32 Yummy Foods to Make With Rotisserie Chicken Leftovers

Rotisserie chicken leftovers don’t have to waste when there are several ways you can put them to good use. Having leftovers simply gives you the chance to get creative by using them to whip up a number of fantastic dishes. If you are wondering what to do with leftover chicken, this is for you. 

This article contains 32 popular recipes you can make with your leftover rotisserie chicken without stress. This includes salad, soups, rice, lasagna, and many others. 

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What is Rotisserie Chicken?

Rotisserie is a French word that means roasting. In Escoffierian brigade de cuisine, Rotisseur is a chef in charge of roasting, frying, or grilling foods. Rotisserie chicken is a chicken dish that is prepared on a rotisserie. The process is done by using placing the chicken near a direct heat source. 

Rotisserie is a method of roasting a food by cooking it uncovers in an oven or grill. Rotisserie chicken is a chicken roasted in the oven instead of the regular frying or deep-frying method. This makes the chicken healthier to eat as it contains much lower calories and fat than fried chicken. 

What Can You Do With Rotisserie Chicken Leftovers?

1. Chicken Taquitos

If you have rotisserie chicken leftovers in your refrigerator and have no idea what to use them for, this is the perfect turn up for you. Chicken taquitos are easy and a perfect idea for appetizers or snacks. You can also serve them with sour cream, salsa, and guacamole for a delightful taste and flavor. 

2. White Chicken Chili

This is a delicious meal that you can easily make with shredded pieces from your rotisserie chicken leftovers. All you need is a pot of hearty vegetables and creamy broth. These vegetables with your shredded chicken will create a delightful chicken with a chunk load of flavor. 

3. White Chicken and Spinach Lasagna

Here’s a creamy dish you can make with rotisserie chicken leftovers. A mixture of your rotisserie chicken with white chicken and spinach lasagna will give you the most comforting lasagna. This is definitely one of the cheesiest dishes you can whip up with your rotisserie chicken. 

4. Lemon Orzo Soup

A pot of lemon chicken orzo is a healthy delicious dish you can make using rotisserie chicken. This dish is light and commonly a family favorite that’s served with crackers and sesame weeds to upgrade its taste. You will like it if you are familiar with noodle soup.

5. Chicken Enchiladas

Looking for a dash of Mexican food taste, you can make easy-baked chicken enchiladas with rotisserie chicken leftovers. With this dish, you will get the saucy, spicy, and savory taste that every Mexican meal has. For special events, you can whip up some chicken enchiladas to spice up your meal course. 

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6. Chicken Parmesan Stuffed Peppers

Chicken parmesan stuffed peppers are one of the healthiest meal preps you can make with your rotisserie chicken. They are delicious and flavorful. They also freeze well so you can prepare as much as you want and keep some for later. 

7. Chicken Garden Salad

The chicken garden salad is another meal you can prepare with your leftover rotisserie chicken. To upgrade the flavor and nutrient profile, create the dish with ranch dressing. This will make it more healthy, hearty, and colorful. 

8. BBQ Chicken Pizza

This is an exciting dish I bet you’ll like to make with your leftover rotisserie chicken. BBQ chicken pizza is a sweet and tangy kind of pizza you can whip up in the comfort of your home. Besides being easy to prepare, it will take you only 30 minutes or less to prepare the pizza. 

9. Chicken Tortilla Soup

Tortilla soup is already a delicious soup you’ll enjoy eating. Now imagine spicing things up with some piece of rotisserie chicken. Chicken tortilla soup is a delicious soup that’s filling and easy to make.

If you are a lover of Mexican foods, you’ll enjoy this soup. It has a flavor profile consisting of sweet, spicy, and savory tastes, and flavors.

10. Chicken Pot Pie

Making chicken pot pie is a way of creating delicious dishes with leftover rotisserie chicken. Chicken pot pie is packed with creamy and savory filling along with crispy pie crust. Luckily, it freezes well so you can make more for later and store them in your refrigerator.

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11. Chicken Pad Thai

With chicken pad Thai, you don’t need any more take-outs since you can prepare it at home with rotisserie chicken leftovers. The dish is a flavorful restaurant-style chicken dish you can make in your kitchen in just 10 minutes. It has a Mexican flavor profile with a dash of nutty flavor. 

12. Tetrazzini with Spinach

Making tetrazzini with spinach is a good way to put your rotisserie chicken to good use. The dish is simple, yet delicious, creamy, and cheesy. The original recipe uses turkey but you can use your leftover rotisserie chicken in place of it. 

13. Chicken Noodle Soup

Another comforting dish you can prepare with your leftover chicken is chicken noodle soup. The soup is simple yet classic and easy to make. It takes 30 minutes or less to prepare and serve chicken noodle soup made with rotisserie chicken.

14. Butternut Squash Quesadillas with Chicken and Kale

Butternut squash quesadillas are one of the best meals you can come up with using leftover chicken. Using an addition of kale in your recipe will give you the best fall dinner meal. Butternut squash quesadillas with chicken and kale are flavorful, cheesy, and crunchy as well. 

15. Chicken and Rice Soup

You can also make chicken and rice soup with your leftover chicken. This dish is delicious, comforting, warm, and good for a chilly day. It is also easy and quick to make. You should try this if you are looking for a dish you can make with little time. 

