How Much Weight Does Chicken Lose When Cooked?

Chicken is one of the most consumed staples in the world, it is eaten on daily basis and even on special occasions. But a frequently asked question is “how much weight does chicken lose when it is cooked”?

Well, chicken loses 25 percent of its weight when cooked. That means, if you have a 4 ounce or 100 grams serving of chicken, you are left with 3 ounce or 75 grams after it is cooked.

In this article, I will talk about raw and cooked chicken, what causes chicken to shrink, and if shrinking affects the nutritional value of your chicken.

What causes the chicken to lose weight when cooked?

It is caused by reduced collagen in the chicken. When cooking takes place, and the meat reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the collagen begins to denature.

The collagen squeezes the meat fiber, leading to a reduction in the juice or water in the chicken, causing the weight to reduce. Although most breed of chicken appears to have swollen, the overall weight has diminished.

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How much chicken should you plan for the family?


It depends on the size of the family; if you have a family of 6, you should estimate 24 ounce (600 grams). According to the American heart association, 4 ounce is enough for one person.

This is after considering the fact that it loses 25 percent of its weight due to cooking. So if 4 ounce feeds one person, 12 ounce should feed three people, and 24 ounce should feed six.

However, there are also things to take into consideration that may affect the portion people eat. So, feel free to add one or two extra ounces on be on the safer side. 

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What can you do with leftover chicken?

If you end up with leftover chicken, there are a number of dishes that you can make with it. They include;

  • Chicken mac and cheese
  • leftover roast chick biryani
  • leftover chicken curry
  • chicken noodle soup
  • leftover chicken flat bread pizza
  • leftover chicken risotto

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Does cooking lower the calories of chicken?

According to the US Department of Agriculture, cooking increases the calories of chicken. To further explain, 4 ounce serving of raw chicken contains 186 calories; when fried, it contains 312 calories, and when roasted, 220 calories.

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How do you know if your chicken is cooked?

There are a few ways to tell if your chicken is properly cooked. They include;

1. Using a meat read thermometer

how to use a food thermometer

The most accurate way to ensure the meat is cooked is to use the meat read thermometer. This can be done by inserting the thermometer into a thick part of the chicken.

Once the meat reaches the required temperature, then it is cooked. The US Department of Agriculture recommends that chicken and other poultry be cooked to at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

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2. Cut into the chicken and check the juice

Use a fork or a knife to cut into the chicken, and if the juice runs clear, then it is properly cooked. But if you have a red hue-ish color, then the chicken should be cooked a while further.

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What are the best ways to cook chicken?

Sous vide, steaming, slow cooking, and microwaving are some of the best ways to cook chicken.

Does a raw chicken have more protein than cooked chicken?

They both have similar amount of protein whether cooked or raw.

How much weight does 8 ounce of chicken lose when cooked?

Well, if you are planning on cooking 8 ounce or 200 grams of chicken. You are expected to have 6 ounce or 150 grams of chicken after it is cooked.

Does chicken breast lose weight when cooked?

Yes, it does. Chicken breast also loses 25 percent of its weight when it is cooked.

How much weight does steak lose when cooked?

Steak also loses 25 percent weight after it is cooked. That is, a 200 gram raw steak will yield 150 grams after it is cooked.

Conclusion: How much weight does chicken lose when it is cooked?

Chicken and other poultry lose 25 percent of their weight when cooked, according to the US Department of Agriculture. This happens because the collagen reduces the juice or water present in the chicken.

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you did, you should also see how to recook your undercooked chicken.

Thank you for reading this article.