocolate cake at the top and bottom with marshmallows in between. Whoopie pies are usually served as desserts, but some people prefer to snack on them.

21. Wiener

Wieners are very popular. A wiener or hot dog is a grilled or boiled sausage that is either made from beef, chicken, or pork. This sausage is commonly served on sliced buns in less formal settings like parties, get-togethers, games, or festivals.

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22. Wild Leek

Wild Leek is also known as a ramp. They are native to the eastern North American mountains. It is a type of wild onion with edible onion bulbs and leaves. The bulbs of wild leeks have a strong garlic flavor but the leaves are milder.

23. Wild Rice

Wild rice is a native food of the U.S. and China. It is a protein-rich, gluten-free side dish with a nutty flavor. It is closer to corn than to rice (even richer than rice). The grains of wild rice are either white, brown, black, or a mix.

24. Williams Pear

Williams pear is flesh with a sweet smell. The ripe pears are smooth with the texture of butter. They are also juicy and sweet. On the other hand, when Williams pears are not so ripe, they are crunchy and gritty.

Additionally, while you can eat them raw, they are also the baker’s delight because of their low moisture content.

25. Winter Squash

Winter squash is a vegetable that can serve as a condiment for savory and sweet dishes. As its name implies, it is in abundance during the winter months. There are different ways to cook winter squashes. You can either boil, roast, steam, saute, or puree winter squashes for food.

26. Wisconsin Cheese

Wisconsin is known for its cheese production that goes way back. This cheese is very popular among Americans and it makes the list of foods that start with W. You can add this cheese to soups, sauces, and stews to add flavor to your dish.

27. Witlof

Witlof or white leaf or chicory (as it is commonly called in the US) is a bitter leaf that serves as a condiment in salads, a side dish for veggies, cheeses, and sweet fruits. Chicory goes well when eaten raw or cooked- boiled, steamed, or as a condiment in stir-fries.

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28. Wraps

Wraps are popular American meals made with flatbread and fillings. The flatbread, which may be wheat tortillas or pitas, is filled with fillings and then rolled.

According to personal preferences, the fillings may contain meat chicken, or fish alongside veggies like lettuce or tomato, bacon, cheese, onions, and sauce.

Furthermore, you can eat wraps for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. And you can have them in various recipes to suit your diet or if you want something different.  


What is the most popular fruit that starts with W?

Watermelon is the most popularly eaten fruit that starts with the letter w. Watermelons are widely eaten across many continents and countries.

Which American drinks start with W?

White Russian cocktail, wine cooler, woo woo, whiskey sour, ward 8, white lady, whisky Mac, and Washington apple are some examples of American drinks that start with the letter w.

What are the most popular meals in America?

Hamburgers, french fries, pizza, cheeseburgers, steak, baked potatoes, and hot dogs are some of the most eaten foods in America.


Thinking up a list of foods that start with the letter W gets confusing after listing a few of them. You may also argue there aren’t so many of them. In reality, there is quite a list of them.

Now you have a list of foods that start with W. Moreover, this should make easy your search for what to eat on the days when you have no ideas. Look up the recipes for a few and include them in your meal timetable.

Thanks for reading.

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