What Does Cat Taste Like? [Find Out Here]

What does a cat taste like? This question must have crossed your mind a few times especially if you’ve never tasted cat meat.

Cats taste slightly similar to pork, with a slight tinge of a sour aftertaste. It has been consumed worldwide and is still prevalent in several areas of Peru, Switzerland, and China.

For most cat eaters, this meat tends to be a steady diet. In parts where cats are a stable meal, you barely see them wandering around. Instead, people who keep cats as pets keep them indoors, so they don’t risk being killed.

In this article, I will discuss cats, their taste, and what cat meat looks like.

What is cat meat?

Cat meat is meat cut from domestic cats for human consumption. In some countries, cat meat is regular food, while others have only eaten cat meat in desperate times. Like during war or poverty.

Consumption of cat meat is considered forbidden in several cultures and faiths, for sanitary or humanitarian reasons. In the United States, cats are mostly seen as pets, and in other parts of the world, it is a daily staple.

What does cat meat taste like?

This meat tastes a lot like pork, not at all like chicken. It has a bright red hue, not the deep black color of dog meat. It is full of small translucent fish-like bones with a slightly sour aftertaste.

Cat meat is stringy, greasy, and a bit difficult to digest. The chewy and oily nature of cat meat makes it a lump of tough meat for a consumer to eat.

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Which Countries eat cat meat?

1. China

The eating of cat meat is not widespread in China. But in Guangdong and Guangxi, which are on the south-eastern side of China, the number of people consuming cats is unknown.

The older generation of Chinese believes that eating cat meat will keep you warm during winter.

Statistics show that China eats about 10 million cats and dogs in a year. This is according to BBC News on the countries where people eat cats and dogs for dinner.

2. Korea

Koreans feel cat meat is medicinal and like to brew it into a tonic used for people with arthritis and neuralgia. They have recently turned to eating it as cat soup for its medicinal value.

Nonetheless, you will find mainly middle-aged to older people consuming cats for health benefits.

3. Vietnam

Eating cat meat is not new in Vietnam; they are set on the restaurant menus. There is a belief in northern Vietnam that cat has positive health benefits, so they often take stray cats to consume.

4. India

Cat meat is consumed in parts of India, particularly Chennai. Till today the people of Narikuvar hunt for stray cats to consume.

5. Malaysia

The Malaysians buy cat meat from the Vietnamese to eat since cat meat is not illegal there. They also believe it is medicinal.

6. Japan

Japanese claim it has health benefits, and they use cats for soup. They believe it will help you with bronchitis, lung disease, and hemorrhoids.

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Does cat taste like chicken?

It has a texture comparable to pork, and it is not similar to chicken. The hue is the same as pork, and the fattiness is the same.

What does cooked cat meat look like?

Cooked cat meat looks like any other cooked animal meat, but the taste is absolutely different from other.

Is cat meat a Chinese food?

Yes, they are. Cat meat is on the menu in Chinese, Vietnamese, and even South American restaurants. Although, the Chinese government has indicated that it is prepared to remove the meat from the market.

Is cat meat healthy?

They are not. This is because cat meat can be perilously dangerous as most cats are often infected with toxoplasmosis and other contagious diseases.

Conclusion: What does a cat taste like?

Cat meat tastes like pork meat. It is greasy and a bit hard to digest. While it is a staple meal in some countries, it is forbidden in most countries. While eating cats is by choice, Cheffist does not endorse eating cat meat.

It would comfort you to know that there are activists who fight for animal rights.

I hope you enjoy this article, if you did, you should also see what rabbit taste like.

Thank you for reading this article.