16. Chicken Penne Pasta

Chicken penne pasta is another quick and easy dinner meal you can make with your leftover chicken. It is also quick and easy to prepare, like the previously mentioned foods. It’s a family favorite that’s delicious, creamy, and flavorful. It takes less than 30 minutes to make this delightful dinner. 

17. Creamy Gnocchi Soup

Creamy gnocchi is originally a turkey dish but you can use your leftover rotisserie in place of it. This creamy dish is ultimately comforting. Aside from being creamy, it is rich, delicious, and contains healthy carbs, clean protein, and vegetables.

18. Vietnamese Summer Rolls

Vietnamese summer rolls are an Asian summer snack you can come up with using leftover rotisserie chicken. It takes only about 20 minutes to make, making it the best chicken snack you can make. 

19. Chicken Nachos

You can make chicken nachos with your leftover rotisserie chicken. This is one of the best snacks you can whip up with chicken. It is easy to make, yet crunchy, cheesy, and filling. You can serve it as an appetizer before your main meal. 

20. Chicken-Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuffed bell peppers are a healthy dinner you can make easily and quickly with your rotisserie chicken leftovers. Quite filling and popular as a family favorite, chicken stuffed bell peppers make a wholesome dinner.

21. Chicken Salad

Chicken salad is another classic dish you can make with leftover rotisserie chicken. You can serve it as a side for barbeque, potluck, or other healthy lunch. 

22. Salsa Verde Green Chicken Enchiladas

Salsa verde green chicken enchiladas is a flavorful dish that’s easy to make and enjoy with your rotisserie chicken. It is saucy, spicy, and quick to make just like a typical Mexican food. 

23. Coconut Turkey Curry

Coconut turkey curry is a creamy dish you can make by substituting the turkey with rotisserie chicken. This dish is rich, flavorful, and delicious. You can easily prepare this meal in 30 minutes or less.

24. Rotisserie Chicken Quesadilla

If you ever find yourself peeping into the fridge late at night, it’s time for a chicken quesadilla. All you need is tomato puree and smoked paprika or BBQ sauce and your rotisserie chicken. Satisfy your cravings with this delicious easy-to-cook recipe.

25. Curry Chicken Fried Rice

This dish is a flavorful meal that’s easy and quick to make. With your mushrooms, peas, rice, chicken, and curry flavors, it takes less than 10 minutes to make. This is perfect for a quick dinner on a busy work night. 

26. Chicken and Couscous

A mixture of chicken and couscous is the easiest work night dinner. Adding sun-dried tomatoes to it will give it a more delightful flavor profile. The dish is easy to make, and healthy. 

27. Chicken Wild Rice Soup

Chicken wild rice soup is a wholesome dish you can make with rotisserie chicken leftovers. It is comforting, delicious, flavorful, and filling. 

28. BBQ Chicken Stuffed Baked Potatoes

BBQ stuffed potatoes is a baked food that combines chicken, scallions, cilantro, and gruyere for a complex flavor profile. You can easily make it with your rotisserie chicken leftovers.

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29. Chicken and Potato Chowder

A combination of chicken with potatoes chowder will create a creamy, savory, and delicious. This will make a great family meal during the holidays or other days that call for it. 

30. Baked Pasta with Rotisserie Chicken

If you ever crave a flavorful dish you can make with rotisserie chicken in less than 30 minutes, try this. Baked pasta with chicken in combination with mushrooms and nutty Asiago cheese will give you the perfect dinner. You can even serve it on a fancy date night.

31. Pimento Cheese Pizza Bagels

The spice pizza bagels bring take your rotisserie chicken leftovers to another level. All you have to do is another bagel in chicken and melted pimento cheese. These little goodies are great for lazy mornings especially when you are in a rush. 

32. Chicken Cherry Flatbread

Even though it’s not quick to make, cherry flatbread is worth every minute. Chicken cherry flatbread combines onions, goat cheese, cherries, chicken, and honey. This is a perfect flavorful holiday snack you can make with rotisserie chicken. 

Are Rotisserie Chicken Leftovers Still Good?

Rotisserie chicken leftovers are still good at room temperature for up to two hours and can stay fresh in the fridge for 3 days. Leaving your chicken in the fridge or in room temperature for longer periods can make them go bad. It may become tasteless and flavorless. 

Rotisserie chicken can’t remain good forever, no matter how well you preserve it. You should eat your rotisserie chicken leftovers within three to four days. Always check for signs of moisture or decay before eating or using it to prepare a meal.

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Can you reheat a rotisserie chicken leftover?

Yes, you can. You can reheat rotisserie chicken in the microwave, oven, or air fryer. The quickest option is to use a microwave, while the oven will give you a really crispy skin if that’s what you want.

Can you freeze leftover rotisserie chicken?

Yes, you can. Frozen rotisserie chicken can last up to 4 months. It can last more than that but won’t taste as good after four months. Ensure that your freezer is set to 0⁰F if you intend to keep the chicken for a very long time.


Rotisserie chicken is naturally a versatile ingredient you can use in making quick and easy dishes. Using your rotisserie chicken leftovers to prepare a satisfying dish is what you should do before it goes bad. You can choose any of the food suggestions listed in this article. 

While there are several options for you, the easiest dish you can make with rotisserie chicken leftover is chicken salad. Before using the chicken, ensure that you check for mold or signs of decay. 

Thanks for reading. 

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