McDonald’s Position Titles You Don’t Know

Wondering what McDonald’s position titles are available at the restaurant? This article will give you a broad overview of all of the different major positions that McDonald’s has to offer.

McDonald’s is always looking for employees who have a passion for food and customer service. They offer a variety of positions with different responsibilities, all of which include working in the fast food industry.

But what are the different positions at McDonald’s and what do they involve? This article will explain each major position and what it entails.

About McDonald’s

McDonald’s is a worldwide chain of fast food restaurants, with the headquarters located in Oak Brook, Illinois, United States. The popular fast-food restaurant primarily sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken products, french fries, breakfast items, and soft drinks.

The company also operates several other chains that complement its mainstay restaurants. It has also expanded into new product areas such as breakfast items (which are not offered at all U.S. locations), desserts (Mickey D’s), and coffee (McCafe).

The company is one of the largest restaurant chains in the world. Currently, McDonald’s operates over 38,000 locations globally.

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What are McDonald’s Position Titles?

McDonald’s position titles are used to describe various roles within the company. These roles range from food preparation to management.

The roles are required and occupied depending on the needs of a specific McDonald’s location. Therefore, openings and how much you could earn in a position vary by location.

Major McDonald’s Position Titles

1. Crew Member

McDonald’s crew members are responsible for delivering great customer service by greeting customers, taking accurate food orders, cleaning tables, and making sure the restaurant is clean and ready for the next customer.

They also take care of all the nuts and bolts of running a McDonald’s restaurant. Crew member positions are available in every area of McDonald’s restaurants, from drive-thru to fast food and from breakfast to lunchtime.

2. Crew Trainer

Crew trainers are responsible for training new crew members on how to operate the restaurant. They also provide support for managers who may be too busy to train their own team members.

This includes training on skills such as how to use equipment properly, how to handle food safety issues, and more. Trainers must be able to lead by example and ensure that all employees understand their role within the company.

Crew trainers typically work with managers in order to ensure that there is a smooth transition between new employees and existing staff members.

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3. Store/General Manager

A store manager oversees a specific restaurant location or group of restaurants within an area. Store managers are responsible for ensuring that their locations are operating efficiently, with staffing levels appropriate for customer traffic levels and other factors.

Therefore, they’re responsible for the day-to-day operations of a McDonald’s restaurant — from hiring employees to making sales calls, organizing group training sessions, and ensuring that the location runs smoothly.

The store/general manager must ensure that all employees are trained properly and can perform their duties safely at all times.

4. McDonald’s Shift Manager

The shift manager is responsible for keeping the restaurant running smoothly during its lunch and dinner shifts. This is one of the most important roles at McDonald’s.

This position requires strong management, leadership, and communication skills, as well as an eye for detail.

The shift manager plays a critical role in ensuring that customers are satisfied each and every time they visit a McDonald’s restaurant.

Some of the responsibilities of a shift manager at McDonald’s include inventory management, planning for each shift, scheduling employees, etc.

5. Assistant/Department Manager

Assistant managers are responsible for a specific department or area within a restaurant. They ensure that the standard of service is maintained and that all expectations are met.

They are expected to understand how their department fits into the larger McDonald’s system and make sure it runs smoothly.

The department manager also works with the management team to develop new ideas to improve the overall operation.

Depending on the department within a McDonald’s location, the following are sub-title under Department Manager:

Guest service department manager

As a guest service department manager, you must make sure your teams deliver great customer service. You will also be managing sales promotions and monitoring their progress.

Guest service department managers are usually experienced in service procedures and spearheading the service team. It is their responsibility to ensure the front counter, McCafé, and drive-thru areas are organized for the best service.

People department manager

As for department managers, they must ensure the restaurant hires crew members that are qualified. They also help in training and preparing them to ensure McDonald’s sales and profit goals are achieved.

Making ensuring the new staff members have a successful first day at the restaurant may be one of this manager’s duties. Additionally, they encourage and celebrate their team when necessary.

Kitchen department manager

Managers of the kitchen department ensure that the restaurant serves only quality, healthy, and delicious deals. They are in charge of ensuring that food is always safe and that costs are kept under control.

They can also be tasked with the responsibility of training kitchen staff in production procedures, including new items that are added to the menu.

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6. McDonald’s Cashier

Cashiers handle the money and transactions for customers in restaurants. They also assist with other customer services such as answering questions, ringing up purchases, bagging items for customers, and ringing up deliveries.

A cashier can be either a part-time or full-time job depending on how many hours per week they work in a restaurant. Cashiers must be able to count change and use credit cards.

He/she must also possess customer service skills such as smiling and being friendly with customers while also being polite when talking with other employees about their jobs or how they can improve their situations at work.

7. McDonald’s Cook

McDonald’s Cooks make up the majority of the workforce at McDonald’s restaurants. They prepare the food, clean and maintain equipment and utensils, and perform other duties as needed by their supervisor.

They are also responsible for preparing meals on time for customers according to their specifications. Cooks may be required to perform other duties such as stocking shelves in addition to cooking.

Many cooks are required to have a high school diploma or equivalent, but some employers prefer those who have completed an apprenticeship program at McDonald’s or another fast food chain.

What do you need to get a job a McDonald’s?

McDonald’s is a worldwide chain of fast food restaurants. In order to qualify for a position at McDonald’s, an applicant must meet certain requirements including being available for shift work, having no criminal history, and willingness to be tested for drug use.

In addition to that, you will need to pass a physical exam and sign a contract stating that you will not unionize or engage in any form of disruptive protest while employed by McDonald’s.

To learn more about working at McDonald’s and the available jobs, you can check out their career page.

McDonald’s Position Titles: FAQs

How much do McDonald’s workers earn?

According to CNBC, depending on your position, you can earn $11 per hour (for entry-level) to $15 per hour (for shift manager).

What are the different positions at McDonald’s?

Positions at McDonald’s include crew member, shift manager, cook, cashier, assist/department, General Manager, crew trainer, etc. You can check McDonald’s career page to learn more.

McDonald’s Position Titles: Conclusion

McDonald’s position titles are often a mystery to prospective employees. In fact, the positions that exist within the company are so limited in scope and range.

As a result, it may be difficult for McDonald’s to find workers who meet all of the requirements needed for managerial or professional positions. Thus, its Vacancies section does not list many job titles.

However, even crew members at McDonald’s do not work in traditional jobs; they instead serve as part of the company’s “service team.”

This means that no matter what your position title may be, you are essentially a worker on the clock, doing whatever needs to be done in order to keep the restaurant running.

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