See 32 Exotic Foods That Start With Y

When asked to state or list foods that start with y, yam is probably the only food that comes to mind. It’s almost impossible for you to give a good list of Y foods as you may not be familiar with many foods that start with Y. 

Here’s a list of 32 foods that start with Y. The list includes foods, popular dishes, and intercontinental meals that you may or may not know already. I bet you will find one or more new foods you’d like to explore after reading this. 

1. Yorkshire Teacakes

Yorkshire teacakes are sweet, light buns made from dried fruits, raisins, and yeast. The recipe is very easy to make and the cake itself has an unctuous texture that will make you want more of it. Very common in England on rainy days, you can serve it with butter or melted cheese.

2. Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna is one of the large species of tuna fish and can be found in tropical and subtropical oceans around the globe. This tuna fish is highly expensive, but its delicious taste makes it worth the price. While tuna fish can be eaten raw as sushi, you can also have it like a steak. 

3. Yassa

Yassa is a popular West African spicy dish that originated in Senegal. Its cooking process involves onions, poultry, fish, lemon, and vinegar. You can have the yassa recipe sorted to suit your taste and can add several other ingredients.

4. Yellow Eye Beans

Yellow eye beans are similar to kidney beans and are popular among vegetarians. They are dry legumes that have a mild flavor and a very creamy texture. Adding these beans to your meal will elevate its taste and flavor profile. 

Yellow eye beans can serve as a thickening agent for your soups due to their creamy texture. They can also bulk up other dishes when you add them to your recipe.

5. Yardlong Beans

Yardlong beans are long, edible pods that grow annually. They are originally from the tropical and subtropical regions of Southeast Asia and China. But now, many areas and regions around the world now cultivate yardlong beans. 

Also known as Chinese long beans or asparagus beans, yardlong beans are used as ingredients in several dishes including stir-fries, curries, and soups. 

6. Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire pudding is a common British side dish. This baked savory dish is usually served with roast beef. You can make your own pudding with a mixture of eggs, flour, milk, and salt. While it is usually served as a side dish, Yorkshire pudding will make the main dish perfectly well. 

7. Yodels

This is a type of cake popularly made by a confectionery firm called Drakes. This sweet treat is a frosted cake filled with cream. 

You can also get yodels rolled with vanilla cream, giving it a taste that will make you call for more. There are affordable and are also available at most grocery stores. 

8. Yabby

Yabby is a crayfish common in freshwaters around Australia. The crayfish usually have blue or green shells, which make them really pretty. Asides from being pretty, they are also quite tasty. Simply boil and season them according to your taste. You can also mix them into salads and pasta. 

9. Yacon Root

Yacon root is a tasty, juicy, and sweet delicacy. It originates from South America and are grow roots like potatoes. You can eat yacon roots raw or cooked. Yacon root is a versatile vegetable that you can also roast, juice, fry, or mash.

10. Yali Pear

Yali pear is an Asian pear that has a teardrop shape and long stems. The fruit has a tasty white flesh with grainy textures like regular pears. A fresh yali pear has a delightful taste and juicy notes of vanilla flavor. 

11. Yamaimo

Yamaimo is a Japanese Yama that has a slimy, slippery texture. This yam will also make a great addition to your salad recipes when grated. You can also cook and add it to your spongecake to give it an elastic-like texture.

12. Yama Udo

Yama Udo is popular in Japanese cuisine, as it is usually grilled, sauteed, or made into tempura. It has a rich green color with crispy, yet tender white flesh. The flavor of Yama Udo is similar to fennel or celery but has a not of lemon and mild bitterness.

13. Yampi Root

Yampi root is mainly from the Caribbean but is also cultivated in South America. It is an 8’inches long tuber with rich brown skin. It has a white firm moist flesh, but sometimes the flash can be purple or pink. Unlike yacon roots, you can’t eat yampi roots raw as it is slippery, slimy, and toxic. 

However, you can boil, fry, or bake the roots before eating them. Cooking yampi root will give it a soft, flaky texture and a delightful flavor.

14. Yellow Beans

Yellow beans are also known as yellow wax beans. This variety of green beans has a rather bright yellow color. However, the seeds are small and green. You can prepare them the same way you prepare traditional green beans. They are usually delicious and have a mellow flavor with grassy notes.

15. Yellow Dragon Fruit

Yellow dragon fruit is an uncommon variety of dragon fruits but is very delicious like the other varieties. The fruit has a tropical flavor and taste with barely any acidic content. Yellow dragon fruit has a scaly body and white flesh that is dotted with tiny black seeds.

16. Yellow Eggplant

Yellow eggplants are similar to summer squash or yellow squash. The young ones are very small like a yellow tomato. Despite being bitter, it has a crunchy texture and dense flesh. Due to its bitter taste, you have to soak it in some salt before cooking it.

