When Are Breakfast Hours At Bojangles? [Find Out Here]

If you’ve ever asked yourself “What time does Bojangles open?” or “What time does Bojangles start serving breakfast?”, then this review is especially for you.

Bojangles breakfast hours are from 5:30 am to closing mostly at 9-10 pm for the majority of the restaurant’s locations.

Bojangles’ offers a wide range of breakfast foods and drinks to accompany those delicious Cajun-seasoned appetizers and entrees. Are you feeling hungry in the morning and want to go to a fast-food restaurant where you will have a nice time?

I’m here to help you figure out when your local Bojangles’ is open and what they serve during breakfast hours — so all you’ll have to worry about is how much Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit or Pimento Cheese Biscuit you’ll be getting.

About Bojangles

Bojangles’ is a fried-chicken restaurant chain that serves Cajun-style cuisine such as Cajun Fried Chicken, Bo-Marinated Boneless Chicken, and Pimento Cheese. Bojangles’ has more than 763 locations across 14 states in the U.S.

Bojangles offers delicious, one-of-a-kind, chicken and fixings, cuisine all made fresh daily. If you enjoy unique recipes with a Southern flair you’ll love the signature line of Bojangles’ Cajun-style Recipes, made with a special blend of herbs and spices that’s uniquely their.

All of their food is made from scratch using premium ingredients, made fresh to order. You can drive-thru, order ahead, or dine-in. With quality food and service, Bojangles restaurant is one of the favorites of many people in the U.S.

What Time Does Bojangles Open?

This is the part that confuses most people when they are trying to find out about Bojangles’ operations. With over 763 locations across the United States, the operation hours of Bojangles vary by location.

Nonetheless, the majority of them are open from 5 am to 10 pm. Some of the locations which fall under this timing category include Bojangles restaurants in Alabama, Tennesse, and Georgia among others. Even some of the restaurants at these locations have timing slightly different from others.

Most of the Maryland locations on the other hand open at 7 am and close at 10 pm Monday through Sunday. And at Ocala in Florida, the Bojangles restaurant is open from 6 am to 9 pm every day of the week.

The key point here is to contact your local restaurant to confirm their operating hours. Even from the Bojangles location page, you can access the detail of each of their location including when they open and closes for business.

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What are Bojangles Breakfast Hours?

Bojangles Breakfast Hours are times in the morning when you can get breakfast meals at a discount price at the restaurant. I like to call it a nice way to start your day with sumptuous breakfast meals without spending much.

Bojangles breakfast is delicious and it’s very affordable. You can get a meal for less than $5, which is great if you’re on a budget. The food is also very filling and will keep you satisfied until lunchtime.

Bojangles offers both the traditional breakfast items like eggs and pancakes, as well as some unique items that you don’t see at other fast food establishments. Their specialty is chicken and biscuits, so you will find plenty of these on their menu.

For you to know what to expect whenever you visit for delicious breakfast bites, I will talk about the full breakfast menu available at Bojangles later in this review

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What Time is Breakfast Hours At Bojangles?

Bojangles breakfast hour starts at 5:30 am early in the morning from Monday through Sunday. Unlike Hardee’s and Carl’s restaurants which only serve breakfast to customers from 6 am to 10:30 am in the morning. I love the fact that Bojangles breakfast menu is available until closing hour which is between 9-10 pm for most locations.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you visit early or late, the breakfast menu is still available. The good thing about this is that there’s no rushing. You can decide to go for breakfast after your morning routine or when you get to the office.

However, since the operation hours of Bojangles restaurant vary by location, that might also affect the breakfast hours. Therefore, I will advise you to contact your local restaurant or check their details on the Bojangles official website to confirm the appropriate time of operation and breakfast.

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Does Bojangles Serve Breakfast Every Day of the Week?

From Monday to Sunday, Bojangles restaurants serve breakfast from 5:30 am (opening time) till they close for the day. So yes, Bojangles serve breakfast every day of the week and all day too. Therefore, the breakfast deal is available whenever and whichever day you choose to visit your local Bojangles.

One thing you must keep in mind which Bojangles also stated on its website is that the menu varies by location. So you may want to check in with your local restaurant to verify menu availability especially if you have favorites on the breakfast menu.

