Is Crème Brûlée Gluten-Free and Vegan Friendly?

Common and a delicious treat, crème brûlée is a popular pudding in France, England, Spain, Netherlands, India, and the US. Although, a confectionary amongst the upper class, there have been some ongoing squabbles on if crème brûlée is gluten-free.

Even though you love this budding so much, can your best friend who has celiac disease and is gluten intolerant have some of this deliciousness with you?

Can you be less worried about making crème brûlée at your next birthday party without having to wonder if any of your friends could get health complications or whatnot?

That you have these thoughts shows how intentional you are about your health and of those around you.

In this write-up, you will learn all there is about creme brulee and if it is a good dessert for people who suffer from gluten insufficiency.

What Is Crème Brûlée?

Also known as burnt cream and trinity cream, crème brûlée is a dessert that contains custard topped with a layer of hardened caramel sugar.

It is pudding-like and comes off as a baked custard with a brittle top with melted sugar that cracks when you gently tap it with a spoon.

The custard is made with heavy cream, eggs, sugar, and vanilla, and it is identical to the original crema Catalana.

Nutritional Facts of Crème Brûlée

Anything food that contains eggs always contains great nutritional advantages to the body. This is because the egg is a great source of protein and fat, among other nutrients.

These mineral properties make for a balanced diet, which is a great way to keep the body going.

In a serving of crème brûlée, you will get 687 calories, fat 60ggrams, saturated fat 37ggrams, trans fat 1.8gms, polyunsaturated fat 3.4gm, monounsaturated fat 16gm, cholesterol 444mg, sodium 54mg, potassium 179mg, carbohydrates 30gm, dietary fiber 0gm, sugar 30gm, protein 8.3gm, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron.

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Is Crème Brûlée Gluten-Free?

A traditional crème brûlée is gluten-free; nevertheless, not everyone makes the dessert with the same recipe.

A plain native creme brûlée recipe will have cream, vanilla, sugar, eggs, and water. These ingredients do not have gluten in them; therefore, are safe for people with gluten dearth to eat.

Notwithstanding, it is recommended that you confirm the recipe in which the crème brûlée is made whenever you want to partake of this treat to be sure it is 100% safe and outrightly gluten-free.

Is There a Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Crème Brûlée?

A gluten-free crème brûlée tastes great, and the good thing is that it is also dairy-free. You can use coconut milk or any plant milk in place of dairy to make your creme brûlée.

Additionally, you can also make dessert with dairy-free cream this is also a substitute to consider in place of plant-based milk. This way you know firsthand that it is dairy-free.

What Are the Key Ingredients Used in Making Crème Brûlée?

Due to a wide-reaching appreciation of crème brûlée, different ingredients have been injected into the making which may or may not alter the gentility of the dessert.

However, if you are to make an old-style crème brûlée, you need to have cream, sugar, egg yolk, and vanilla. These are the main component needed to achieve gluten-free and native crème brûlée.

How Is Crème Brûlée Made

When you see the dessert served it could look a little bit complicated to put together but in truth, it is not so difficult.

Preparing a crème brûlée is one enjoyable activity you would love doing over and over. Follow these quick and easy steps to make your crème brûlée:

  • Step 1: Warm cream, sugar, and a vanilla bean in a saucepan on the stove. Whisk together eggs and more sugar. Slowly whisk the warm milk into the eggs, until it thickens. Add enough egg mixture to a bowl and gently sprinkle brown sugar on top of them. Put the dish in an oven heated to 300 degrees Fahrenheit for three to five minutes until caramelized.
  • Step 2: Fill several ramekins with custard, place them in a hot water bath to bake, and chill once they are set. Do this until all the custards are finished cooking.
  • Step 3: When serving, sprinkle the surface with sugar and use a creme brûlée torch to caramelize the sugar.

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Gluten-Free Crème Brûlée Recipe

To make a gluten-free crème brûlée you need to have a detailed recipe with ingredients that are good for gluten defective persons.

The ingredients you must have are coconut cream, vanilla extract, egg yolks, maple sugar, and pure maple syrup.

The maple syrup will stand for your sweetener while the maple sugar will be used for the toppings.

To fully prepare the dessert you should,

  • Get the oven heated up to 300 degrees and place a kitchen towel close to the baking sheet rim.
  • Add syrup, coconut cream, and vanilla extract to the heated skillet. Stir until slightly boiling. Cook for 5 minutes. Remove skillet from heat.
  • Then, beat egg yolks in a small bowl.
  • With a stand mixer, slowly whisk the coconut cream mixture. Using a KitchenAid on low speed, slowly pour in gently whisked eggs while the machine is still running.
  • Pour the mixture equally into the ramekin through a strainer.
  • Place ramekin on top of towel covered in hot water on the baking sheet.
  • Put in the oven for 40-45 minutes or until the edge is set but its middle is slightly jiggly. Remove it from the oven and place it in the refrigerator overnight to cool. Put a white ramekin with yellow custard in it.
  • Using a kitchen torch, burn the sugar for 1 to 2 minutes, or until crispy but not burnt. Alternatively, add sugar on top of custards, then broil for 2 to 3 minutes, or until sugar is crispy.

How to Store and Reheat Crème Brûlée leftovers?

To store and reheat your crème brûlée leftover is quite easy. The first thing when you want to reheat excess crème brûlée is to place it in the oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit until warm.

Also, to store leftovers for another day, scoop crème brûlée into a ramekin and wrap with aluminum foil and keep in the fridge. This way you can have it in there for three days without it going bad.


Can you make crème brûlée without a torch?

Yes, you can. You can brûlée with the oven’s broiler if you don’t have a crème torch. However, this will warm the custard and vice versa. In addition, watch closely so they don’t burn. But to get the best of crème brûlée, ensure to get yourself a culinary torch.

This would help you when cooking in general, especially when you least expect it. These torches are also very easy to use and reasonably priced too.

Is crème brûlée hot or cold?

This French dessert consists of a rich custard base with a contrasting layer of caramelized sugar on top. It is served cold, with a warm top. The sugar on top is caramelized, while the main base remains cold.

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What sort of bowl should you use to serve your crème brûlée?

You’ll need a ramekin to serve your crème brûlée. Typical dishes are at least 5 inches in width and height, while the crème brûlée dish is shallow and wide.

This allows for maximum surface area for the crispy sugar shell and a nice ratio of creamy custard to brûléed sugar. If you haven’t purchased a ramekin, now is the time to get yours.

Does creme brûlée have gelatin?

Yes, they do. Although crème brûlée, pots de crème, and flan have eggs as their primary ingredient for thickening.

However, pastry cream and most cheesecakes use cornstarch or flour for their thickening agent. There is an additional use of gelatin which makes Bavarian cream and most mousse recipes gel-like.

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Soft, sweet, creamy, gluten-free, dairy-free, and still full of nutrients, crème brûlée is a must-have dessert when you are out for dinner.

The pudding possesses a great nutritional catalyst that aids the body mechanism and also helps you to get fit. Additionally, you can get them without gluten and dairy.

However, there is a million and more restaurant in the US, and not all of them will be on the watch for gluten intolerant people. Therefore, you should have it at the back of your mind to request gluten-free crème brûlée, whenever and wherever.

Thank you for reading.

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