Enjoy Tasty Meals On Arby’s Gluten Free Menu

Keep your gluten-free diet in check with Arby’s gluten-free meals, and enjoy delicious flavors and beverages at affordable prices. 

Are you wheat or gluten sensitive and would like to know what Arby’s gluten-free menu offers? 

This article gives you an updated list of Arby’s gluten-free meals, beverages, condiments, sauces, and salads. 

About Arby’s

Established in Ohio in 1964, by brothers Leroy and Forrest Raffel, Arby’s is an American fast-food sandwich restaurant chain. Arby’s is also the flagship property of Inspire Brand, and was renamed Arby’s Restaurant Group after the company claimed ownership of Buffalo Wild Wings in 2018.

In addition, Arby’s currently has over 3,300 restaurants and was dubbed “America’s second-largest sandwich chain” in 2017 with Subway being the first.

Furthermore, Arby’s is popularly known for its deli-style fresh line of sandwiches such as the delicious Beef ‘n Cheddar and Roast Beef Sandwiches. The restaurant chain is also famous for its Curly Fries, Greek Gyros, and Jamocha Shakes. 

What Time Does Arby’s Open?

Arby’s typically starts its daily operations by 9:00 am and closes by 11:00 pm from Mondays to Sundays. However, operation time differs according to location, and you confirm from the location closest to you. 

For example, the Arby’s restaurant at 1200 Grand Central Ave, Vienna, United States, is open from 9:00 am till 11:00 pm while the Arby’s at 281 WV-2, New Martinsville, United States is open from 10:00 am till 9:00 pm. 

Additionally, other Arby locations are known to offer 24 hours services.

What is Arby’s Gluten-Free Menu?

Arby’s Gluten-Free menu is a list of gluten-free meals and beverages the fast-food restaurant chain offers that are relatively safe for customers with gluten sensitivity or allergies. 

What Kind of Items Are on Arby’s Gluten-Free Menu?

From condiments to snacks, sides, meat items, salads, and sauces, you can find the following gluten-free meals on Arby’s menu;

Breakfast Meals 

  • American Cheese
  • Cage-Free Egg Patty
  • Orange Juice
  • Sausage Patty
  • Pit-Smoked Ham


  • American Cheese (Processed Slice) 
  • Arby’s Sauce
  • Cheddar Cheese Sauce+
  • Dijon Honey Mustard Sandwich Sauce
  • Cheddar Cheese (Mild Slice) 
  • Gouda Cheese
  • Cheddar Cheese (Shredded)
  • Horsey Sauce®
  • Ketchup
  • Mayonnaise
  • Parmesan Peppercorn Ranch Sauce 
  • Red Ranch Sauce
  • Roasted Garlic Aioli 
  • Sauerkraut
  • Smoked Gouda Cheese
  • Spicy Brown Honey Mustard Sauce 
  • Smoky Q Sauce
  • Spicy Buffalo Sauce
  • Swiss Cheese (Natural Slice)
  • Thousand Island Spread
  • Swiss Cheese (Processed Slice)
  • Spicy Three Pepper Sauce

Sauces and Dips

  • Bronco Berry Sauce
  • Buffalo Dipping Sauce
  • Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce 
  • Marinara Sauce
  • Ranch Dipping Sauce
  • Tangy Barbeque Sauce


  • Corned Beef
  • Bacon 
  • Roast Beef
  • Roast Chicken Breast 
  • Roast Turkey 
  • Smoked Brisket  


  • Side Salad
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing 
  • Buttermilk Ranch Dressing 
  • Dijon Honey Mustard Dressing 
  • Light Italian Dressing 

Sides & Snacks

  • Crinkle Fries 
  • Tree Top Applesauce


  • Jamocha Shake 
  • Chocolate Shake 
  • Vanilla Shake 


Arby’s offers the following beverages on its menu;

  • Brewed Iced Tea 
  • Honest Apple Juice 
  • Coffee
  • Coca-Cola
  • Diet Coke
  • Barq’s
  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar
  • Fanta Orange
  • Hi-C Flashin’ Fruit Punch
  • Mello Yello
  • Minute Maid Light Lemonade
  • POWERADE Mountain Berry Blast
  • Sprite
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Diet Dr. Pepper
  • Shamrock Farms Low Fat White Milk 
  • Sweet Tea
  • Shamrock Farms Low Fat Chocolate Milk 

Does Arby’s Have a Kids Menu? 

