Difference Between Burritos, Chimichanga, and Enchiladas

Wondering what is the difference between burritos, chimichanga, and enchiladas? Burritos, chimichanga, and enchiladas are all considered to be Mexican dishes that originated on the border between Mexico and Texas.

When you’re looking for a restaurant for some Mexican food, it can be confusing to decide what style of dish you want. Sure, burritos and Chimichangas are pretty similar. Enchiladas are less similar but still belong to the same category as the other two.

Burritos, chimichangas, and enchiladas all contain the same filling, but that’s where the similarities end. If you are not familiar with the three types of folded tortillas (tortillas), then read on to learn more and most importantly, know the difference between burritos, chimichanga, and enchiladas.

What is the Difference Between Burritos, Chimichanga, and Enchiladas?

Burritos, Chimichanga, and Enchiladas are Tex-Mex foods, but they all come in different shapes and sizes.

Chimichangas are one of the most popular Tex-Mex foods. They are usually made with corn tortillas, cheese sauce, and meat or vegetables. Unlike burritos or enchiladas, chimichangas do not have a soft or crunchy component in them. Instead, they are rolled up into a log shape.

Enchiladas are usually filled with chicken or beef and covered in cheese sauce or chili con carne (a thin red sauce). They can be folded over like burritos but may also be rolled up into a tortilla shell shape that is then topped with cheese sauce. You can serve Enchiladas as appetizers or main courses.

Burritos are traditionally made with flour tortillas that hold together meat, beans, and other ingredients such as rice, potatoes, and even vegetables like chard or spinach. To better enjoy burritos, you can take them with sour cream and salsa on the side for dipping.

Now, let’s take a close look at Burritos, Chimichanga, and Enchiladas in terms of definition, what their ingredients are, and the available variety of each of them.

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What is Burrito?

A burrito is a flour tortilla wrapped with a filling. In Mexico, burritos are often wrapped in a large flour tortilla and can find it in many fast-food restaurants in the United States.

The name “burrito” comes from the Spanish word for “little donkey,” because Mexican workers would roll up their food in small flour tortillas like donkeys roll up fodder for their burros (donkeys).

What are the ingredients you need to make burritos?

While the listed ingredients below are what you need to make a Burrito, you must know the right measurement or portion of these items to use.

  • Beans: Most widely used types of beans are black beans and pinto beans.
  • Protein: Chicken or beef is a perfect option for burrito fillings.
  • Salsa: A good salsa is not something that must be missing in your burrito.
  • Cheese: You can go for classic Cheddar cheese or gooey mozzarella.
  • Rice: For extra filling and more texture, you may want to add rice
  • Avocado: For a bit of extra flavor and taste, try avocado.

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What are the types of Burritos available?

  • Burrito Pie
  • Spicy Beef Burrito
  • Smothered Burritos
  • Fabulous Wet Burritos
  • Rick’s Big Bad Bean Burrito
  • Salsa Chicken Burrito Filling
  • Delicious Black Bean Burritos
  • Easy Cheeseburger Burritos
  • Black Bean and Rice Burritos
  • Addictive Sweet Potato Burritos

What is Chimichanga?

Chimichangas are a type of deep-fried burrito that originated in Mexico. They are typically filled with meat and vegetables and are often topped with sour cream and cheese. In some areas, you can also refer to chimichanga as a Chivichanga.

Today, it’s popular street food in Mexico, where they often associate with carnivals and fairs. They’re often available in restaurants and even at home, you can take them as a quick weeknight meal.

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What are the ingredients you need to make Chimichanga?

While the listed ingredients below are what you need to make a Chimichanga, you must know the right measurement or portion of these items to use.

  • Vegetable oil
  • Onion, chopped
  • Garlic powder
  • Ground cumin
  • Chipotle chili powder
  • Large flour tortillas
  • Refried beans (optional)
  • Red enchilada sauce
  • Small red pepper, roughly chopped
  • Green chilies from a jar, finely chopped
  • Monterey Jack cheese, grated plus extra for serving
  • soured cream and a handful of chopped coriander
  • Skinless and boneless chicken thigh fillets or leftover cooked chicken

What are the types of Chimichangas available?

