Here Is All You Need To Know About Red Whipped Cream

What makes a red whipped cream? The answer is right here in this article. Whipped cream is a heavy liquid cream that is whipped with a mixer or a whisk attachment. You should do that until it is fluffy and light.

Typically, people make whipped cream with icing sugar. You can also flavor it with strawberry. Additionally, you can also call whipped cream “Chantilly cream.” But then, how do you add color to it? Read on to know.

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What is red whipped cream?

Red whipped cream is a heavy liquid cream that you whip together with red food coloring until it is light and fluffy. It is as simple as that.

Red whipped cream recipe

Here is an easy recipe you can use for your red whipped cream:

  • 2 and 1/2 cups of heavy cream
  • 1/2 cup of white sugar 
  • 1 and 1/2 teaspoon of pure extract and
  • 1 and 1/2 teaspoon of red food coloring
  • Mix, using a whisk attachment

How to make red whipped cream

It takes almost the same procedure used in making whipped cream. However, in this case, instead of adding a little white to some red, add a little red to some white. The following steps will give you red whipped cream:

  • Combine your white sugar, flavor, and red food coloring in a mixing bowl
  • Then whip till it forms a stiff peak
  • After that, put your heavy cream in a stand mixer bowl. Ensure to have fitted it with a whisk attachment
  • Finally, whip on high speed until it is light and fluffy.

If you feel like the color isn’t dark or bright enough, add more coloring. Do it one drop at a time to achieve your desired shape.

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How to make red whipped cream icing

  • The first thing you should do is use a chilled bowl and a chilled beater to beat your cream until it is frothy
  • Then, add your icing sugar and preferred flavor in bits while beating.
  • Whip until it is light but thick enough to spread as icing.
  • You should use it immediately.

How to make a red whipped cream frosting

Here is the procedure for you to make your cream frosting.

  • Ensure to chill your heavy cream well. Use a chilled metal bowl instead for a faster temperature drop.
  • Use a strong extract to flavor your frosting in other to avoid a bitter taste.
  • Start with a pink frosting base to allow you to add less red coloring.

You can also add a tiny drop of black gel food coloring to get a deeper shade if needed.

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Starbucks red whipped cream

Starbucks is a coffee milkshake that you can top with cream and flavored syrup. The only ingredients you will need to make one of the best Starbucks recipes are heavy whipping cream and your chocolate syrup or any other flavor syrup.


What is Vivo red whipped cream?

Vivo red whipped cream is a brand of whipped cream used for various purposes. Naturally, you can use it for topping cakes or other types of desserts. In addition, it is often utilized in coffee, fruit drinks, among other types of beverages.

For non-sweet food items, it is used for sauces, soups, and other types of food. This makes it suitable for vegetarians and also serves as a good option for diabetic patients.

This cream is white. People also know it as non-dairy whipping cream.

How can you make dark red whipped cream?

Adding black to change the shade of red makes it richer. The combination of black with any color will create a darker shade of that color. So, with this, you can make your preferred dark shade of red.

How can you get a dark red icing right?

If your red isn’t dark enough, add more red coloring in bits. Repeat it till it looks more red than pink. But, if the color of your icing doesn’t change after you add more color, it is probably saturated.

You should keep in mind that the color of the icing will eventually get darker as time goes by.

How can you make a bright red cake?

You can make a vanilla-flavored cake by using a whole egg, rather than using just the white. This has an amazing texture for carving. You can also add in red food coloring, yellow, and orange to get a very nice bright red cake.

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To get your red whipped cream, simply add red food coloring to your cream. So, on your special occasions when you need your dessert to be a little extra, you can make colored whipped cream and add it up to give your good that extra feeling.

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