Why Is My Whipping Cream Not Whipping? Get the Answer Here

It can be quite annoying for your whipping cream not to come out correctly after going through the delicate process involved in making it.

If this has happened to you before, I can relate to your annoyance. But do you know that your whipping cream didn’t whip because your cream probably wasn’t cold enough?

Don’t worry, you’ll learn more about this sweet condiment in this article.

What Is Whipping Cream?

It is a heavy cream that has been whipped until it is light and velvety. Whipping cream is that formula that makes a rich addition to cakes, coffees, teas, cookies, hot chocolates, sweet drinks, and other delicacies.

More than anything else, the texture is probably what makes whipping cream unique. It is made with heavy cream, which has a higher butterfat content, typically about 30%.

This makes it higher than many dairy products. It may be whipped with either a mixer, a whisk, or a fork.

It is often sweetened with confectioner’s sugar, which is easily dissolvable in the cream. Moreover, it does not leave a coarse texture and can also be flavored with vanilla.

Whipped cream is called Chantilly cream or crème Chantilly when flavored with vanilla.

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Why Is Your Whipping Cream Not Whipping?

1. Your Cream Is Not Cold Enough

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when preparing their whipping cream. One of the reasons why your cream won’t whip is because the cream is not cold enough.

To get it to whip as it should, your cream has to be chilled. There is no exact temperature, but it has to be cold.

So, if your cream still looks liquid after mixing for a while, simply put the cream in a bowl, whisk, and then leave in the refrigerator for a bit to let everything get cold.

That way, you can fix the problem. Better still, when planning to make whipping cream next time, leave the heavy cream in the fridge overnight until you are ready for mixing.

2. Using the Wrong Kind of Cream

Using the wrong kind of cream can cause your whipping cream not to whip. The process of whipping your cream allows air to get in and mixed with the fat contents of the cream, which leads to the increase of your cream.

This requires your cream to contain a certain amount of fat. Typically, heavy cream has a fat range of 30-36% and serves as the right kind of cream.

Anything with less than that will likely never whip properly. Instead, it will remain in liquid form regardless of how much you. This is because the air does not have enough fat mixed with it.

On the other hand, when the cream’s fat content is too high, this challenge can also occur. Although, it is not as common as when the fat content is too low.

3. You’re Whipping Incorrectly

Is that possible? Yes, it is possible to whip your cream incorrectly. This is an additional problem some run into while whipping.

In some cases, this means using the wrong tool, like a wooden spoon instead of a whisk, which is the proper tool to use because it allows the air to mix in satisfactorily with the cream.

However, even with a whisk, it can still be done incorrectly. While using an electric mixer to make whipped cream, if the setting on the machine is too low, the cream will remain liquid after stirring.

To get a good result, ensure your machine is on a high setting to get enough air to mix in.

Dealing with all of these can be infuriating. Thankfully, there are other techniques out there to work around these mistakes.

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What Do You Need to Know About Whipping Cream?

Whipping cream isn’t that difficult to make. Here are the major things you need to know before starting the whipping process:

  • First, whipping cream doubles in size. If you use one cup, you’ll get two cups out of it; so, use half of whatever amount you desire.
  • You can either use your hand mixer or immersion blender if you’re in a hurry, but if you’re patient enough, you can whip it together by hand.
  • Your heavy cream, as well as your bowl and beaters, should be chilled before you start. This way it will whip up faster. Using a stainless bowl is preferable as it retains the cool temperature.
  • The only ingredient you need is heavy whipping cream. If you must, I recommend adding only a tiny bit of sweetener and vanilla.
  • Maple syrup or honey adds a subtle indication of extra-delicious flavor. You may consider them even though the traditional recipe commonly used is powdered sugar.
  • Pay attention while blending to monitor the whipping progress.

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How Is Whipping Cream Made?

With these tips, I believe whipping will be a lot easier for you. The process includes the following:

  • Place your mixing bowl and beaters in your freezer to chill for at least 15 minutes, or overnight if possible.
  • When you’re ready to make your whipping cream, pour the chilled cream, sweetener, and vanilla extract into your bowl. Start blending slowly and gradually increase your speed to medium-high.
  • Continue blending until the whipping cream doubles.

Also, note that for soft peaks, blend until the mixture can swirl lightly when you lift the mixer, and it looks like melted ice cream.

For medium peaks, continue blending until the mixture holds more significantly and looks closer together when you lift the mixer.

Finally, for stiff peaks, continue blending until the mixture resembles a cool whip you could ice a cake with.

Your cream could start turning into butter if you overbeat it. So as soon as the mixture looks like what you aim for, hands-off.

How Long Does It Take to Whip Whipping Cream by Hand?

Whipping your cream by hand will take about 4 to 5 minutes. First, get your ingredients ready, and remember that you should use half of your desired amount of whipping cream.

Hand whipping is usually better for smaller quantities and takes a little longer but gives the most control. This makes this method more satisfying.

How Long Will It Take You to Whip Cream With an Electric Mixer?

This is the easier way to go. Whipping with an electric mixer will take you 2 to 3 minutes. With an electric mixer, you can mix up to 4 cups of cream.

Make sure your bowl is big enough to take the whipping cream when it starts to double in volume.

If you’re using this method, beat on medium to medium-high speed. That way, the cream will create smaller bubbles of air as the cream whips, and you will derive a more stable foam.

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How Do You Fix Watering Whipping Cream?

There are a couple of ways to go about it. Some of them are;

  • Mix in some fresh, unwhipped cream and slowly whip it. It should help get back to the desired texture.
  • Add some powdered sugar in and mix it slowly. It gives the cream a bit of texture to combine with. This method is better if you desire a more sweetened result. However, ensure that you don’t add too much sugar to prevent over-sweetening.

Your fixed cream may not be able to hold like the prior whipping because it still contains lots of the initial product.

Using the whipped cream serving dispenser can resolve this. Asides from the time it takes to whip your cream back into shape when it goes wrong, it is inconvenient.

The whipping cream dispenser saves you all that stress. It delivers even, high-quality whipped cream. This is because the whipping cream does not whip until it is being dispensed. This ensures the quality won’t lessen while the cream is sitting.


Can cornstarch stabilize whipping cream?

Yes, it can. With cornstarch, you can easily thicken and stabilize whipping cream. However, cornstarch can leave a slightly starchy taste and grainy texture to the whipped cream.

What makes whipping cream looks like cottage cheese?

Over-whipping and the use of stabilizers to hold your cream.

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Does emborg whipping cream whip?

Yes, it does. Emborg whipping cream is a sweetened whipping cream that is perfect for cake toppings and fillings. It whips so well that it triples the volume of your whipping cream after whipping and always gives a lasting and beautiful result.

How can you thicken double cream?

Mix in some fresh cream and slowly blend it together. If you desire to have a more sweetened cream, you can add powdered sugar and whip it slowly until it thickens and gives you your preferred texture.


When your whipping cream isn’t whipping, check. It is either your cream isn’t chilled enough, whipping incorrectly, or not doing it with the right cream.

Whatever your mistake is, fix it by doing the right thing instead; it could be that you have to refrigerate your cream, whisk, and bowl, you have to use the right tools and the right settings or you have to use the right cream.

So, get that cream you’ve been consistently stirring but still looking watery and whip it back to its fluffy and smooth texture just as it should be.

Thank you for reading.

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