What Is the Difference Between a Spigot and a Faucet?

The gush and rush of your water and the clearness of it can be seen by the faucet or spigot you use. Did I just mention “or”? Should that read “… by the Faucet” alone? Oh, you guessed wrong.

For long you have called a faucet, spigot, and a spigot, faucet. You never knew the difference. Without much ado, let me show you the difference between a spigot and a faucet.

Faucet and Spigot

1. Appearance

The spigot and faucet are water dispensers used at homes, restaurants, and offices. When renting an apartment or building your house, there’s that beauty pattern or aesthetic you want to obey and apply to bring out your imaginative dream house. You get the best of the best models and the best of home interiors and appliances which best fit in that imagination.  

At the point of giving your kitchen the perfect look you want, you take your time designing and planning how you want it to be or hiring the services of an interior designer who will make your kitchen dream outlook come to life.

One of the things you pay attention to is the sink structure. The whole set, components with what each of the colors represents to give your kitchen the focal point you want. Do you know why this is so? The faucet is the deal here.

All faucets are made classy to give your home that appearance you want. They are made shining sometimes with the color of other sink components or differentiated with another wall color- just to give it best. Faucets never appear ugly. You can read how to get the best faucets models here.  

However, for spigots, they come in just basic colors. Not the primary colors, as artists do call them but in just rough outlook. They are merely a point of attraction at any spot they are placed in because they are less stylish.  

On the other hand, the faucets, the spigots are unattractive and faucets are a pure focal point of attraction.

2. Place of Use

I shared with you how attractive the spigot and the faucet are in appearance – Ain’t you curious about knowing where each of them should be used?  Sure you know an unattractive device shouldn’t be anywhere close to bringing that imagination of beauty alive?

You must be thinking right! Faucets are unique from spigots because they are only used indoors while spigots are used outdoors. Now you know why all spigots have that rough outlook and faucets in that shiny attractive texture. While the former is not to be added to the interiors of your kitchen sink, the latter is specifically made to give your kitchen the desired wholesome aesthetic and satisfaction.

3. Tough structure

Stop that thought you just had. I am not talking about the originality or fakeness of anyone of them. Both faucets and spigots are constructed tough to last long, but I want you to know that when it comes to comparing which is stronger.

The spigot has a higher hand. They are specifically made for outdoor conditions. They can withstand any form of harsh weather, unlike the faucet because they are meant to be fixed outside of your home.

Faucet and Spigot

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a spigot valve?

A spigot valve is a component of a spigot that is made specifically to do the work of compressing the flow of water in and out. The valve that comes with a spigot is known as the gate valve. it can only be turned clockwise or anti-clockwise.

All kind of spigot comes with just one gate valve because spigots are not needed to provide more than one water temperature. Like, giving both cold and hot water when turned on.

That is why you will never find any spigot with more than one hose. Having two hoses means it will serve the purpose of giving both water temperatures which is a very rare thing. Probably when you feel like doing a hot wash for your car or your grass? To do this you have to customize with the help of a plumber. Check here how to choose the right garden hose.

2. What are the types of Faucet Valve?

I will reveal a secret to you- there is no specific way in which a faucet is constructed. Each one of them has the following valves listed below.

Ceramic Disc valve

This valve is a new addition to the types of faucet valves. It is similar to the ball valve because it also controls the temperature of the water.

Compression valve

The compression valve is the valve ensuring that water flows through the faucet. The valve is cheap and can be easily replaced when faulty.

Ball valve

The ball valve is made of steel and it is spherical in appearance. It is responsible for the change in the temperature of the water.

Cartridge valve

This valve is simple to change and it is responsible for making your faucet stay fixed. Whenever your faucet leaks, all you have to do is change the cartridge valve and the problem will be solved.

3. What are the types of Water Tap for my kitchen?

There are four design types of tap and there are uncountable models of types you can buy. The design types include;

  1. Disk tap
  2. Compression tap
  3. Ball tap
  4. Cartridge tap

4. How do I fix my broken tap?

Most damages at home can be easily fixed through watching youtube videos or the manual that follows the product. But you do not want to stress yourself, you can hire the services of a professional here.

5. What are the other names of spigots?

A spigot is sometimes called a faucet but this is a wrong connotation. Some of its perfect aliases are “bib and sillcock”.


Knowing the difference between the spigot and faucet might feel somehow irrelevant but it worth it when making correct references. As a homeowner, when you call the terms correctly for the plumber you earn his respect because it simply means you know what you want. Also, the plumber will find it a little bit hard to impose too many expenses on you as his charges. He/she sees you as a colleague.

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