How Long Does Red Bull Last? You Should Know This

Energy drinks are common beverages that enhance physical and mental performance. After consuming a can of Red Bull, you may be wondering how long the caffeine and its effect will last in your body. Maybe you also want to know how long a can of Red Bull can last.

All of these and more information are detailed in this article. Continue reading to find your answers.

What Is Red Bull?

Red Bull is a brand of non-alcoholic energy drink. It is common to see cans of this beverage in local stores and malls. The carbonated energy drink also contains caffeine, sugar, and citric acid. All these ingredients work together to give the energy boost you feel after consuming a can.

Furthermore, there are sugar-free variants of this energy drink to make it fit for people who are looking to reduce their sugar intake. Because of the caffeine content in the drink, you should watch your daily coffee intake to avoid a caffeine overdose.

While you enjoy the energy boost this energy drink gives, you should however know that an overdose can lead to serious health issues. Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and kidney problems are the likely severe health issues red bull overdose can cause.

How Long Does Red Bull Last?

The energy drink lasts long. The ingredients the energy drink contains act as preservatives and helps to extend its shelf life. Factors like when you opened the can, how you store it after opening, and the best by date also determine how long your can of energy drink will last.

How Long Does Red Bull Keep You Going?

After drinking Red Bull, it kicks in after 10-20 minutes. That is, it is after this time that you begin to feel its effects in your system. This energy boost works for up to four hours and wears off after 10-12 hours.

This time varies with the kind of activities you engage in after drinking the can of energy drink.

How Long Does Red Bull Last Once Opened?

An opened can of Red Bull last for 2-4 days if you store it in the refrigerator. As soon as you open the can, it begins to lose its fizz and can go bland if you don’t store it properly.

Moreover, the drink is exposed to dirt which can affect its color and nutritional value.

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How Long Do Red Bulls Last Unopened?

An unopened can of the energy drink will last for 18-24 months if you store it properly. You can either leave it on the counter, in the pantry, or refrigerator. You should not freeze the energy drink, otherwise, the can will blow up and waste the drink.

How Long Does Red Bull Last in the Fridge?

How long Red Bull lasts in the fridge depends on whether it is opened or not. You should consume an opened can of the energy drink within 2-4 days. An unopened can, which you don’t necessarily have to refrigerate, will last up to two years in the fridge, as long as it doesn’t freeze.

How Long Does Red Bull Last After Expiration Date?

Generally, the expiration date of Red Bull extends to up to two years after its production date. But as long as the seal remains unbroken, it is safe to consume the beverage 6-9 months after the expiration date.

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How Long Does Red Bull Caffeine Last?

Generally, it takes up to 12 hours before caffeine finally wears off. The rate at which Red Bull caffeine wears off varies with individuals and the activities they engage in.

Why Does Red Bull Make You Crash?

Some people experience a crash in their system after taking too much energy drink. This happens because your body has had too much sugar and caffeine. Therefore, the amount of red bull you take largely depends on your body limits.

A system crash from an energy drink happens after the effect wears off. It may manifest as a headache, hyperactivity, or anxiety. While this doesn’t pose a health issue, it can affect the rate at which you go about your daily activities.

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How to Tell if Red Bull Is Bad?

Red Bull is bad if you’ve had an opened can sitting around on the kitchen counter or in the refrigerator for more than five days. Also, if within 2-4 days of refrigerating the opened can, you notice an off taste, you should throw it away.

For an unopened can of energy drink, the first thing to look for is the expiration date. You should no longer drink a can of energy drink that is 9 months past the printed date.

In addition, another thing to look out for with an unopened can of energy drink is a swollen can. A swollen can is a sign of bacterial contamination or the production of hydrogen gas. Also, a can with a rusted or leaking cap is no longer fit for consumption.

What Happens if You Drink Expired Red Bull?

Drinking an expired can of this energy drink may not threaten your health. It will however not give you the desired energy boost; it will also have an off taste and may cause slight bowel distress.

How to Preserve Cans of Red Bulls

  • If you’re storing the beverage outside the refrigerator, keep it in a cool, dark place like a closet or cabinet at room temperature
  • Do not allow the Red Bull to freeze
  • Do not expose the can of drink to sunlight

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Can you drink Red Bull every day?

You can drink it every day, granted that you know your limits. If you can tolerate downing a can daily, you should not exceed that.

Can you drink two Red Bulls in a day?

Taking too much Red Bull can lead to caffeine overdose and toxicity. But, for some factors like lifestyle and daily activities, some people may take up to two cans. However, this is not advisable and if you take up to two cans per day, do not exceed that.

Can you get addicted to Red Bull?

Yes, an addiction to Red Bull is possible. The energy boost gotten from the caffeine and sugar content can leave you dependent on the beverage for daily functionality.

Can red bull shorten one’s life span?

Experts say one of the long-term effects of taking too much red bull is a shortened life span.

Is Red Bull better than coffee?

The beverage you choose to drink depends on the matter of occasion. Red Bull has more calories than coffee while coffee has higher caffeine content.

If you need an energy boost, Red Bull is preferable. Coffee, on the other hand, is a better choice for daily caffeine intake because it has a low-calorie count.


Red Bull is a very popular and effective energy drink but the effect does not last forever. After some hours, it wears off and you’ll feel drained of energy. As the energy drink doesn’t last forever in the system, it also has a shelf life- opened and unopened.

In essence, keep two important things in mind while you consume the energy drink. You should keep your body limits in mind and only drink as much as your body can take.

Also, store your can of beverage properly, especially if you have opened it. In addition, watch out for any deviations from its original taste and appearance and thrash it if necessary.

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