Yes, Arby’s does serve meals on its menu that are aimed at kids. However, with the exception of the beverages, Arby’s kids’ menu contains gluten. 

  • Premium 4PC & 6PC Chicken Nuggets Kids Meal
  • Chicken Slider Kids Meal
  • Roast Beef Slider Kids Meal
  • Roast Turkey Slider Kids Meal
  • Chicken Tenders Kids Meal
  • Honest Kids Organic Apple Juice Drink
  • Shamrock Farms Low Fat Milk
  • Tree Top Applesauce
  • Shamrock Farms LowFat Chocolate Milk

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Arby’s Late-Night Menu

No, Arby’s does not offer a special late-night menu beside the meals already stipulated on its menu. 

Arby’s Specials Menu

Arby’s specials menu comes in the form of Top Picks for the day. Also, these meals are often a selection of meals from various meal categories the restaurant offers. Furthermore, Arby’s Top Picks offer many gluten-containing meals, so be sure to check with your local Arby’s before ordering.

You can find the following meals on Arby’s Top Picks menu;

  • Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich Meal
  • Classic Beef ‘N Cheddar Meal
  • Chicken Cheddar Ranch Meal
  • 2 For $6 Everyday Value
  • Smokehouse Brisket Meal

Does Arby’s Host Happy Hour? 

Yes, Arby’s offers happy hour deals every Monday to Friday from 2:00 pm till 5:00 pm. Additionally, Arby’s happy hour deals offer discounts on varieties of appetizers, snacks, and meals. 

Does Arby’s Offer the Same Menu on Weekends?

Yes, Arby’s menu remains the same even on the weekends. Additionally, the restaurant does not offer an additional weekend menu like weekend specials or happy hour deals. 

Is There Any Special Dinner Menu at Arby’s?

No, unfortunately, Arby’s does not offer any special dinner meals or menus at its restaurant chains. 

Does Arby’s Offer Any Discount On Its Menu?

Yes, Arby’s offers special discount offers either through its happy hour deals or the 2 for $6 Everyday Value meal pack. You can also follow Arby’s on social media to get the latest updates on offers and discounts. 

What Do You Need to Order?

To order your favorite gluten-free meals from Arby’s restaurant, you can walk to the nearest location to place your order. You can also order and purchase your meals through the order portal available on Arby’s official website. 


Does Arby’s offer catering services? 

Yes, Arby’s does offer catering services and large order deliveries for your special events be it private or corporate. 

Is there a risk of gluten contamination at Arby’s? 

Yes, like most restaurants, Arby’s does not guarantee that your gluten-free meals will be 100% gluten-free. This is because they use the same kitchen in preparing their meals. 

However, to avoid or minimize the risk of cross-contact contamination of gluten on your gluten-free meals, I’ll recommend you inform the restaurant about your allergies while placing your order. 

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Is Arby’s open on holidays? 

Arby’s operates on most holidays except Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. Operation hours are also usually reduced on Christmas eve and New Year’s Day. 


Arby’s sandwich restaurant chain offers delicious and mouth-watering gluten-free meals and beverages that are sure to satisfy that hunger. 

In addition to this, the restaurant chain also offers a wide range of gluten-free condiments and dips that will add great flavor to your meals. 

However, while Arby’s offers numerous regular-sized gluten-free meals, the same cannot be said for its kids’ menu. This means that children who are intolerant or sensitive to gluten will also need to eat from the regular menus.

Finally, Arby’s does not guarantee that its meals are completely gluten-free due to risks of cross-contamination. So make sure you make your allergies known during purchase. 

Also, check out Jimmy John’s gluten-free menu to compare which sandwich restaurant offers the best value for your money. 

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading.