See 25 Foods That Start With J You Should Try Today

How many foods that start with J have you tasted before? Maybe one, two, or even none. If you are looking to experience and learn more about foods that start with J, here’s a good guide for you. 

Keep reading to find a comprehensive list of interesting, yet delicious foods you should know about. While you might not have heard of some of these foods before, I’ll cover the basics of what you need to know about them. Let’s dive right in!

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1. Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is a popular dish in West Africa. It is even more popular in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Liberia. Jollof rice is a dish that combines rice, meat, vegetables, and seasonings, making it a rich food with essential nutrients. Each country has its own recipe and seasonings to make it unique.

While Nigerians have their signature curry powder and thyme, Ghanaians use basmati rice to give their dish a flavorful taste.

2. Jaffa Cake

Jaffa cakes are popular in Britain as they were first manufactured for British people in 1927. It is a large biscuit that has three layers. The bottom layer is a soft piece of cake, with an orange jelly layer in the middle, topped with a coat of chocolate. 

The cake is available in a wide range of varieties with the orange, strawberry, and black currant flavors being the most popular ones.

3. Jelly Mushrooms

Jelly mushrooms are a great addition to your soup or salad recipe. You can even use it in any type of dish you want to get an earthy flavor. The mushroom comes in different colors depending on the species. As the name implies, the texture is similar to jelly. 

4. Jewfish

Jewfish is a fish that can be used in the preparation of several dishes. You can always find Jewfish in tropical water around the world, although it’s more common around Australia. It has a flat body with brown skin. 

Jewfish has delicious flesh that you can use to make your fish soup, seafood salads, and other similar dishes. Jewish offers you more delicious flesh for various types of dishes. The fish contains high protein, vitamin, and Omega-3 properties, making it nutritious, yet delicious.

5. Jaboticaba

Jaboticaba is one of the most exotic fruits to exist, making it a worthy mention in the list of foods that starts with J. It is also known as the Brazilian grape tree and is a native plant common in South American countries like Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina. 

Jaboticaba has a round shape and green skin at an early stage but they mature into pink and eventually a purple color. The flesh of Jaboticaba has a white color and is translucent and juicy. You can eat the fruit fresh from the tree to enjoy its blissful taste and flavor.

6. Jambul

Jambul fruits are healthy fruits from a tropical evergreen tree common in Western Asia. You can also find these trees around South America. It is also called Jamun, black plum, or Indian blackberry. 

The fruits are round just like the Jaboticaba fruit and have similar colors to it as well. However, they taste differently as jambul fruit has a sweet, sour, and slightly spicy taste. 

7. Jelly Doughnut

Jelly doughnuts are common desserts and snacks available in different varieties around the world. The doughnut usually contains jam or jelly fillings and sugar coating. 

Even though jelly doughnuts are common everywhere, it is not a good idea if you are looking to lose weight as it contains about 270 calories. If you don’t mind the number of calories in it, you can enjoy the dessert/snacks hot.

8. Jambon

Jambon is a french name for ham, which is a ready-to-eat savory dish. Ham is a cut from the leg area of pork that’s popular in many French delicacies. The dish itself originates from Europe and has several varieties as many European countries have their own version of it. 

Popular varieties of jabon include the Spanish jambon, jambon de lacaune which is from France, and prosciutto from Italy. Jambon only needs to be cured as it is usually served uncooked. The curing process also determines its flavor. You can tuck some jabon slices into your sandwiches to enjoy it. 

9. Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that originates from Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam. Even though the fruit looks spicy and rough inside, it has delicious flesh that will surely make you want more. The aroma of this fruit is truly amazing—you can’t get enough of it.

You can easily get canned jackfruit for cooking anywhere in the US. Canned jackfruit is more of a cooking ingredient rather than a fruit as it contains mostly the fibers of unripe jackfruit. The chewy, meaty nature of canned jackfruit makes it a good ingredient for vegan meals.

10. Jalapeno

Jalapeno is a popular chili pod among spicy food lovers. If you are one, then you must have heard of this popular spice. The green variety is the most popular while we also have the yellow jalapeno which is one of the Cheffist lists of foods that start with Y

The flesh of jalapeno is thick and crunchy, making it a good addition to your meat recipes to give them a fresh, interesting flavor profile. You can also add the mashed jalapeno pepper to your cocktails and beverage recipes.

11. Japanese Plum

Japanese plums are thick fruits with an excitingly juicy pulp that has a sweet and sour taste. It has a flavor that combines apricot and peach flavors. Due to its natural sweet taste, you can have it as a healthy sweetener for your tea in place of sugar.

