Why Is Buffalo Wild Wings Called Bdubs?

If you’ve ever wondered why is Buffalo Wild Wings called Bdubs, then you’ve found your answer.

The name “Bdubs” originates from the abbreviation of Buffalo Wild Wings, “BWW,” and when pronouncing, it sounds like bee-double-you; hence, it was called Bdubs.

If you want to know more about Buffalo Wild Wings, their origin, and other interesting facts about them, read on.

What are Bdubs?

Bdubs is an abbreviated nickname for a popular US restaurant and sports bar called Buffalo Bild Wings. It is a popular spot for people who enjoy watching sports with their friends and loved ones.

Origin of the Buffalo Wild Wings

In 1982, the first Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant was launched by Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery. They claim they wanted a place that served buffalo-styled wings like the ones sold in Buffalo, New York.

The first outlet was open close to the Ohio State University, and it quickly grew popular. The college kids considered it a place to get wings, beer, and sports, after then, other outlets were opened near other college campuses.

In 1996, the new CEO of this franchise was considered appealing to a broader range of people. The company expanded and reached out to the public, rather than just college teens.

Currently, this franchise has outlets in every state in the US, Canada, the Middle East, and Puerto Rico.

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Why is Buffalo Wild Wings called Bdubs?

It is called Bdubs because it sounds like the abbreviation of the franchise’s name. The acronym of Buffalo Wild Wings is BWW; when pronounced, it sounds like bee-double-you. When shortened, you have bee-dubs, hence “Bdubs.”

Since 2004, the unhyphenated term Bdubs has been steadily used in most social media hashtags. Even on the Google search engine, the abbreviation Bdubs has steadily appeared more than its full name.

Because of this, the leadership of the franchise was prompted to register the name “Bdubs” with the US Patent and Trademark Office on October 2, 2007.

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Did you know?

1. Jim Disbrow actually played sport

Jim Disbrow (one of the founders) was a big deal in the skating world. He competed in some single and pairs skating and bagged a few medals in the 60s. 

This was a major reason they considered including a sport-themed background in their franchise.

2. There was a Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl

Buffalo Wild Wings sponsored a college bowl in Sun Devil Stadium of Tempe, AZ, from 2012 to 2013. This competition saw victories from Kansas State wildcats and Michigan State Spartans.

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3. Buffalo Wild Wings record over 10 million sales weekly

According to Thrillist, BWW records a grand sale of over 10 million wings weekly. Although, it is higher most times as special occasions jack the numbers at times.


Are Buffalo Wild Wings made of chicken wings?

No, they are not made of wings. They are made from chicken breast that has been cut into various shapes and sizes.

When did Buffalo Wild Wings become popular?

They gained major popularity in the 1990s.

Is Buffalo Wild Wings the same as BW3?

Yes, they are. The founders actually started the franchise under the name Buffalo Wild Wings and Wecks (BW3), but shortly after the launch was changed to Buffalo wild wings.

Conclusion: Why is Buffalo Wild Wings called Bdubs?

It is called Bdubs because it is an abbreviation of Buffalo Wild Wings to the acronym “BBW”. When it is pronounced, it sounds like “bee-double-you” which is shortened to bee-dubs or Bdubs.

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