See How Much Almond Milk Is Too Much

As nutritious as almond milk is, it comes with side effects, especially when you have too much of it. You may have heard somewhere that commercial varieties are not as nutritious as the homemade version. This is because of the industrial processes it goes through.

I believe you’re already wondering how much of this milk you should drink, how much is too much for you, and how you can know you have had too much of this plant-based milk. Continue reading to see the answers to your questions.

Can you drink too much almond milk?

Yes. It is possible to have too much almond milk, especially with the commercial varieties which are usually sweetened. And when you’ve had too much of this milk, it could cause diarrhea.

Moreover, it could worsen stomach conditions like gastritis. Drinking too much of this plant-based milk is also not a good idea for people with a nut allergy.

How much almond milk is too much?

Drinking one glass of almond milk a day shouldn’t hurt you if you are not allergic to almonds.

If you have the unsweetened variety, you can drink up to three glasses a day since it is healthier. On the other hand, sweetened or commercial varieties should be taken in proportion.

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How much almond milk is too much for toddlers?

When toddlers take almond milk more than twice a day, they are already having too much. However, it is a good dairy milk alternative for toddlers as long as they are over 12 months old (which is most important).

How much almond milk is too much for teenagers?

More than two cups of sweetened varieties of this milk can be too much for a teenager. Commercial varieties of this plant-based milk contain more sugar and other additives that can cause adverse reactions when they are in high amounts in the body.

Moreover, this milk alone does not suffice as a milk option because of its low protein and calcium content. If you have unsweetened varieties, your teenagers can have up to three glasses.

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How much almond milk is too much for adults?

Drinking more than three glasses of sweetened almond milk will spike sugar levels in adults and cause weight gain. Additionally, it is not a rich source of calcium, vitamin D, and protein.

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What happens when you drink too much almond milk?

Tree nut allergy

Almonds trigger allergic reactions in some people. If your digestive system cannot tolerate almonds, you’ll experience a similar reaction when you drink too much of this plant-based milk.

Stomach upset

Drinking too much of the commercial variety can cause stomach upset. It manifests as diarrhea and aggravates gastritis. Store-bought varieties contain additives like carrageenan that work as an emulsifier and stabilizer.

However, when this compound is present in excess in the body, it becomes harmful to one’s health.

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It loads your body with additives

When you drink store-bought varieties of this plant-based milk, you’re taking in additives. And these additives can cause bloating and trigger IBS.

It disrupts thyroid function

Too much consumption of this plant-based milk reduces iodine absorption and affects thyroid function. This can also cause the thyroid gland to enlarge in size.

In addition, drinking this milk can worsen thyroid disorders and increase the risk of hypothyroidism.

It is low in some nutrients

Unlike cow’s milk, this plant-based milk is low in protein, fat, vitamins A & D, and calcium.

The homemade variety is low in these nutrients which are essential for bone health and proper body functioning.

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Increase in blood sugar

This side effect comes with drinking store-bought varieties of this plant-based milk. Many of them are sweetened with additives to make them taste better. When you drink too much of this variety, it could spike sugar levels.

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Is almond milk good for you?

Yes, it is. Some of the benefits include:

  • It’s good for a vegan diet
  • This plant-based milk is lactose-free
  • Low-calorie content which makes it good for weight management
  • Also, commercial varieties are fortified with vitamins that promote bone health
  • It is heart-friendly plant-based milk because of its zero cholesterol and fat levels
  • The homemade variety is low in sugar which makes it good for diabetics and people who are at risk of developing diabetes
  • In addition, this plant-based milk contains antioxidants like vitamin E which neutralizes the effect of free radicals, improves skin appearance, and reduces the risk of cancer and other diseases

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Who should avoid almond milk?

Avoid drinking almond milk if you have nut allergies. Also, do not give it to children below the age of 1 year.

Additionally, hypothyroidism sufferers or people at risk of this ailment should avoid drinking this milk.


Can pregnant women drink almond milk?

Yes, they can. Almond milk is safe for pregnancy if the woman does not suffer from tree nut allergies. However, it must be taken in proportion to avoid any side effects.

Can you drink two glasses of unsweetened almond milk in a day?

Yes, you can. If you are not allergic to almonds, it is safe to drink two glasses of unsweetened varieties a day.

Is almond milk inflammatory?

No, it is not. Almond milk does not have inflammatory properties. It should not cause you inflammation if you’re not allergic to almonds.


Almond milk is delicious and nutritious. Moreover, it is a better milk alternative for people with a dairy allergy. But, when you drink it without caution, it could become a problem instead. And this is one thing a lot of people overlook.

If you love to drink this plant-based milk, you may want to stick with the unsweetened, homemade variety. It contains fewer calories and no additives, unlike the commercial variety.

However, it does not contain a lot of vitamins like the commercial varieties which are fortified with vitamins. Most importantly, drink the milk in proportion so you can enjoy the benefits better.

Thanks for reading.

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