See Why The Korean Iced Americano Is Peoples’ Favorite Coffee

Absolutely beloved in South Korea, the Korean iced americano is the go-to coffee beverage for most people living in the nation. Korean iced americanos are loved mostly because they are affordable and do not contain milk. 

They also serve as a great energy boost for most workers and students alike who need the energy in going about their daily activities and late-night studies. 

This article explores all you need to know about Korean iced americano, how to make them and the benefits they offer.

What is Korean iced americano?

Korean iced americano is a coffee drink made by mixing cold water or ice with shots of espresso. The coffee directly mixes with the cold water or ice while being manually poured and becomes instantly chilled during brewing. 


To make this beloved beverage, you’ll need some ice, 1 double shot espresso, and water (preferably cold).

Why is iced americano popular in Korea?

Iced americanos are relatively popular in Korea because of their low pricing and high caffeine content. Also, they do not contain milk making them the preferred choice for those who like their drinks bitter. 

The younger generation also prefers the iced americano because of certain coffee trends or following the culture of visiting cafés after a meal to socialize. 

Because of how popular the coffee trend and culture have become in South Korea, coffee has become a major aspect of the average citizen’s life.

In fact, there is a coffee convention known as the “Seoul International Café Show”. This is arguably the biggest coffee show in Asia. 

The Seoul International Café Show is an annual show that mostly showcases the various types of coffee, tea, bakery products, chocolate, ice cream, and dessert among other attractions. It also serves as a great way for Koreans to share their passion for the coffee culture.

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What is the difference between Korean iced americano and regular iced americano?

There is actually no difference between the Korean iced americano and the regular iced americano. Most people claim that the difference lies in the individual taste bud and add-on sweeteners used. However, they literally use the same ingredients for their brewing.

Unlike Americans who prefer sweet treats and desserts, Koreans are known for their love of desserts and drink that lack that sweetness or richness from adding cream to beverages. 

Yes, sweet drinks exist in Korea, but most Koreans prefer taking their iced americanos without the use of additional sweeteners.

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Is iced americano healthy? 

Yes, Korean iced americano is relatively healthy and can also help in weight management as it speeds up the breakdown of calories. The iced americano also helps in suppressing hunger and can boost your performance during physical activities. This makes it suitable for weight loss. 

A large cup of Korean iced americano contains about 3 grams of carbohydrates and 15 calories. It also does not contain fat and added sugar. However, this solely depends on it being plain americano without the addition of add-ons like sweeteners or cream.

If you would prefer your americano with some milk, then skimmed milk would be the healthiest option.

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How do you make iced americano?

Iced americanos are among the easiest espresso drinks you can make and only require the use of espresso, ice, and water. 

To make your refreshing cup of iced americano, start by pouring espresso into a cup of cold water then topping it off with some iced cubes or crushed ice. Adding the expresso to the water and not the other way around gives your iced americano a much thicker and brownish foam. 

To get the best results, make use of freshly made espresso. The hot espresso rapidly cools down as you pour it into the cold water and add some ice cubes.

There is no standard measurement for the amount of cold water that should be used for your iced americano. This solely depends on how strong you want the taste of your espresso to be. Adding less water means you want a richer espresso flavor in your iced americano. 

The espresso for your iced americano is ideally made with dark roasted coffee. However, you can make use of a blonde roast to achieve a smoother flavor with more caffeine. You can also make use of a ristretto if you prefer a less bitter taste.

What does iced americano taste like?

Korean iced americano has a slightly acidic taste and strong flavor with low bitter notes that you’d commonly find in coffees. The slightly acidic taste is a result of the expresso being initially made with hot water.

Since it isn’t sweet, it contains little amounts of calories and carbs and would not make you gain weight. This makes it a preferred choice to Koreans in contrast to caffeine beverages like lattes that contain milk and sugar.

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Does iced americano contain milk?

No, iced americano does not contain milk or sweeteners. However, milk or cream can be offered as side options.

Can hypertensive patients take iced americano?

Yes, hypertensive patients can enjoy a cup of iced americano. Although studies have shown that caffeine has a temporary effect on the increase of blood pressure, moderate consumption of caffeinated drinks and coffee won’t put hypertensive patients at risk.

Does iced americano contain sugar?

No, iced americano is sugar-free and is made by pouring espresso into cold water and adding ice. This results in a coffee drink that is high in caffeine and low in carbs.


Korean iced americano has certainly become popular, both in Korea and abroad. Its low cost, unique taste, and low-calorie content have made it among the most preferred coffee drinks in most Korean cafes.

There is no doubt that the iced americano will continue to be very popular in the future, especially with people who are looking for a simpler and healthier way to consume caffeinated beverages.

However, if you do not have the stomach for the bitter taste of the Korean iced americano, you can take yours with some cream or milk. Find out the difference between creamers and milk and decide which would go well with your iced americano.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading.