8 Foods You Did Not Know You Could Freeze

There are foods that you can freeze and there are some that you should not. It all depends on the method of preservation required. Preserving or storing foods at home requires no technical know-how. It is an innate intuition and default attitude that every individual can exhibit as long as the individual detest wasting food.

All foods require storing and preservation but not all food is stored the same way. Some foods are kept in humid temperatures, while some require arid temperatures. Some are stored in barns, some in lockers, and some in fridges, and some using chemicals.

In recent times, the freezer is popularly used to preserve all kinds of foods. There are however some foods that you thought you could not freeze. Shocking? Let me show you some of these foods.

Putting away food fittingly saves you such a lot of time and cash. You will see at least up to, two foods you did not know you could freeze.


1. Eggs

One food you did not know you could freeze is the egg. Strange right? Eggs can be refrigerated be it raw i.e. before its shell is cracked. When cracked, it can put poured out into a suitable bag before putting it into the fridge.

2. Butter

Only a few people know about freezing butter. Butter will not spoil when frozen rather it gets better preserved. But if placed in the open where it can come in contact with heat, it melts. This means you can buy as many as possible butter brands depending on your taste and cravings. Allowing butter to melt makes it lose its original taste but when frozen, the real taste remains. Always remember to bring it out for some minutes before the time of consumption.

3. Buttermilk

Another food you did not know you can freeze, is buttermilk. Buttermilk can be frozen for up to three months without losing its context and texture, and taste, and quality.

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Just give the buttermilk a decent shake and empty it into an ice solid shape plate by the tablespoon. Whenever they are frozen, pop the blocks into a ziplock plastic cooler pack. Like every single frozen food, buttermilk will keep inconclusively if appropriately frozen, however, it will taste best whenever utilized in a quarter of a year.

4. Flour

Storing your flour in the freezer prevents it from getting damaged by insects or pests. Your flour can last for as long as two years in the fridge without losing its quality. Fortunately, no matter the cold, it does not get solidify. This helps you to be able to scoop from it anytime you need it. Take note to let it come to room temperature before using the flour to avoid spoiling your broth.

5. Nuts

Nuts seem too tough to freeze? No, it does not. Freezing your nuts requires you to get a resealable bag or plastic that can be placed in the fridge. Placing your nuts in the fridge needs extra caution as you must not put your nut beside any other hard scented ingredient such as onion because nuts are prone to taking the smell around them over time. You can assuredly leave your nuts in the freezer for as long as 6 months.

5. Cheese

Cheese is a food you are not sure you can freeze. All types of cheese can be freeze such as Swiss, Cheddar, brick cheese, etc. When cheese is frozen, it becomes hard to slice and the texture might be mealy. To freeze your cheese, put it in an air-tight pack before placing it in the fridge. And it must be eaten within 6-9 months. You can also grate your cheese before freezing depending on how you want your cheese to appear after freezing.

Onions: Foods You Did Not Know You Could Freeze

5. Onions

Did you go to the market to purchase a basket of onions or you have a bulb of onion that you used just half of it and you need to preserve? Fear not because onions can be frozen. Irrespective of the type of onions.

You can exclusively freeze onions by setting slashed onions on a material-lined plate and popping it in the cooler. At the point when onions are frozen, move them into cooler compartments or packs. To utilize, get or scoop out however many onions as you need. For those not peeled, you can freeze just like that and it will be well preserved.

Tomato: Foods You Did Not Know You Could Freeze

7. Tomatoes

To freeze your tomatoes, you need to thoroughly wash them in clean water. Your tomatoes can be frozen with peels or without peels. To freeze with peels wash thoroughly in clean water. Select the best of the tomatoes and discard the rotten ones. After wash, place your tomatoes in the cooking sheets and freeze.

To freeze your tomatoes without peels, wash gently under clean water. Put them in boiled water for about one minute, then you place them into cookie sheets and freeze.

8. Wine

One final food you did not know you can freeze is wine. After your wine is popped, if there is leftover you can decide to seal it tightly with cock and place it into the fridge.  

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It is always interesting to find out that some foods should not be refrigerated. Despite the belief that the cold atmosphere is a better choice to preserve your food. The foods which should not be refrigerated require always the natural air to last longer.