Here’s What You Should Know About Instant Jjajangmyeon Noodle

Noodles are a type of food that is rarely eaten in American households, talk more of instant jjajangmyeon noodles.

Although noodles have been gaining popularity in the U.S., it is only common for people to eat noodles with friends and lovers at Asian restaurants.

Outside this, it’s rare to find them served for dinner at home, let alone called over for a bowl of noodles without warning.

As a result, many people are unfamiliar with how good instant noodles taste, how much nutrition they contain, or what effect they can have on health.

This is because, in today’s busy, thrilling world, few people have the time to research everything about noodles and discover the joys of preparing them for themselves.

Read this article to learn more about how to make Instant jjajangmyeon noodles, and how they taste.

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What Is Instant Jjajangmyeon Noodles?

Instant Jjajangmyeon noodle is a flavorful noodle dish mixed with black bean sauce.

It is a pre-cooked noodle packaged in packets or cups for sale. A serving of jjajangmyeon is high in calories, carbs, fat, and a little protein.

It also contains wheat flour, salt, and seasoning that has salt and monosodium glutamate (MSG).

It’s a type of Korean and Chinese hybrid cuisine that has been in existence since the 19th century by early Chinese immigrants in Korea.

The noodle is often wheat-made as compared to flour-made, and it is thick. The noodle known as black bean noodles because of the sauce mixture. This is also called Chunjang in Korean as a black paste made from soybeans, flour, caramel, and then fermented.

Is Instant Jjajangmyeon Different From Normal Jjajangmyeon?

Yes, it is. Instant jjajangmyeon noodles are processed, packaged, and come directly seasoned and sometimes with vegetable mixtures depending on the brand.

Meanwhile, normal jjajangmyeon noodles are made from scratch with wheat flour and salt. They are thinner than udon noodles but wider than ramen. 

Is Instant Jjajangmyeon the Same as Instant Noodles?

No, they are not the same. Instant Noodles are mainly made with flour similar to that one used in making bread.

On the other hand, instant jjajangmyeon is made with wheat flour. However, both noodles are packaged, pre-cooked, and dried using flavoring powder and seasoning in cups or packets.

Also, instant noodles are more common than jjajangmyeon among people of all age groups, while jjajangmyeon cannot be eaten by everyone, especially if a person is gluten sensitive.

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How to Make Instant jjajangmyeon Noodle

Making instant Jjajangmyeon noodles is easier than you think. The packet comes with the key things you need for cooking, which are the oil, veggies, and the black bean powder paste with the season.

You can make instant jjajangmyeon easily without much work when you use the following steps.

  1. Put water inside a pot to boil for a few minutes.
  2. Pour veggies into the water to steam.
  3. Cut jjajangmyeon noodles from the packet and place them into the boiling water to cook for 5 to 6 minutes and stir.
  4. When noodles are dispersed in the water, add black bean powder paste and stir vigorously.
  5. Serve noodles on a plate and pair with meat (although pork works best) and more vegetables if you like.

The above method is to be used when you buy a packet of instant jjajangmyeon noodles. In a situation where you bought the cup package, you should use the following method.

  1. Boil water for a few minutes.
  2. Open the cup and add the seasoning, oil, and black bean powder.
  3. Pour hot water into the cup. Ensure water covers the noodles totally and seal the cup.
  4. Wait 3 minutes for noodles to heat together.
  5. After this time, mix the noodles thoroughly and eat.

What Does Instant Jjajangmyeon Taste Like?

Instant jjajangmyeon noodles taste delicious. And because it is served with black bean sauce, it has a mixture of many flavors that are a bit salty, sweet, and bitter at the same time.

While some other noodles have spicy ranges with a lovely hit, this noodle can balance the sweetness and lift greasiness.

The flavor of jjajangmyeon is based on the black bean paste used in the dish. The pork or beef added to the mix provides a sweet, savory flavor. Jjajangmyeon tastes like udon noodles and spaghetti noodles, just thicker and chewier.

Are There Vegan Instant Jjajangmyeon Noodle?

Yes, there are. One of such brands of jjajangmyeon noodles that are made to cater to vegans is the Paldo noodle.

This is a popular Korean brand that makes spicy noodles and Mukbangs. The company became popular after its social media challenge went viral.

Paldo inculcates vegan-friendly noodles for people who do not care much for meat but plants. They offer a variety of different flavors to ensure that vegans have a choice when they want to eat instant jjajangmyeon noodles.

Does Instant Jjajangmyeon Have Nutritional Benefits?

No, it does not. Jjajangmyeon is delicious, however, it might not be the healthiest choice. The noodles are made from wheat flour, salt, baking soda, and water.

That means this snack has a lot of calories, including many carbs and fats. It’s fine to eat this once in a while, but it shouldn’t be a meal you eat daily.

Does Instant Jjajangmyeon Have Side Effects?

Yes, it does have side effects. You should remember that everything done in excess is said to be bad and as such can be a big problem for its doer.

That they are made to be eaten easily doesn’t mean they should be always your go-to. Therefore, you should ensure to eat your noodles in moderation and intermittently to avoid long-term health implications.

You can get heartburn, bloating, abdominal pain, heaving feeling, indigestion, and sometimes diarrhea if you eat noodles too much. Additionally, the presence of too much MSG in the body is not good and can cause eye pain, headache, etcetera.

Also, this food is highly processed to have a long shelf life. Therefore, it contains lots of preservatives, additives, artificial colors, and flavorings that do a lot of harm, if eaten often.

Furthermore, instant noodles contain a high number of sodium, which can lead to high blood pressure and heart problems.

You should also be aware that the noodles have bisphenol. This compound has ties to high blood pressure, fat in the abdominal cavity, and elevated blood sugar levels, which leads to metabolic syndrome.

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What is the texture of jjajangmyeon noodles? 

The texture of jjajangmyeon noodles is different. This is because each brand has its way of making noodles.

Therefore, you will come across different textures from the several brands that make jjajangmyeon noodles. However, cut across brands, noodles have the same chewy and bouncy feel which makes them delicious.

Are instant jjajangmyeon noodles spicy?

No, they are not. Jjajangmyeon noodles are a pleasant and savory bowl made with a mixture of spices, but they aren’t too spicy.

However, there are different varieties made by different brands that have spicy jjajangmyeon for lovers of spicy food.

To be sure you buy one of the spicy versions, you can check the label for the ingredients to determine if it would be spicy. Also, it is your noodles, you can add spicy ingredients to the noodles to get them to the level you prefer.

Where can you buy jjajangmyeon noodles?

You can buy your instant jjajangmyeon noodles through an online store or at a local convenience store.

Because they are becoming popular among many Americans, access to these noodles has been provided in earnest.

Is jjajangmyeon noodle healthy?

Yes, jjajangmyeon noodle is healthy. It is low in fat and cholesterol and is packed with vegetable mixes that are very good for the body.

Are instant noodles gluten-free?

Most instant noodles are made with gluten food, and as such cannot be gluten-free. However, some brands have gluten-free instant noodles that are majorly made from whole grain.


Instant jjajangmyeon noodles are so easy to make and come in a variety of flavors. This delicacy is containing a lot of health benefits to the body.

It is especially good to eat if you desire to keep an eye on your weight and maintain a great figure. They are also not too expensive and come with vegetable mixes in their packages, making them more exciting to buy.

It is also great to note that jjajangmyeon can be eaten by those who live a vegan lifestyle, as there are plant-based versions prepared to serve vegans.

Thank you for reading.

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