17. Yellowfoot Mushroom

Yellowfoot mushrooms have long golden yellow stems and a flat dainty yellow cap. This kind of mushroom has a fruity aroma and umami flavor after it is cooked. You can use them to prepare the creme sauce while you can also have them as a side dish.

18. Yellow Jalapeno

This variety of jalapeno fruit is very rare and a bit different from the regular green variety. They tend to grow larger than other jalapenos varieties and have a fruitier flavor. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on yellow jalapenos, don’t hesitate to enjoy the goodness of the tasty fruit.

19. Yams

Yams are similar to sweet potatoes but are completely different vegetables. They have a dark brown color and creamy tan flesh. Yams are tasty and had a lot of starch content. You can boil them with salt and eat them as a full meal while you can add them to your soup recipe to give it a thick consistency.

20. Yautia

Yautia is tropical fruit originally from Latin America and has an edible root. The root is starchy and generally prepared like yam. You can serve it with soup or stew and you can also have it as a side dish.

21. Yellow Mombin

Yellow mombin is also known as hog plums, which are small fruits about 1.5″ long. They have yellow skin that becomes leathery as it matures. It has a high oil content and is quite acidic. You can eat it fresh or use it to make jam, juice, or jelly.

22. Yellow Passion Fruit

Yellow passion fruits are as small as lemons and have a similar shape to them too. It has a thick skin that’s pale yellow with green spots. The flesh of this fruit is very juicy and pulpy. The seeds in it are also edible. You can eat the fruit raw or cooked. 

23. Yellow Potatoes

Yellow potatoes are also known as creamer potatoes. They are tiny potatoes usually harvested once they get as big as an inch. They are very soft and have a creamy texture when cooked and have less starch compared to full-grown potatoes. 

24. Yellow Sapote

Yellow sapote, also called egg fruit, has rich yellow skin color like egg yolks. They have the shape and size of an apricot and have a dry, flaky texture that’s very sweet. It is also similar to pumpkin sauce and is popular in cakes and pies. You can also eat them fresh from the tree.

25. Yellow Watermelon

This is another one of the many foods that start with Y. You must already be familiar with red watermelons with their juiciness. Yellow watermelon lacks the chemical that is responsible for the red color you are familiar with. Instead, it has a bright yellow flesh inside the same green body. 

26. Yongchak

Similar to yardlong beans, yongchak is a long bean that grows throughout Southeast Asia. The pods usually grow as long as 18 inches long and are very flat except for the obvious bulge by the seeds.

27. Yosemite Gold Mandarin

Sometimes called a tangerine, the Yosemite Gold mandarin is also known as tangerine. It is a large round citrus fruit with deep orange skin that’s smooth, oily, and easy to peel. The flesh of this fruit is very juicy and tasty with low acidic content and citrus flavor.

28. Youngberry

Youngberries are a variety of blackberries, which are very delicate and have a firm core. The berries mature into a very deep purple color. The fruit is easy to break and more flavorful than regular blackberries. They are juicy and sweet berries that you can eat raw or make into jam and sauces.

29. Yuca 

Yuca is a staple food in most regions of South America. It is derived from the long tapered root of the cassava plant. Yuca looks similar to sweet potato in terms of its appearance and has starchy white flesh with a grainy texture. 

30. Yucca Fruit

Yucca fruit grows from yucca trees and shrubs and is popular in the Caribbean and America. The rich green variety is the best of all the species of edible yucca fruits. The flesh inside the fruit is tender and has a bright white color. They have a refreshing flavor along with notes of citrus.

31. Yu Choy

Yu Choy is a leafy green vegetable that has several branches and oval leaves. It is a Chinese vegetable that has a flavor similar to spinach but has a taste of peppery spice. Every part of the leafy green vegetable is edible and can be a great addition to recipes that require vegetables.

32. Yukon Gold Potatoes

Yukon Gold potatoes are one of the most popular varieties of potatoes in North America. They’re medium with a relatively uniform oblong shape. The brown skin is thin and smooth. The flesh is pale gold, firm, and moist. When cooked, they have a creamy texture and rich, earthy flavor. 


What fruits start with y?

There are several fruits that start with the letter Y. Some of them are Youngberry Fruit, Yunnan Hackberry Fruit, Yumberry, Yellow Strawberry, Yellow Plum, and Yali Pear.

What spice starts with y?

There are very few spices that start with the letter Y. The most popular and notable ones are Yerba Buena, which has about four different species, and Yarrow, which is also known as achillea millefolium. 

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There are several foods that start with Y, including popular snacks like popcorn and staple foods like porridge, and pizza. Although you may be familiar with some of these foods, these 32 foods that start with Y will help refresh your memory of them.

Besides that, you can also explore these foods by trying them. You can also check out foods that start with P.

Thanks for reading.

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