  1. Beef Chimichangas
  2. Vegetarian Chimichanga
  3. Baked Chicken Chimichanga
  4. Baked Pork Chimichangas
  5. Almost-Famous Chimichangas
  6. Chicken Chimichangas with Sour Cream Sauce
  7. Chocolate-Hazelnut and Banana Chimichangas

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What is Enchilada?

Enchiladas are a type of Mexican stuffed tortilla dish. Enchiladas are prepared by stuffing a thin tortilla with seasoned ground beef, cheese, salsa sauce, and other ingredients such as diced onion, cilantro, and tomatoes.

The enchilada sauce recipe is usually from chili peppers and spices such as cumin, coriander, oregano, garlic powder, and pepper. You can serve it with dairy products such as sour cream or guacamole.

What are the ingredients you need to make Enchilada?

While the listed ingredients below are what you need to make an Enchilada, you must know the right measurement or portion of these items to use.

  • Water
  • Corn tortillas
  • Onion, chopped
  • Garlic, minced
  • Dried oregano
  • Virgin olive oil or other cooking oil
  • Crushed tomatoes, preferably fire-roasted
  • Chopped cooked green chiles or pickled jalapeños
  • Jack cheese, mild cheddar, or a mix

What are the types of Enchilada available?

There are various types of enchilada depending on the recipes, some of them include;

  • Mario Lopez’s Chicken Enchiladas
  • Green-Chile-Chicken-Enchilada-Casserole
  • Easy Beef Enchiladas
  • Skinny White Chicken Enchiladas
  • Slow-cooker Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Soup
  • Vegan Enchiladas with Beans
  • Chicken Enchiladas with Homemade Red Enchilada Sauce
  • Cream Cheese Beef Enchiladas

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Are Burritos and Chimichangas the same?

Burritos and chimichangas are two dishes that people are often confused about because they look alike. The difference is that a burrito is a long cylindrical tortilla filled with savory ingredients, while a chimichanga is a stuffed or folded tortilla. With the right recipes, the two meals are delicious.

Burritos are not as wide as they are long. Typically, they contain more filling than other foods. For extra flavor and texture, you can stuff it with meat or veggies and wrapped in a sizable flour or corn tortilla. The cheese, sour cream, and salsa make this dish very filling and delicious.

Chimichanga on the other hand is similar to a burrito but has less filling than its counterpart. The filling of this dish can be anything from cheese to beans to lettuce to even chicken.

You can also wrap it in a large flour tortilla or corn tortilla for added flavor and texture. The cheese, sour cream, and salsa make this dish very filling and delicious as well.

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Which is more delicious Burritos, Chimichanga, and Enchiladas?

All of them,” that’s the shortest answer. Enchiladas, chimichangas, and burritos are all delectable. They are all a little unique as well. However, they are all tasty in the end. About any other category of Tex-Mex food, you can’t say that.

However, in my opinion, enchiladas are the best if you’re searching for a quick and simple approach to choose. They remain delicious with whatever you put in them. Burritos and chimichangas follow the same rules. Both make great fodder for the hungry hordes of the world’s population.

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Can you make your burritos gluten-free?

Yes, you can make gluten-free burritos by using corn tortillas instead of wheat tortillas.

Are Mexican dishes healthy?

Yes, most of the Mexican foods are healthy because you have the option of adding veggies and sauces. However, excess intake of any kind of food can be harmful to your health.

Conclusion: Burritos Vs. Chimichanga Vs. Enchiladas?

It all comes down to flour tortillas and the fillings you stuff into them. The chimichanga is deep-fried, smothered in sauce, and stuffed with shredded meat, like the enchilada. On the other hand, burritos are always made with soft tortillas, not hard tacos shells. And Enchiladas have a red sauce with some chili peppers.

They are all delicious and portable with very little in the way of preparation required. That said, there are some key differences to consider; each has a unique twist that helps distinguish it from the others.

Ultimately, though, any one of them is sure to please your stomach and likely your wallet as well. Consider trying each of these three Mexican classics the next time you find yourself hankering for a hot, portable lunch.

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