See 20 Delicious Finger Foods For Catering

Are you looking to serve guests finger foods at your next event? In this article are 20 amazing finger foods for catering to your guest.

Serving guests finger foods at your party is a great way to help them feel comfortable, and relax even more. It is just right for birthdays, dinners, family events, and any event whatsoever.

You don’t have to deal with a knife and fork or struggle with chopsticks. Just hold your drink in one hand and shove these in your mouth with the other.

Beautifully lining up mouthwatering finger foods in your events is sure to make your event more colorful and memorable. So, here is a bucket list of amazing finger foods for catering to your guests at your next party.

1. French Fries

The love for french fries is universal. So, you can’t go wrong with tasty, hot French fries on the menu at your event. They are so easy to prepare and eat as well. Simply arrange French fries with any variety of condiments, ketchup, mayonnaise, or sauce on guest’s tables and you’re good to go. Have you tried Steak ‘N Shake thin and crispy seasoned french fries?

2. Chicken Tenders

Whether it’s an oven-fried or buttermilk-fried chicken tender, it is one of everyone’s favorite finger food. You can decide to marinate your chicken tender for minutes or hours. Whichever way, they are always an incredible and sumptuous addition to your entrees. KFC catering offers delicious chicken tenders, so you may want to check them out.

3. Mini Cheese Balls

If you’re looking for easy-to-eat finger foods for catering at any of your parties, then you’ve got one. Instead of serving guests big giant cheeseballs that they may feel embarrassed to dip their hands into, a tray of mini cheese balls is just perfect.

Mini cheese balls are so handy for adults and kids to enjoy conveniently. You can also make them in different flavors and shapes. Simply serve with crackers on the side at your next holiday party and watch guest take their fill.

4. Crostini

Hosting a holiday party or Christmas family reunion? This Italian ever-crispy toasted bread with toppings goes really well as a side dish or appetizer. Crostini is bread toasted until crisp and loaded with toppings – very easy to prepare.

Also, you can be very creative, economical, or lavish with this dish. Anything goes with Crostini whether seafood, vegetables, meats, or cheese. Finally, it is self-preservative so you can prepare it for many hours or days ahead of your party. Check out Del Frisco’s Grille Menu for more delectable Italian finger foods.

5. Meatballs

Aside from meatballs being a perfect combo with spaghetti, it is also great as a stand-alone side dish in any event. It’s a way to get everyone munching on something. You can decide to make very simple meatballs or make it a little fancier and serve with avocado slices, coleslaw, sweet potato fries, and the like.

Whether you’re using beef, chicken, pork, lamb, turkey, or any other ground meat, it’s one delicacy you want to add to your event. Interestingly, meatballs can be served warm or cold.

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6. Chicken Skewers

This South Korean Street food is a perfect finger food to delight any guest at parties. It’s easy to prepare and great for a family dinner party or tailgate. You can choose to cook on a BBQ or griddle for a sweet smoky flavor. Why not check out Fat Boy BBQ variety of chicken menu.

7. Tea Sandwiches

Tea sandwiches are so enjoyable and easy to eat in two or three bites. It’s a fantastic appetizer for weddings, corporate events, private gatherings, or any occasion.

Additionally, you can spice up your tea sandwich with any recipe; salmon, egg, chicken, and more. Also, cover up after prep to prevent the bread from drying out or you can store it in a fridge before serving time.

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8. Potato Chips

Potato chips can be so addictive. Its salty, crunchy, crispy, and tasty nature makes it one of everyone’s favorite snacks. Making potato chips is a no-brainer, you can easily make a bag full ready to serve guests in your next event. Have you tried the potato chips that Mcdonald’s catering serves? They are a must-have.

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9. Fish Sticks

Fish sticks are one of the best finger foods for catering to guests at your next tailgate party. They are flaky, crispy, and delicious. A plate of fish sticks alongside French fries, mashed potato, and coleslaw, among other things is divine. Additionally, it is loved by adults and kids.

10. Onion Rings

This British-American appetizer is so much better than the typical battered ring. This snack is dipped in flour mixture and batter to coat, and fried, making it crispy and well flavored. They are perfect for your next family reunion and tailgate party.

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11. Flatbread

Made with flour, water, milk, yogurt, and other liquid, flatbreads are classic finger foods for catering to guests in any event. You can make them soft and pliable and use them as a wrap for shawarma, gyros, or doner kebabs. You can also make them slightly crunchy as a side for butter chicken or marinara sauce for dipping.

12. Mini Quiche

The mini quiche is one of the perfect finger foods for catering to guests at your parties. They’re easy to make, budget-friendly, and so delicious. They’re customizable so you can cater to vegetarians, meat lovers, and all sorts of people.

What’s more? You can make them days ahead of your event and they are mess-free and so easy to eat.

13. Pigs In A Blanket

Trust me, pigs in a blanket are a must-have appetizer whether you’re hosting a family dinner or tailgate party. Its classic crescent dough flavor is divine. And you can top it with any of your favorite seasonings.

More so, you can substitute a cocktail wiener for a hot dog or any type of precooked sausage. To make it even better, serve with grainy mustard, ketchup, barbecue sauce, and more as dips and every bite will feel like heaven.

14. Breadsticks

Breadsticks are really tasty and very delicious finger foods for any event you’re catering to. From garlic breadsticks to Italian grissini, sesame grissini, to chickpea and curry breadsticks, there are so many varieties and recipes to use. It is eatable with meat, drinks, cheese, dips, or even soup.

15. Gougères

What’s better than a savory cheese bite at your next tailgate party. You can fill it with mushrooms, ham, or meat. Additionally, you can serve them cold or hot as a special delicacy at any of your events.

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16. Pinwheels

Both kids and adults love the pinwheels. It is a perfect appetizer for family dinner, holiday game day parties, brunch, or dinner. It’s so lightweight for guests to snag on with a glass of wine on the other hand. And it has an endless possibility of recipes that can make guests crave for more.

17. Mini Stuffed Peppers

Perfectly combined with sausage and cream cheese, these mini stuffed peppers are joy givers in any event. It’s so simple to cook and enriched with a variety of flavors.

18. Bruschetta

Adopted as an Italian delish meal, bruschetta is a perfect summer snack for your holiday parties and all types of events. Topped with marinated juicy tomatoes, every bite is sure to hit home and make guests crave for more.

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19. Mini Tartlets

This snack takes a little prep time. You can top up the tartlet with different variety of fruits, creams, and bread crust. You can also make them ahead of time and keep them in your fridge before your event day.

20. Lamb Chops

Lamb chops are an excellent finger food for your dinner parties. You can marinate them in rosemary and garlic for hours to give them an oh-so-rich flavor. They are so delicious and satisfying. See McCormick And Schmick’s menu which includes lamb chops.


Are finger foods the same as appetizers?

Yes. All finger foods can serve as appetizers.

Are finger foods good for all types of events?

Yes. Finger foods are great for all event types, whether big or small.

What events can you serve finger foods?

You can serve finger foods at weddings, corporate events, family reunions, graduation parties, tailgates, etc.


Finger foods are great additions to your entrées in any event. They are handy and easy to eat. Also, many of them can be prepared ahead of time and served warm or cold.

Furthermore, because finger foods are eaten with the hand, it lightens the atmosphere and helps everyone get along well at events.

Additionally, you can serve finger foods on skewers so guests can grab them easily and reduce mess. Also, you should use a chafing dish to make food warm.

Finally, you can gain insight from the article on catering as a business, if you’re looking to launch your own catering business.

I hope you get to delight your guests with some of these amazing finger foods at your next event. Thanks for reading.