This Is What Happens If You Drink Expired Coffee Creamer

Coffee lovers all over the world prefer to mix a coffee creamer in their coffee. Asides from its unique taste, it is an essential need in the coffees of many people. But then, what happens if you drink an expired coffee creamer?

Drinking an expired coffee creamer may not be the end of the world. Although, you must have heard that if the coffee creamer is no longer of good quality, it can affect your health terribly.

In such a case, the coffee creamer must already have a sour smell, be far out of date, and be entirely off. This means that drinking an expired coffee creamer may be unsafe for you. In this article, you’ll see if it is and what happens when you drink it.

What Is a Coffee Creamer?

Coffee creamer is a heavy plus condensed cream for your coffee. It is a liquid added to coffee by a lot of people. It tastes similar to milk; it is usually store-bought and comes in many flavors like strawberry, chocolate, hazelnut, and more.

There are two major forms of coffee creamers. They include powdered coffee creamers and liquid coffee creamers.

So altogether, you can define coffee creamer as a type of cream that can be added to coffee in place of milk.

Coffee creamer is made from dairy products such as milk, half and half cream, or non-dairy substitutes. Although dairy versions contain milk, they are mostly sugar and corn syrup.

The main enticement of coffee creamer is the smooth and silky texture it gives your cup of coffee. It adds this richness and texture you can’t resist. Creamers are a maneuver for making a café-Esque latte without any barista skills.

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Can You Drink Expired Coffee Creamer?

Yes, you can, especially if your creamer was properly stored and is still intact.

Unlike common notions, the expiration date is not an exact measurement of whether the food has lost its quality or not. Odds are you can use a non-dairy creamer after its expiration date.

But if the coffee creamer smells sour and has lost its flavor, it can affect your health and make you very sick. That’s because bacteria must have grown inside the coffee creamer and this affects your health badly.

So, you must be cautious when drinking coffee with coffee creamers; smell it, taste it, or check out the texture to ensure it’s still in a good state.

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What Happens if You Drink Expired Coffee Creamer Every Day?

You run the danger of getting food poisoning, which can consist of an array of agonizing stomach pain and digestive tract problems that can take a few days to heal. Some of these issues may include; diarrhea, indigestion or acid stomach, vomiting, etc.

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What Happens When You Drink Expired Coffee Creamer at Night?

Drinking an expired coffee creamer can mean consuming an expired dairy product. So, if you drink it at night, you can expect thorough bloating of the abdomen, terrible flatulence, and bad breath until the body clears it out.

Your mind can also be dull in the morning until the product is cleared from the digestive canal.

Does Expired Powdered Coffee Creamer Make You Sick?

No, it doesn’t. The worst that is presumably going to happen is that the oil, either coconut or palm kernel oil, will go rancid. That will not taste so good, but it won’t make you sick.

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How Long Can You Drink Expired Coffee Creamer?

If you have not opened your dairy creamer, it can last up to 2 weeks after the expiration date. The expiration date is a sheer suggestion that isn’t always correct. If you open your creamer, consume it within a week. Once it is opened, it does not stay edible after 7-8 days.

How Do You Know Your Coffee Creamer Has Expired?

Like every other product, coffee creamers go off too. For liquid coffee creamer, you should watch out for texture changes, clumps, and lumps. Also, watch out for a change in smell, a sour odor, and specifically, a change in taste.

If your creamer has passed its expiration date, you can drink a teaspoon of your creamer to check its taste to know if it has lost its quality or not. If it is still good enough, you can continue using it; if not, throw it away.

For opened creamer containers of more than 7 or 8 days, discard as soon as possible unless it is specifically stated by the producer that it is still good even opened.

Also, for powdered creamer, beware of texture changes and signs of mold. However, if the package is stored in a cool, dry place as usually instructed, the powder should be just good for years.

To also check the quality of powdered creamer, prepare a cup of coffee as a test. If the taste hasn’t changed, then the powder is still okay. But, even though the flavor is slightly off or simply not up to the ideal, dispose of the package. Your health is more important.

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Can coffee creamer go bad?

Yes, it can. Although, this is determined by how you store it, temperature, and packaging date. So, it’s important to store your coffee creamer properly and always smell, taste, and check out the texture before consumption.

Can you freeze coffee creamer?

Yes, you can. It is very easy for you to freeze dairy creamer because it’s a milk-based item. You can put the bottle in your freezer for six months, and it’ll be preserved.

Is powdered coffee creamer bad for you?

Yes, it is. Even though it can last for a longer period and makes taking coffee quite convenient, it is not healthy for your stomach and heart.

This is because it contains a high level of sugar and processed chemicals. So, if you’re diabetic or have high blood pressure, you may have to forgo powdered coffee creamers.

It can cause an increase in your blood sugar level. It may also add to your high cholesterol levels. So it might be difficult for you to lose weight. 

How long does International Delight creamer last?

International Delight is probably the most prominent and most preferred creamer. If you store it in a cool and dry place, it can last up to 2 weeks without any problems. But once you open it, you have to finish it within a week.

Can you drink coffee creamer left out overnight?

Yes, you can. It contains preservatives that allow them to stay longer. This is as long as the creamer was in a cool, dry place.

Why does your creamer separate in your coffee?

This is mostly because coffee is a very acidic ingredient. The best way to avoid it is to first add your creamer to your coffee cup before pouring in a little bit of coffee and then mix them.

What happens if you freeze coffee creamer?

Your coffee creamer will last longer than the expiration date.

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The bottom line is that the expiration date is not usually the main yardstick for determining if your coffee creamer has lost its quality. Therefore, as long as the smell, taste, and texture are intact, it is still safe to add it to your coffee drink.

However, if the smell, taste, and texture have changed, you can tell that the coffee creamer has lost its quality.

In that case, you’re at risk of getting food poisoning and can get very sick. So, before using your coffee creamer, check properly to ensure it is still in a good state.

Also, you must store and preserve your powdered coffee creamer properly. This way, you can prevent moisture from getting into it and can prevent it from being affected by temperature. Then it can last longer for you, even after the expiration date.

Thank you for reading.

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