Enjoy Happy Hour At Macaroni Grill For $4

Happy Hour at Macaroni Grill is from 3 pm to close, seven days a week. Regardless of whether you’re into relaxing with a delicious drink or if you’re simply looking to save some money on your next meal — Macaroni Grill is the place to be.

As part of their ongoing happy hour specials, Macaroni Grill offers its guests $4 appetizers (including Bruschetta, loaded fries, and a wide range of their famous flatbreads) and drinks right through the weekend.

Isn’t that a great deal? Well, read on to find out more about happy hour at Macaroni Grill.

About Macaroni Grill

Macaroni Grill is a family-style dining restaurant with an all-American menu and Italian family flair. From its beginning as a single location in Leon Springs, Texas, the brand has grown to include restaurants for every palate from casual bistro to fine dining, from classic Italian to exotic flavors.

For years and years, the restaurant has been serving up the most delicious Italian recipes to their customers with pride. Currently, Macaroni Grill operates 41 locations in the United States.

The restaurant offers everything from crisp salads, juicy steaks, and tempting pasta to warm dessert selections. Macaroni Grill provides exceptional service and an enjoyable dining experience for all taste preferences. And even with its long happy hour, the restaurant is becoming more popular.

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What Time Does Macaroni Grill Open?

Like most restaurants, Romano’s Macaroni Grill opens from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM, seven days a week. As with the other hours of operation, these times can vary, so it is best to check in advance for the most updated information about your local Macaroni Grill location’s opening and closing times.

Keep in mind that Romano’s Macaroni Grill restaurants are owned by an independent franchise owner, so opening times vary and may not be the same at all locations.

What is Happy Hour At Macaroni Grill?

Happy Hour at Macaroni Grill is an operation hour of the restaurant which features a menu of amazing food and drinks at discounted prices. It includes a wide array of libations, from an American craft beer selection to an award-winning wine list featuring both local and international vintages.

This period of the day is the perfect way to end your day with great food and friends at Macaroni Grill. That’s why it’s many guests’ most loved time of the day and a highlight in the lives of families on the go.

From the delicious appetizers to the entrees, everything on our Happy Hour menu is sure to please everyone at your table. For less than $6, you can enjoy hand-crafted pasta, crisp salads, and a great selection of their signature dishes where every bite is a burst of flavor.

What Time is Happy Hour At Macaroni Grill?

If you don’t already know, Happy Hour at Macaroni Grill is from 3 pm to close, seven days a week. So if you’re in need of a refueling break after work, or someplace to meet up with friends before heading out for the evening, the restaurant has the food and drink you’re looking for.

Whether you’d like to enjoy a drink with co-workers, a stress-relieving pre-dinner cocktail, or just have dinner and drinks with friends, you can take advantage of Macaroni Grill’s Happy Hour. With great deals on drinks and appetizers, including their famous pasta with fresh Italian ingredients, you’ll find what you’re looking for at this convenient time.

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Is There Happy Hour At Macaroni Grill Every Day of the Week?

Yes, Macaroni Grill’s Happy Hour is every day, including weekends. During happy hour, there are daily drink and food specials available at most Macaroni Grill restaurants throughout the US. Though every restaurant may have its own hours of happy hour, so check with your local Macaroni Grill.

Does Macaroni Grill Host Late Night Happy Hour? 

The aims to give its customers what they want by extending Happy Hour discounts till closing hours (9 pm for most locations) both on weekdays and weekends. All you have to do is visit Macaroni Grill before 9 pm to close and enjoy the same amazing discounts you experience during Happy Hour the rest of the week.

The restaurant offers amazing discounts on selected drinks, main courses, and even some appetizers at this time with special Happy Hour prices. If you want to save on the cost of dining at this Italian restaurant, you can order off of their menu if you plan on dining after 9 pm

Happy Hour Menu At Macaroni Grill

Macaroni Grill’s $4 Happy Hour Menu

  •  Whipped Feta
  • Mediterranean Olives
  • Bruschetta
  • Loaded Fries

Macaroni Grill’s $5 Happy Hour Menu (Appetizers)

  • Pizza Piattos
  • Margherita
  • Mushroom & Goat Cheese
  • Pepperoni
  • Prosciutto and Green

Macaroni Grill’s $6 Happy Hour Menu (Appetizers)

  • Crispy Artichokes
  • Ricotta Meatballs
  • Signature Mac & Cheese Bites
  • Caprese Salad

Available Beverages During Happy Hour At Macaroni Grill?

Macaroni Grill’s $4 Beverages

  • Frizzantes
  • Draft beers, including Peroni
  • Well drinks

Macaroni Grill’s $5 Beverages

  • House Wine (red and white)
  • Sangria (red and white)
  • A variety of premium cocktails

Macaroni Grill’s $6 Beverages

  • Premium Wine (red, white, and rose)
  • Italian Margaritas (Primo, Cucumber, Strawberry, and Basil)
  • Signature cocktails (Bellini, Perfect Martini, Negroni, Italian Mule, or Limoncello Mojito)

What About Weekends?

Happy Hour isn’t only available on weekdays at Romano’s Macaroni restaurants. You can also visit on weekends to enjoy amazing discounts on appetizers and beverages. On weekends, happy hour starts at Macaroni Grill from 3 pm till the closing hour. It is the same as on weekdays.

What Do You Need to Enjoy the Macaroni Grill Happy Hour?

You don’t need a coupon to enjoy Happy Hour at Macaroni Grill. Just stop by any of the locations near you when it is time to imbibe. Located throughout the United States, Macaroni Grill is one of the restaurants which offers recipes with a modern flair.

Be sure to check the hours of operation of your local Macaroni Grill to ensure that you can take advantage of the offered discounts.

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Happy Hour At Macaroni Grill: FAQs

How long does the Happy Hour last?

Most of the Macaroni Grill closes at 9 pm and happy hour starts at 3 pm. Therefore, the happy last for 6 hours.

What food is available during happy hours?

Majorly appetizers and beverages.

How many items can you order at once?

You can order as much as you can pay for.

Do you need a reservation?

You don’t need a reservation to take advantage of the Macaroni Grill happy hour.

Is every day happy hour at Macaroni Grill?

Yes, Monday to Sunday.


Happy Hour at Macaroni Grill is a great way to treat yourself to an incredibly affordable meal, drink and take advantage of their everyday deals. It’s one of the best Happy Hour in town with deals you can’t find anywhere else.

Whether it be for your weekly kids’ soccer practice, a business lunch for two, or a family night out, Romano’s Macaroni Grill is the perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy great Italian cuisine. All of their pasta, wood-fired pizzas, salads, sandwiches, and desserts are made fresh daily with only the finest ingredients to ensure a great dining experience for everyone.

Other Happy Hours with great deals on varieties of items on the menu you should check out are the Ruby Tuesday Happy Hour and BrickTop’s Happy Hour. For only $5, you get to enjoy delicious appetizers, desserts, and even drinks. What’s more? Kids get to eat for free from 5 pm to close on Tuesdays.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading.