See What Raw Milk Tastes Like

I believe you’ve come across some terms associated with milk that may have puzzled you. For instance, raw milk; your first guess is right. It is milk that is direct from the animals. One other thing that has crossed your mind is what raw milk will taste like if you are to drink it.

Raw milk is pure milk that has not gone through the pasteurization process to kill and remove bacteria. You will be surprised to find out that while some people run away from raw milk, some other people wouldn’t mind a glass directly from the farm or a retail store.

If you’re about to get a chance to drink a glass of raw milk, you should know about its taste profile before you get at it.

What does raw milk taste like?

Raw milk tastes natural, creamy, and sweet with grassy notes. It has a thick consistency and smells fresh and malt-like. Also, the smell of raw milk depends on the animal it’s gotten from.

Additionally, the taste of raw milk changes with time. Over time, it goes from sweet to sour, and then, it could taste unappetizing afterward. This is because, with time and a change in temperature, the milk curdles, ferments, and becomes rancid.

What does raw cow milk taste like?

Raw cow milk is sweet and creamy. Some people say that raw cow milk tastes like melted vanilla ice cream.

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What does raw goat milk taste like?

Raw goat milk tastes grassy, creamy, and earthy. If you have had goat cheese before, you’ll find that it has a similar taste profile to goat milk. The creamy taste of fresh goat milk is due to the short- and medium-chain fatty acids it contains.

In addition, goat milk has a similar taste to cow’s milk but it with a milder sweetness. The taste profile of goat milk makes it great for soups, curries, yogurt, puddings, and mousses.

What does raw milk cheese taste like?

Raw milk cheese doesn’t taste like cheese made from milk that has gone through pasteurization. Raw milk cheese has a complex delicious taste and will taste like the source it is from.

Cheese made from raw milk is creamy, tender, oozy, and crumbly. Some examples of raw milk cheeses are brie, camembert, Roquefort, cheddar, and goat cheese.

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What does bad raw milk taste like?

When raw milk has stayed too long, it begins to taste sour. However, you can make it into yogurt because it contains more bacteria which are probiotics. These bacteria begin a fermentation process that turns it into yogurt.

But the further the milk stays, it begins to taste sour and acidic. Other signs of spoilage of raw milk include a rancid odor and a slimy texture.

How long does raw milk last?

Raw milk can last 7 to 10 days after collection from the dairy cattle. However, do not expect the taste of the milk to remain as fresh as it was on the day of collection. The best way to keep raw milk tasting fresh for days is to store it in a refrigerator.

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Does raw milk taste like pasteurized milk?

No, it does not. Raw milk tastes creamier and sweeter than pasteurized milk. Because of the series of processes pasteurized milk goes through, lovers of raw milk may find it watery and almost tasteless.

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Is it safe to drink raw milk?

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Raw milk is safe to drink if you drink it in moderation. Raw milk is milk that has not gone through pasteurization to kill and remove bacteria. It still contains dangerous bacteria like salmonella, E. coli, and listeria which are present in even healthy and robust cows.

Consuming too much raw milk can cause diarrhea, headache, fever, and abdominal pain because of these bacteria. In severe cases, it could lead to typhoid fever, listeriosis, tuberculosis, and brucellosis.

Therefore, if you want to drink raw milk, be sure that you’re getting it from a hygienic source. Also, avoid drinking too much or giving it to people with weak immune systems.

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Is raw milk more nutritious than pasteurized milk?

No, it is not. Although some people believe that raw milk is more nutritious than pasteurized milk, it is not. Raw milk contains a lot of nutrients, probiotics, and beneficial enzymes. These enzymes and probiotics help the body fight and resist allergies, infections, and asthma.

Can you cook with raw milk?

Yes, you can. Cooking with raw milk can help kill and remove the harmful bacteria in it and make it safe for your consumption.

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How to use raw milk

  • A substitute for sour cream and buttermilk
  • Allow the milk to ferment and make yogurt
  • Use fermented or fresh raw milk to make kefir
  • Make cheese or butter
  • Make raw milk cheese
  • Switch the raw milk into cooked cream, “panna cotta”
  • Clabber raw milk and add it to your next chocolate cake
  • Add the milk to waffles, pancakes, bread, and muffins
  • Use raw milk for smoothies
  • Add raw milk to casseroles and soups
  • Make chocolate milk with fresh raw milk  

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How to pasteurize raw milk

What you need

  • Raw milk
  • A milk strainer
  • A double boiler or a stainless steel pot
  • A bowl of ice

What to do

  • Start with straining the milk through a milk strainer to remove any dirt, grass, or hay
  • Afterward, pour the milk into the pot or double boiler. A double boiler is a better option for pasteurization in order to keep the milk from getting burned
  • You can create a double boiler alternative with the stainless steel pot. Pour the milk into the stainless steel pot and put the pot into a larger pot that is almost half filled with water
  • Then, set the stove to 145°F (medium heat) and slowly heat the milk, stirring at intervals (almost continuously)
  • Continue heating for about 30 minutes
  • Thereafter, transfer the hot pot of milk into a  bowl of ice and leave it there until the temperature drops to somewhere around 40°F
  • You should have a milk thermometer at hand to help you read the temperature of the milk
  • Store pasteurized milk in clean and sterilized containers and keep them in the refrigerator

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Can babies drink raw milk?

No, they cannot. Raw milk is not safe for babies because it is unpasteurized and contains bacteria that can result in illness or death. Additionally, raw milk is not safe for pregnant women and children.

What does raw milk look like?

Raw milk looks clean and white. It may also be thick or slightly runny based on the animal it was gotten from.

What does fresh milk taste like?

Fresh milk has a neutral and slightly sweet taste. Also, its taste depends on whether it is fresh and raw or fresh and processed.

Is raw milk illegal?

Selling raw milk is legal in the 50 states in the US. However, there are restrictions on its availability in public places.

Only 11 states allow the sale of raw milk in retail shops. 11 states frown at the sale of raw milk in retail stores but allow people to buy it fresh from the farms. 8 states allow people to get raw milk through a cow share system.


Raw milk may not sound like something special but it is for some people, especially those who are adventurous. People who love to drink milk this way boast about its pure richness and creaminess with a grassy flavor.

However, it is not seen in this light by some people. What some people see is a glass of milk with bacteria. In summary, you can drink a glass of raw milk once in a while to enjoy the natural taste. But be aware that it is not completely healthy because the harmful bacteria have not yet been removed.

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