Ovaltine vs Milo: See Their Differences, Similarities, & Benefits

Milo and Ovaltine are two of the most popular chocolate breakfast drinks in the world, available at most supermarkets.

With cocoa and several other ingredients that are similar to each other, these two products have many things in common. However, there are many differences between the two when comparing their ingredient lists and contents.

You may wonder which one contains more vitamins and minerals and which one should be part of your regular diet.

This article explores the general nutritional content of each of these beverages (Milo and Ovaltine) and also highlights the major differences they have.

What is milo?

The Milo beverage is a popular beverage made with chocolate-flavored malted powder and was invented in 1934 by Thomas Mayne and manufactured by Nestle. You can generally enjoy this beverage by mixing it with cold or hot water.

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Often advertised as a sports drink, Milo comes in a green package (refill or tin) and mainly comes in powdered form. Other Milo forms that exist include cube forms, granola protein bars, snack bars, and cereal forms.

Additionally, the ingredients and formulas used in making Milo differ according to the regions making them. While some add sugar and milk to their formula, others don’t. The use of nuts to add flavor to the beverage also exists in some regions.

What is Ovaltine?

Ovomaltine or Ovaltine as it is popularly called is another brand of beverage made using chocolate milk-flavored powder. Major ingredients used in making it include malt extract, sugar, and other flavors. 

However, these ingredients may vary based on the country or region of production.

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For example, the formula used in making Switzerland’s Ovaltine does not include sugar and replaces it with honey. However, those made in the United States, use sugar as the primary sweetener.

Are Ovaltine and Milo the same?

Milo and Ovaltine despite being similar are not the same. While the beverages share certain similar attributes and rival each other, a few of their ingredients differ and set them apart.

For example, Ovaltine is a chocolate and milk-flavored malt drink, while Milo is a chocolate malt beverage.

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What is the difference between milo and Ovaltine?

Some of the differences between Milo and Ovaltine include:


In terms of allergen safety, Milo appears to be safer than Ovaltine as the beverage does not contain soy while Ovaltine does. Additionally, the original flavored Milo does not contain salt, making it healthier for people with soy allergies or heart conditions.

Ovomaltine, however, contains malt extracts, milk, salt, and soy. Hence, most people with conditions like gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, soy allergies, or high blood pressure cannot consume them. 


The difference in taste also sets Ovaltine apart from Milo. While the classic Ovaltine possesses sweetened chocolate and milk-flavored taste, Milo tastes like your regular chocolate malt beverage.

Also, because Ovaltine contains enough milk unlike the original milo, it tastes better, creamier, and richer. That means Ovaltine has more to offer in terms of calories.

To get a rich taste from the regular Milo, you might have to double the portion, which might mean doubling your calorie intake. 

Caffeine Content 

The classic Ovaltine beverage lacks caffeine while Milo contains caffeine. However, this is no cause for alarm as the caffeine concentration in Milo does not amount to 10% of caffeine present in a cup of coffee 


While Milo is frequently promoted as the go-to drink to help your performance in gym exercises or sports activities, Ovaltine is mostly showcased as a sleep aid.

This is on the grounds that Ovaltine is stacked with minerals and nutrients including high magnesium levels ensured to assist you in relaxing and getting a good night’s rest.

Ovaltine vs milo which is better?

Ovaltine offered in the United States is often healthier than Milo since it has more nutrients and no fats. It is also richer and has more flavor than Milo’s same amount.

What’s Ovaltine made of?

Ovaltine is made using cocoa, milk, eggs, and malt. Several additional formulations, however, exist and have been developed or updated over the years.

These variations include, for instance, the Ovaltine Rich Chocolate Mix, Ovaltine Classic Malt, and Ovaltine Chocolate Malt Mix.

What’s milo made of?

The ingredients in Milo include cocoa powder, barley malt extract, calcium phosphate, sugar, sodium phosphate, vitamins, magnesium, and vegetable oil. Some variations include milk powder in their recipe.

Another element that you can find in some Milo variations is nuts, which enhance the flavor of the product. Therefore, it is advised that you verify the formula before purchasing if you or any family members are allergic to nuts.

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What are the benefits of Ovaltine?

Rich in B vitamins such as thiamin, niacin, and vitamin B6, Ovaltine helps your body’s cell function properly. Other benefits of Ovaltine can be seen below.

1. High in vitamin A

Ovaltine has a considerable amount of vitamin A, which keeps the skin healthy and the eyes in proper alignment. Vitamin is also excellent for the mucous membranes, supports a healthy pregnancy, and strengthens your immune system. 

Vitamin A is beneficial for the development of the fetus’s spinal cord and brain in addition to eye and pregnancy health.

2. Rich in calcium and vitamin D

Ovaltine is a great source of calcium and vitamin D, both of which are necessary for the growth of healthy bones. These minerals also guard against osteoporosis, a condition that causes brittle bones.

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What are the benefits of milo?

The fact that Milo is prepared with cocoa powder, the main component of dark chocolate, means that it has enough amount of antioxidants to help fight free radicals. However, if the beverage’s formula contains milk, its impact might not be as strong.

Other health benefits you can get from drinking Milo include:

  • The vitamin A in it contributes to the growth of healthy skin, eyes, and immune systems. 
  • Iron found in milo aids in normal cell oxygenation in the body.
  • Additionally, it contains vitamins B1 and B2. These nutrients facilitate the release of energy from food. 
  • Milo also contains vitamin C, which keeps your skin healthy and helps prevent scurvy.
  • Milo is a good source of calcium, which is necessary for the growth of strong bones and teeth. 

Does milo have any other products? 

Yes, Milo offers various goods outside its typical chocolate-flavor powdered malt beverage. Among these products is a cereal made of cornflakes coated in Milo and Milo cubes. 

There have also been Milo smoothies, Milo nuggets, Milo cereal balls, Milo ice cream, and Milo mousse over the years. However, some of these products are no longer available, while others are only available in particular nations or areas.


Is Ovaltine a good source of protein?

Ovaltine lacks sufficient protein despite containing milk. You may need to add protein-rich dairy or non-dairy plant alternatives since one serving of Ovaltine has no protein at all.

Does milo contain gluten?

Milo does contain gluten, making it generally inappropriate for those who are sensitive to it. Due to the malt barley extract used in its formulation, Milo contains gluten.

Are Milo and Ovaltine safe for diabetics?

Milo and Ovaltine are both safe for diabetics when consumed in moderation and not on a regular basis. When consumed in excess, they contain enough added sugars to cause high blood pressure, weight gain, and type 2 diabetes. 


Overall, both Ovaltine and Milo are nutritious beverages. Despite being in the same beverage category, they are distinct products that both include beneficial vitamins and minerals.

The taste of these two beverages, with Ovaltine having a richer and creamier flavor, is the biggest distinction between them. While malt and cocoa powder give the two their distinct flavors, they also have different flavors and textures.

Ovaltine is probably your best option if you want a creamy, chocolatey beverage that can also serve as a dessert and a sedative. But Milo is a good option to consider if you just need a short, sweet pick-me-up without all the calories.

Finally, find out why you could be craving a glass of chocolate beverage and whether your urge for chocolate milk is healthy. 

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading.