What Does Rabbit Taste Like? [Types, Seasonings & Benefits]

Are you a meat lover, do you sometimes wonder what a rabbit does taste like?. Although it can vary in flavor depending on the type, rabbits generally taste as chickens do. The wild rabbits have a more robust flavor, whereas domesticated or farm rabbits lack the same punch in flavor.

Rabbit meat may also taste different depending on the rabbit’s age. The younger rabbits have tender and flavorful meat than the mature ones. While for wild rabbits, the more mature ones give a strong odor that can be off-putting.

Rabbit meat is dry because it is a wild animal. But with proper cooking, such as stewing or putting it in the oven, the meat can turn out to be tender.

In this article, I will discuss rabbit meat, the types of rabbit meat, what they taste like, the nutritional value, and the reason you should eat rabbit meat.

What is rabbit meat?

Rabbit meat is the meat cut from rabbits, it is classified as white meat animal. Rabbit meat is rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins. As a popular meat, it has an estimated annual consumption of about 200g per person.

Rabbit meat is highly prized for its nutritional properties, flavor, aroma, and texture. It is considered lean or white meat, not because of the low amount of myoglobin (the protein that gives meat its color) but rather because of the quantity and quality of its fat content.

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Types of rabbits

There are two types of rabbits, and they include;

1. Domestic rabbits

Domestic rabbits are raised on farms and have more fat than those raised in the wild. Their meat has a lighter, pinkish color and a more tender texture that hardens as the animal ages. It breeds more intensively than the wild rabbit and has a milder flavor.

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2. Wild rabbit

Wild rabbits are also known as field rabbits, which are lighter and finer than farm-bred. They present a harder meat and have a lot of flavor due to the aromas provided by the foods they consume in the wild. Its meat is reddish than the farm rabbit and contains less fat.

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What does rabbit meat taste like?

Domestic or farmed rabbits have a mild chicken taste, and this is because they have more fat in them. The reason is that rabbit farms feed their rabbits pellets to grow them as fast as possible.

The wild rabbit tastes closer to chicken than the domestic rabbit. The most significant difference between these two rabbits is their aroma. Wild rabbits have an earthy aroma due to their diet.

But, as wild rabbits grow older, that aroma could become unpleasant, making it hard to consume. So if you are planning on eating wild rabbits, ensure they are of the younger variety.

Due to the low level of fat concentration, wild rabbit meat is also reddish in color than farm rabbit meat.

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Are wild rabbit meat better than domestic rabbit meat?

Yes, they are. The aroma of wild rabbit meat depends on the season, age, and the food it is used for. Overall, the domestic rabbit meat has a less flavorful but slightly strong taste. Adding the right spices when marinating can improve the taste of the domestic rabbit meat.

However, wild rabbits have significantly less meat compared to domestic rabbits. So, for many people, domestic farm rabbits are better than wild rabbits due to their productive advantage.

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How does rabbit meat compare to other meats?

Rabbit meat has a higher level of protein per serving, the least fat, and the fewest calories per serving compared to other meats like chicken, pork, beef, lamb, veal, and turkey.

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Is rabbit meat healthy?

Yes, they are. Rabbit meat is an incredibly healthy protein source for people on low-fat or low-calorie eating plans. It is an excellent addition to diets mostly confined to chicken and fish. 

According to the USDA, 3 ounces of rabbit meat has 96 calories, whereas the same serving of chicken has 94 calories. Thus, the calorie content is almost the same, but the rabbit comes with a higher nutritional punch.

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Why should you eat rabbit meat?

As the rabbit is a white meat animal, it is a food of choice on low-calorie menus if cooked without excess fat. It is recommended for those following low fat, low cholesterol diets and for those with cardiovascular disorders due to its nutritional composition. 

Rabbit meat is also rich in phosphorus and calcium, two nutrients that help to build strong bones and teeth. Aside from these minerals, it is also abundant in vitamins like B3 and B12.

Its meat is soft and easy to chew, an advantage for those who have difficulty chewing, especially if it is stewed or braised and accompanied with sauces and vegetables. Due to its high nutrient content, this meat is also recommended for pregnant women.

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What seasoning can you use for rabbit meat?

Like chicken, rabbit meat is incredibly versatile when it comes to seasonings, it works beautifully in curries and many Mexican dishes, including mole sauce. 

But it is equally fantastic with more North American and European dishes. Wine or fruit-based sauces are also top-rated when preparing rabbits.

Common seasonings include:

  • Basil
  • Bay leaf
  • Black pepper
  • Garlic
  • Lemongrass
  • Marjoram
  • Parsley
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Thyme

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Do different cuts of rabbit taste different? 

Yes, they do. Different cuts of the rabbit, much like other meat, offer different flavors to the recipe.

What are the best cuts for a rabbit?

The saddle or loin is the best cut from the rabbit.

Why is rabbit meat not popular? 

Despite being a meat option, the rabbit is often considered a pet animal, making it difficult for many to consider eating it.

Can you marinate the rabbit meat?

Yes, you can. Marinating the rabbit for an hour or two in the herbs and spicing with olive oil will increase the flavor, tenderness, and juiciness.

Conclusion: what does rabbit taste like?

Rabbit meat has a chicken-like taste because both are white meat. Although any meat lover will love to have a bite, it is best suited for people who want a more robust tasting and healthier meal than chicken.

Rabbit meat is highly nutritious. and the most significant difference is their texture. However, rabbits are drier because of their low-fat concentration but have numerous health benefits.

Rabbit meat is comparable to chicken and would take on whatever spices you put on it (spicy, curry, savory, etc.). For seasoned meat lovers, rabbit stew with vegetables is a great meal any day.

I hope you enjoyed this article, you should also see how long raw meat sit out before it goes bad.

Thank you for reading.