McDonald’s Catering: Do They Offer Quality Services?

As one of the world’s leading food service brands, McDonald’s has been around for decades serving delicious burgers and breakfasts. What’s more? Through McDonald catering their mouth-watering cuisine extends to parties and events of all kinds.

Additionally, they offer a variety of options, from Big Macs, Chicken McNuggets, sausage burritos, and world-famous fries to delicious burger meals.

So, in this review, I’ll walk you through McDonald’s Catering menu, how to order from them, how they work, and more.

McDonald’s Catering Overview

Why is McDonald’s Catering one of the best you can find?

  • A variety of dishes and drinks to suit individual needs
  • Great customer service
  • Offers delivery, pickup, dine-in, and drive-thru services
  • Affordable price
  • Serves cafe drinks and baked desserts
  • Catering for large and small events
  • A healthy and delicious meal

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About McDonald’s Catering

McDonald’s was a small burger restaurant founded in California in 1954 by a man named Ray Kroc. From their humble beginnings, they have become one of the world’s leading food service brands, with over 36,000 restaurants in over 100 countries.

Furthermore, the McDonald’s catering menu includes burgers, desserts and shakes, combo meals, coffee and espresso drinks, chicken and sandwiches, and more. Also, they ensure convenience, friendly service, cleanliness, and mouth-watering food.

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How Does McDonald’s Catering Work?

McDonald’s catering offers delivery, drive-thru, pick up, and dine-in services. However, you must order online no matter what option you choose.

Also, they offer curbside service, which lets you avoid queues for your order to be delivered to a parking spot. So, to order and pay on the go at participating McDonald’s, download the McD app and sign up.

Additionally, you can place your order through UberEats or McDelivery on Doordash and have it delivered directly to your door. 

Lastly, they sometimes offer exclusive delivery deals on the McDonald’s app, and may also offer deals through their delivery partners. To get this exclusive deal, check out the app for the latest McDonald’s takeaway deals.

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How Do You Order McDonald’s Catering?

Ordering from McDonald’s catering is an easy process as they have created different platforms to make it hassle-free.

Firstly, you need to select an order from the bottom menu bar, then switch from pickup to McDelivery on the McDonald’s website or app. Then, enter the desired shipping address and you will be notified if McDelivery is available for you. Once confirmed, start creating your order from the displayed menu or from your saved favorites. Then, follow the checkout process in the app or website.

Also, you might consider ordering directly through Uber Eats or DoorDash. So, to do this simply search and enter your location to get a list of Mcdonald’s restaurants around you. After that, choose between delivery and pick up, select your order, and get a quote.

You can then proceed with your order if you are satisfied with the quote and you can be sure of getting your order delivered or ready for pickup just as you want.

McDonald Catering Menu


This includes the minute maid strawberry watermelon slushie, minute maid tropical mango slushie, coca-cola, sprite, Dr. Pepper, Fanta orange, diet coke, Hi-C orange lava burst, sweet tea, unsweetened iced tea, DASANI water, minute maid premium orange Juice, and others.


Here you will find the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, egg muffins, sausage McMuffin, sausage biscuits with eggs, bacon, eggs, and cheese McGriddles, sausage McGriddles, big breakfast, hotcakes, sausage burrito, hash browns, fruit and maple oatmeal, and more.

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They have the big mac, pounder, cheese, McDouble, pounder with cheese bacon, cheeseburger, hamburger, and others.

Chicken and Sandwiches

Here you’d find the crispy chicken sandwich (spicy, crispy, and deluxe), chicken McNuggets, McChicken, Filet-o-fish, and more.


This includes the big mac combo meal, cheeseburger combo meal, , pounder with cheese meal (quarter and double), chicken sandwich combo meal (crispy, spicy crispy, and deluxe crispy), sausage biscuit with egg meal, chicken McNuggets meal, filet-o-fish meal, egg McMuffin meal, bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit meal, sausage burrito meal and others.

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Desserts and shakes

They have the McFlurry with OREO cookies, M&M’s candies, vanilla cone, shake ( chocolate, vanilla, strawberry), hot fudge Sundae, hot caramel sundae, and baked apple pie, as well as chocolate chip cookie.

Happy meal

Here you’d find the hamburger happy meal and chicken McNuggets happy meals.

McCafé drinks

This includes the caramel macchiato (iced), cappuccino (caramel and french vanilla), mocha (iced), latte (iced, caramel, fresh vanilla), Americano, premium-roast coffee, iced coffee ( caramel and french vanilla), frappé (caramel and mocha), hot chocolate, as well as smoothies.

McCafé bakery

They have the apple fritter, blueberry muffin, cinnamon roll, and more.

Snacks and sides

Here, you’d see the world-famous fries and apple slices

$1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu

This category includes the sausage McGriddles, hash browns, mocha, caramel mocha, latte, sausage McMuffins, caramel latte, french vanilla latte, caramel macchiato, caramel frappé, mocha frappé, strawberry banana smoothie, mango pineapple smoothie, McDouble, McChicken, chicken McNuggets, world-famous fries, coca-cola, and others.

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Why Order McDonald’s Catering?

McDonald’s serves one of the best breakfast dishes in the world. Additionally, their menu items are reasonably priced and healthy. Also, they can cater to large and small audiences. Furthermore, they have an array of delicious menu items and the ordering process is quick and easy.

What Kind Of Occasions Can You Order McDonald’s Catering?

McDonald’s caters to every occasion, including weddings, formal parties, family gatherings, leisure outings, private parties, movie nights, birthdays and anniversaries, graduations as well as office parties.

McDonald’s Catering Coupons and Promo Codes

They offer a variety of limited-time incentives as well as rewards and perks to customers. Firstly, for downloading the McDonald’s Mobile app, registering, and joining the MyMcDonald’s rewards you get a free Big Mac. Also, you get your choice of hash browns, Vanilla cone, McChicken, or a Cheeseburger after your first purchase. This offer is valid from day one to the last day of the month for first-time app users at participating McDonald’s and it excludes delivery.

Secondly, you can earn points on all your orders and redeem them for free McDonald’s menu items when you join the MyMcDonald’s rewards program in the app. Although it excludes delivery and you must have downloaded the McD app and registered to qualify.

Furthermore, you earn points automatically by ordering and paying on the mobile app. Finally, for more information on rewards and how to earn points, visit the McDonald’s website.

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What services does McDonald’s catering service include?

Their services include delivery, pickup, drive-thru, and dine-in.

What kind of events can McDonald’s cater for?

McDonald’s provides catering for small and large events.

How do you request a catering order or quote?

Log into their website or place an order through the McDonald’s mobile app and get a quote. You can also get a quote through the UberEats, Doordash app, or the website.

Why Choose McDonald’s Catering For Your Event?

Asides from the fact that McDonald’s offers a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes, their catering services are also exceptional and affordable. There’s so much to savor from burgers to beverages, coffee drinks, beverages, desserts, sandwiches, smoothies, and more.

Also, the ordering process is super easy and fast as you don’t have to worry about where to get your other foodie items because you can get everything from them. Plus, the delicious menu is suitable for all occasions.

Finally, if you are interested in more catering options, you can check the review on Panda Express Catering to see if they are capable enough to handle your events.

I hope this review helped. Thanks for reading.