Enjoy All Day Weekend Deal At Torchy’s Happy Hour

Happy hour in Torchy’s is from 3 pm to 6 pm from Monday through Friday and all day on weekend. This is the time to enjoy an assortment of drinks at discounted prices. Not only that, they deliver tasty tacos and queso that guests love.

Their happy hour menu features Mary Mimosa, Tequila, Margaritas, and bottled and draft beers, among others. If you wish to enjoy happy hour at Torchy’s, then you should read this review.

Join me as I walk you through all that Torchy’s happy hour entails; the menu, what you can save, and lots more.

About Torchy’s Tacos

Founded in 2006, in Austin, Texas, Torchy’s is the product of a man named Mike Rykpa. Because of how good his tacos were, a dream he started with a trailer and a red Vespa has now grown to become a respectable restaurant chain with over 90 locations.

Each Torchy’s outlet is designed in a unique way, but they are all focused on delivering the best of the best and they go out of their way to source the finest ingredients.

Over the years, the Tacos junkies have included a variety of queso, margaritas, and all sorts of drinks and delicious meals. And despite the fact that many things have changed, they remain committed to their mantra of making high-quality, cooked-to-order, Damn Good tacos.

What Time Does Torchy’s Open?

Most Torchy’s have different opening and closing hours. Most of them, however, open between 8 am and 10 am and close between 9 pm and 11 pm.

That said, this is what a typical Torchy’s restaurant opening hour looks like:

  • Monday – Thursday: 9:30 am – 10 am
  • Friday – Sunday: 9 am – 10am.

The above hour is that of Torchy’s restaurant in Austin, Texas. Since the opening hours vary, it is best that you check the website for the details of your local Torchy restaurant.

What Is Torchy’s Happy Hour?

Generally, happy hour is a time for discounted meals and drinks. But in Torchy’s, they offer a variety of drinks for lesser prices during happy hour.

The menu includes bottled and draft beer, Margaritas, Signature Sips, Sangria, Bloody Mary, Mimosa, and tequila. It will interest you to know that you can enjoy happy hours all through the week. Even better, there’s a discount on some of the drinks all day on Saturday and Sunday. This weekend discount is regarded as Weekend Cures.

Keep in mind that happy hours are available at select outlets only and not every Torchy’s has a full bar.

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What Time is Torchy’s Happy Hour?

Torchy’s happy hour is 3 pm to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. They also offer discounts on select drinks during Weekend Cures, all day on Saturday and Sunday.

For me, this is a deal everyone should take, especially if you’re someone who loves tequila, Margaritas, cocktails, and all sorts of drinks so much. You can even go along with friends and drink to your fill. That’s right, you will still be able to save some money.

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Does Torchy’s Host Happy Hour Every Day?

If you’ve been following this review, you should notice by now that Torchy’s hosts happy hour every day. So, you can enjoy discounts on a variety of drinks from Monday to Sunday.

The best part of it is that you can enjoy discounts on drinks all day on weekends. This is particularly unique and enticing as many restaurants hardly offer discounts all day. Another Restaurant that offers all-day happy hour is Ruby Tuesday. From their name, they offer all-day happy hour specials on Tuesday. And even allow kids to eat free too.

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Does Torchy’s Host Late Night Happy Hour?

Yes, they host happy hour at night but only on Saturday and Sunday. This is because you can enjoy happy hours all day during weekends. But weekdays are excluded when it comes to late-night happy hour in Torchy’s restaurants.

So, if you’re looking to go out and have some fun during the weekend, Torchy’s is one place that’s worth visiting. For me, it’s a perfect opportunity to go out for drinks with friends without having to spare so much.

Perhaps you wish to go for a night out during weekdays, Tahoe Joe’s happy hour is a deal you should check out. Their happy hour deals extend from 11 am and 6 pm, and 9 pm till closing, and all day on Sunday.

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Torchy’s Happy Hour Menu

As earlier said, Torchy’s Happy hour menu is limited to drinks only, and they include:

  • House Frozen
  • House Rock
  • Sangria Swirl Rocks
  • Sucker Punch
  • Tito’s Cherry Limeade
  • Sangria Swirl Frozen
  • Top Shelf Patrón
  • Keepin’ It 100
  • Sangria
  • The Peg Leg
  • Torchy’s Tini
  • Camarena Cooldown

Please note that not all their restaurants offer happy hour. And not all have a full bar. So you might not find your favorite in your local Torchy’s.

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How Much Can You Save During Torchy’s Happy Hour?

There’s a lot you can save during Torchy’s happy hour. From Monday to Friday, there’s a $2.00 off on all Margaritas and Signature dips and $1.50 off all bottled and draft beers. During weekends cures, Sangria, Bloody Mary Mimosa, and Tequila Sunrise are available for $3.50 off. Isn’t that lovely?

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What Do You Need To Enjoy Happy Hour In Torchy’s?

There isn’t much needed during happy hour in Torchy’s. Only that they have some specifications that you must note. For instance, bar selections, Happy hour specials, and weekend Cures are available at select outlets.

That said, you can enter the restaurant to enjoy happy hour at the stipulated time. And you do not need tickets, coupons, or promo codes to benefit from it.

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Does Torchy’s offer both drinks and appetizers during happy hour?

No. Torchy’s offers only drinks during happy hour.

Is happy hour the same in all Torchy’s restaurants?

Yes. All Torchy’s offer happy hours from 3 pm to 6 pm on Monday to Friday and all day on weekends.

Can you order happy hour specials online?

Yes. You can place orders for your choice of happy hour specials on the website.


There’s a whole lot you can save during Torchy’s happy hour. Although they do not offer appetizers during happy hour, the fact that they offer discounts on drinks all through the weekend makes it really eye-catching.

I think it will even be great to order a lot of drinks that can last up to a month online during happy hour and have them delivered to you. This may sound funny, but it’s one way to save even much more.

Finally, if you really crave some delicious appetizers and you still want to enjoy some discounts on them, you should check out Lucille’s happy hour or Fleming’s happy hour. There’s a whole lot you can enjoy in these restaurants during happy hour.

I hope this review helped. Thanks for reading.