If you ask me, overall, whichever location you visit, whether 263 Kroger WayVersailles in Kentucky or 31 Holmes Drive, Oxford in Alabam, there are always many options when it comes to breakfast meals at Bojangles.

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Bojangles Breakfast Hours Menu

Bojangles’ breakfast menu is one of the most popular items on the menu. The restaurant has a variety of breakfast dishes that everyone can enjoy and taste good as well.

While the listed items below are what you can expect from the Bojangles breakfast menu, availability varies by location.

Biscuit Meals — All Day Breakfast

  • Sausage Biscuit Combo
  • Egg & Cheese Biscuit Combo
  • Sausage & Egg Biscuit Combo
  • Southern Gravy Biscuit Combo
  • Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit Combo
  • Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit Combo
  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Combo

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  • Sausage Biscuit
  • Sausage & Egg Biscuit
  • Egg & Cheese Biscuit
  • Southern Gravy Biscuit
  • Pimento Cheese Biscuit
  • Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit
  • Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit
  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit

What Drinks are Available During Bojangles Breakfast Hours?

Each item on the “All Day Breakfast Menu” comes with a drink but apart from that, Bojangles breakfast hours menu does not include any drinks. However, you can order any of the available drinks in addition to your breakfast meal. But you will have to pay for it separately.

Drinks available on the regular menu include:

  • Pepsi
  • Diet Pepsi
  • Mtn Dew
  • Sierra Mist
  • Bottled Water
  • Simply Orange
  • Diet Mtn Dew
  • Premium Coffee
  • Legendary Iced Tea
  • White Milk (Low-fat)
  • Tropicana Pink Lemonade
  • Chocolate Milk (Low-fat)
  • Mtn Dew Southern Shock

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Does Bojangles Have a Menu for Kids?

While there are many items on the Bojangles regular menu, they don’t have much for kids. The restaurant’s kids’ menu only contains the following 3 items;

  • 2pc Homestyle Tenders Kids’ Meal
  • Chicken Leg Kids’ Meal
  • Mac n’ Cheese Kids’ Meal

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Does Bojangles Host Happy Hour?

Yes, Bojangles has a happy hour deal for its customers. That is not to say you won’t get to enjoy the offer even if you’re visiting for the first time. The happy hour special is for anyone who visits between 2 pm and 5 pm.

In other words, Bojangles happy hour is from 2 pm to 5 pm and it’s available every day of the week. During these hours of the day, for $1 you can get any of the following;

  • 32oz Iced Tea
  • Bo-Berry Biscuit
  • Cinnamon Biscuit
  • Individual Seasoned Fries

So if you have a Bojangles restaurant nearby, you may want to stop in or drive-thru between 2 pm and 5 pm to enjoy something delicious or seasoned for only $1.

Please keep in mind, that not all Bojangles locations are participating. So you may want to check in with your local restaurant to confirm participation.

Some other restaurants with happy hour offers include Barrio, Zip, Firebirds, Chili’s, and Ruby Tuesday among others.

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Bojangles Breakfast Hours: FAQs

Are the foods cheap?

No most everything on the breakfast menu is pretty cheap.

Does Bojangles serve breakfast all day?

Yes, Bojangles serves breakfast from 5:30 am until closing.

Does Bojangles operate on special holidays?

Like every other restaurant, Bojangles does not open on some special holidays. But you should check with your local restaurant to be sure which of the holidays are included.

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Bojangles Breakfast Hours: Conclusion

If you like to munch on biscuits and gravy or a Cajun Filet Biscuit at five or six in the morning, Bojangles’ got you covered. All of their breakfast combos come with Bo-Tato Rounds, a drink (coffee, juice, etc.), and a biscuit.

So if you have any Bojangles restaurants in your area either at home or office, I will recommend you give their breakfast a try. And during the happy hour from 2-5 pm, you can dash in for something delicious at a steal price.

Finally, you should also check out what Braum’s and Qdoba restaurant has for you during their breakfast hours. And perhaps if you’re looking for an amazing discount at a restaurant, I recommend that you check out the Happy Hours category.

I hope you found this review helpful. Thank you for reading.