Uncle Julio’s Happy Hour: What You Need To Know

Are you wondering if Uncle Julio’s offers any discount for food items or drinks? This review is for you. Uncle Julio’s happy hour is 3 pm to 6 pm on Monday to Friday in all their restaurants.

Happy hour is a time to get select food and drinks for discounted prices and Uncle Julio’s has some packages you can enjoy.

Also, their happy hour may vary across locations and not all locations offer happy hour specials, so make sure to inquire about a happy hour from your local Uncle Julio’s restaurant.

This review highlights everything you need to know about Uncle Julio’s happy hour; the menu, how much you can save, and much more.

About Uncle Julio’s Mexican Restaurant

Uncle Julio’s is a Mexican cuisine fast food restaurant chain located in the United States, serving mouth-watering delicacies to customers. The restaurant has been around for over 30 years offering authentic Mexican dishes like Guacamole, Quesadillas, Fajitas, and Queso Blanco.

Uncle Julio’s Swirl Margaritas, Mesquite-grilled Fajitas, Made-to-order Guacamole, and one-of-a-kind Chocolate Piñata, to mention a few put them on the map. In fact, their food and drinks are a bunch of deliciousness that shouldn’t be missed.

They are committed to serving handmade recipes using fresh ingredients in all their 34 restaurants across 11 states. Whether you’re hosting a family time out, on a date, lunch meeting, etc., the ambiance, as well as their delectable array of the menu, aims to spark sweet memories.

What Time Does Uncle Julio’s Open?

Generally, Uncle Julio’s opens its restaurant at 11 am every day. However, a few of them have a slightly different opening hour. A good example is Uncle Julio’s Orlando which opens at 11:30 am, daily.

Listed below is what most Uncle Julio’s opening hours look like:

  • Monday – Thursday: 11 am – 10pm
  • Friday – Saturday: 11am – 11pm
  • Sunday: 11 am – 10 pm

For you to be sure of your local Uncle Julio’s, I’ll advise that you check the website to see the details of the restaurant near you or call directly to confirm.

What is Uncle Julio’s Happy Hour?

Happy hour is not a new concept. Just like in many other restaurants, Uncle Julio’s happy hour is a time for you to enjoy select drinks at less cost.

Everyone loves the idea of saving some money while getting the usual. And that’s what you get when you visit Uncle Julio during happy hour from Monday to Friday.

Now, the thing about Uncle Julio is that the happy hour menu includes only a few drinks. Also, parties of seven or more have to pay an additional fee of 18% during happy hour.

Moreso, happy hour at Uncle Julio’s is only available for dine-in and the time differs by location. So, it is best that you confirm from your local Uncle Julio’s.

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What Time is Uncle Julio’s Happy Hour?

Uncle Julio’s happy hour is on Monday through Friday from 3 pm to 6 pm. Although the timing is general in some of Uncle Julio’s restaurants.

But it is certain that you’d enjoy a discount on drinks when you visit during happy hour. As said earlier, their happy hour menu is limited and includes only drinks, so, you may want to check out other restaurants that have a large swath of appetizers and drinks to offer during happy hour.

If you’re considering other options, Tap42 happy hour and Benihana happy hour are deals you want to consider as they have a variety of delicious dishes to choose from.

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Is Uncle Julio’s Happy Hour Every Day of The Week?

Apparently, Uncle Julio’s happy hour doesn’t extend all through the week. As aforementioned, their happy hour offers are on Monday to Friday only. So there’s no provision for happy hours on weekends.

Also, happy hour is only available between the stated time which is between 3 pm to 6 pm. That means, if you visit the restaurant at other times, you’d have to pay the usual fee for all drinks and food items.

So, if you’re one who is always busy during weekdays, then Uncle Julio’s happy hour is not for you. However, if you’d love to benefit from weekend happy hour specials, you should check out Ruby Tuesday happy hour and Chili’s happy hour as alternatives.

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Does Uncle Julio Host Late-Night Happy Hour?

Not many restaurants host late-night happy hour and Uncle Julio’s is not an exemption. You’d only get happy hour deals from 3 pm to 6 pm at participating locations. Few restaurants with slight differences in time also do not offer late-night happy hour specials.

So, you just have to be available within the stipulated time to get the happy drinks at a discount. Again, happy hour deals are only available for dine-in. So, you can’t order for happy hour specials, you have to be physically available.

While this may be a bit disappointing for some people, it is still a fair deal for those who have a lot of time on their side. The good thing is that other restaurants like Tahoe Joe and Chili’s have late-night happy hour specials where you can enjoy discounted food and drinks.

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Uncle Julio’s Happy Hour Menu

Unlike several restaurants, Uncle Julio’s happy hour menu is limited to drinks only. The offerings may also vary by location.

Below is the happy hour menu:

  • The Swirl (Swirl Frozen Margarita and Frozen Sangria)
  • Julio’s Gold (Uncle Julio’s Special Margarita)

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What Do You Need To Enjoy Uncle Julio’s Happy Hour?

Uncle Julio’s happy hour is public and open to everyone. There’s no need for a ticket, coupon, or promo code. Once you can make yourself available for dine-in at the restaurant from 3 pm to 6 pm on any day between Monday to Friday, then you’d be able to enjoy happy hour.

Keep in mind that the time and offers may differ by location so your best bet is to contact your local Uncle Julio’s restaurant to know about their happy hour deals.


Can you make reservations ahead of happy hour?

Yes. You can reserve a table ahead of happy hour.

Can you order happy hour specials online?

No. You cannot order online. They only offer happy hour specials for dine-in.

Does Uncle Julio’s offer both drinks and appetizers during happy hour?

No. You can only get select drinks during happy hour.

Is happy hour the same in all Uncle Julio’s restaurants?

No. The timing differs across different outlets. While some restaurants offer happy hour from 3 pm to 6 pm, some have a slightly different time.


Uncle Julio’s restaurant is a blend of freshness. They offer fresh ingredients, carefully handmade food, and a welcoming outdoor experience. They also have mesquite-grilled fajitas, crave-able guacamole, Chocolate Piñatas, and a combination of Tex-Mex favorites.

However, you may not get so much during their happy hour. They have only drinks which are also kind of limited. Moreso, not all of their restaurants offer happy hours, and those that offer charge an additional 18% gratuity fee for parties of 7 or more.

Hence, you may want to consider other interesting and eye-catching options such as Barrio happy hour which is available all through the week, or Claim Jumper happy hour.

I hope this review was helpful. Thanks for reading.