12. Jarrahdale

Jarrahdale is a squash that originates from Australia and is also known as a blue pumpkin. It is an heirloom variety of winter squash and pumpkin that has a grayish-blue color.

This squash is arguably the best-tasting pumpkin. Not only does it have a super-dense pulp with vibrant orange color, but it also has a buttery consistency that’s hard to beat. The sweet and buttery nature is what makes it a great dish on its own and an addition to your soup and stew.

13. Jaffle

Jaffle is one of the foods that start with J that you can easily have as a snack or even for breakfast. It was first created by an American engineer with a special iron toaster. Jaffles are sandwiches with closed ends, a clamshell pattern, and a triangle shape. 

You can use any type of fillings for your jaffle sandwich, ranging from vegetables, meats, cheese, and even seafood. You can make the fillings savory or sweet; they will remain as delicious and nutritious as any other meal. 

14. Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke is a nutritious and delicious root that originates in Central North America. It is a medicinal herb that’s also known as sunchoke or earth apple. Fresh sunchoke is a little starchy and has a nutty taste. 

You can eat Jerusalem artichoke raw, as it has a hint of sweetness. You can also add it to any type of salad recipe due to its crispy texture. Likewise, you can cook Jerusalem artichokes before eating to get a soft, creamy texture. 

15. Julienned Vegetables

Julienne is a popular vegetable dish in French cuisine. It is also common in Italian cuisine too. It combines vegetables with fruits like carrots, radishes, and other marrow fruits cut into long thin strips. This dish is as nutritious and delicious as any other savory dish. 

16. Jujube

Jujube is also known as Chinese dates and is common in central and south Asia. Even though it has a rough texture, it is mildly sweet and can be used as a natural sweetener for drinks. You can add it to various beverages to give it taste and texture. 

17. Jostaberry

Jostaberry is a hybrid food that combines blackberry and blackcurrant in one. Like every other type of berries, you can eat it fresh as it has a mild sweet taste and flavor. You can also eat them with cream or make them into jam.

18. Jambu

Jambu is another exotic fruit that grows in Southern Asia that’s also called java apple or rose apple. It has the shape of a pear with pink or purple skin. The flesh of the fruit is extremely juicy and has a white color. Not to mention the fresh aroma of roses you can also get from it.  

19. Jellied Eels

The jellied eel is a popular dish that originates in the 18th century in London. The dish is commonly served along with beefy pie and mashed potatoes. You may not find it available at a shop or restaurant but you can always make jellied eels at home.

20. Jokbal

Jokbal is a Korean meat dish made with pork, soy sauce, radish, herbs, and various spices. You can serve it as a side dish to a main dish or you can enjoy it as a full meal. This is a perfect dish to try with your friends at a hangout.

21. Jumbles

Jumble is a simple cookie made from a mixture of flour, butter, egg, and sugar. They are crispy and come in a variety of shapes, including knots, and rings. They have the texture of pie crust due to their low water content. 

22. Jelly Beans

Jelly beans are confectionery treats made from sugar and colorings. They have a small bean shape, with the appearance of soft shells and gel fillings. It comes in several varieties and flavors including mango, plum, mint, etc.

23. Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a rice dish that combines rice, meat, vegetables, and other ingredients. This dish is delicious and contains several flavorful ingredients, giving it a delightful taste. 

24. Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice is one of the highest prized rice varieties in the world, which may be due to its distinctive flavor. The aroma of jasmine rice combines the flavor of popcorn and pandan. 

This aroma alone will make you crave more of it, not to mention the sweet moist taste. This is one of the most delightful foods that start with J you can try.

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25. Jook

Jook is another popular rice dish that is served as a breakfast meal. The dish has a smooth texture that tastes fresh. It is usually prepared with seasonings like garlic, ginger, onions, and other seasonings. It is also nutritious, making it a great meal to try. 


What breakfast food starts with J?

Several breakfast foods start with J. Some of them are jelly doughnuts, jelly and toast, jackfruit, jelly sandwich, jasmine rice, jambalaya, and much more.

What popular snacks start with J?

Jelly donuts are one of the most popular snacks that start with J. It is a doughnut that contains jam filling and is popular for its apricot jam filling and sugar coats.

What Spanish food starts with J?

There’re quite a few Spanish foods that start with J. Some of them are Jamón, Jabugo, Jarra de Vino, Jerez, and Judías Verdes among others. 


You must have tasted one or two of the above-mentioned foods that start with J. For whatever reason you needed to know more about foods that start with J, I hope you learned about new foods from this article. 

Now that you know of more foods that start with J, you can start experiencing the delightful foods at any chance you get. You can check out recipes to prepare them at your home if you are unable to find them at a restaurant near you. 

Thanks for reading.

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