Does Twisted Tea Have Vodka In It? Find Out Here

Yes, Twisted Tea, does contain vodka. However, the type of vodka used in making this tasty malt beverage isn’t specified. Twisted Tea also makes use of an alcoholic malt base and has a variant that makes use of bourbon whiskey. 

Most Twisted Tea products have an alcoholic content of 5% ABV, with the exception of Twisted Tea Light which has about 4% ABV. 

This article explores all you need to know about Twisted Tea, its range of flavors, and the possible presence of vodka in it. 

What is twisted tea?

Twisted Tea is a vodka-containing hard iced tea made by Twisted Tea Brewing Company, a subsidiary of the Boston Beer Company. The brewing company is popularly known for the manufacturing of craft brews in the industry.

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Twisted Tea’s original flavor consists of a brewed tea that contains lemons and malt alcohol to give it a boozy iced tea taste. Its taste is quite similar to iced tea. However, the malt alcoholic base gives the beverage its unique twist.

According to the brewing company’s official website, the alcoholic beverage consists of malt, and ethanol similar to the ones you find in beer. It also has a 5% malt-based alcoholic content just like your regular beer.

The Twisted Tea Original features real brewed black tea, natural lemon flavor, natural sweeteners, and 5% ABV. It also has a smooth hard iced tea taste and does not make use of carbonation during production. 

In addition to the Twisted Tea Original which consists of natural lemon flavor, other flavors with unique tastes exist for you to choose from. 

Can twisted tea make you drunk?

Yes, you can absolutely become drunk from drinking Twisted Tea as it contains an alcoholic volume of 5% ABV. Regardless of how sweet it may taste, the alcoholic content remains the same.

However, the amount of Twisted needed to get you drunk depends on your aversion to alcohol. 

The average person, when factors such as sleep deprivation levels and proper feeding habits are considered, will need to take about 9 to 10 cans of Twisted Tea to get drunk. 

Can twisted tea give you diarrhea?

Yes, Twisted Tea can give you diarrhea due to the presence of alcohol in it. Alcohol is capable of damaging or irritating the lining of your stomach, leading the frequent muscle contractions and the leakage of fluid into it. 

These fluid leakages and frequent muscle contractions trigger diarrhea as they move waste through your system. Excessive drinking of Twisted Tea can make these contractions extreme and will force excretion before your intestines can absorb water from your poop. 

This prevents your stool from solidifying and in turn, leads to frequent watery stools. Alcohol-induced diarrhea can last for up to 3 days before.

Hence, you should replenish the lost electrolytes by staying hydrated to prevent you from feeling drained.

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Can twisted tea go bad?

Yes, Twisted Tea can go bad if you leave it open for more than 24 hours without consuming it. An unopened can will however last for up to two years if properly preserved in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Refrigerating it even after it has been opened can extend its shelf life. Also, it is not recommended that you store Twisted Tea in the fridge for too long as the tea can absorb moisture from its surroundings. 

This can mess with the taste and make it unconsumable. Also avoid storing products and ingredients that possess a strong smell far away from it, as they can affect the tea’s flavor. 

How many flavors does twisted tea have?

Currently, Twisted Tea has 9 variants each having a unique flavor. These flavors include;

  • Twisted Tea Original 
  • Blueberry
  • Peach
  • Twisted Tea Light
  • Blackberry
  • Mango
  • Raspberry
  • Huckleberry
  • Twisted Tea Half and Half

The Twisted Tea half and half flavor consist of lemonade flavor, hard iced tea, half the sugar, and half the sweetener, It also has a slightly sweet flavor that is half the sweetness of the Twisted Tea Original. 

The Twisted Tea Light possesses a lesser percentage of alcohol at 4% ABV, while the other variants come in different fruity flavors. 

Does twisted tea contain gluten?

Yes, Twisted Tea has gluten as all its variants/flavors contain malt. Should you suffer from gluten sensitivity, I would recommend you look for a gluten-free alcoholic beverage and not one made using malt.

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Which twisted tea flavor is the best?

The Raspberry-flavored Twisted Tea remains the best Twisted Tea with the most pleasant taste in my own opinion. It possesses a unique flavor similar to what you’ll get from the other berry flavors. However, its uniqueness lies in the fact that it tastes so real. 

Although most of the other fruity flavors taste great, they somewhat have an artificial taste. This is where the Twisted Tea Raspberry differs as its taste is smooth and realistic. 

However, because most people have not had the opportunity to taste the other flavors, the Twisted Tea Original remains the most popular variant. Hence, some would argue that it remains the best flavor. 

I recommend you try the rest of the flavors and decide which flavor you enjoyed the most. 

What does twisted tea taste like?

The Twisted Tea Original has a satisfyingly sweet and citrusy taste due to the presence of a natural lemon flavor. It also lacks bubbles, making it gentle and smooth on the taste buds.

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When was twisted tea invented?

Twisted Tea was invented when the Twisted Tea Brewing Company formed in 2001 and started the product of hard iced tea (iced tea that contains alcohol) that tastes just like real iced tea.


Are twisted teas carbonated?

No Twisted Teas are non-carbonated alcoholic malted beverages that are naturally sweetened and possess 4-5% ABV.

Can twisted tea freeze in the freezer

Yes, you can freeze Twisted Tea solid if placed in a deep freezer for at least 2 hours or through the night. This makes it possible for you to turn the beverage into delightful popsicles.

Is it twisted tea vodka or beer?

Twisted Tea exists in both vodka-based and alcoholic malt versions.


Full of flavors that can give you an alternative to your normal drinking habits, Twisted Tea offers that nice change of pace you need every once in a while.

However, be sure to take them in moderation to avoid getting drunk or spiking your blood sugar due to their high sugar content. 

Finally, if you are not into alcoholic beverages but would love something with a natural and lovely taste, then a ginger ale might be just what you need. Find out what ginger ale tastes like and how healthy it is for you.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading.