How to Measure Portions With Your Hands in Your Kitchen

Could it be possible to measure portions with your hands in your kitchen? Even when you lack the appropriate scales to do your desired cooking.

A very good way to enjoy your cooking journey is to learn the art of improvisation. Improvisation is a great hack to execute any work process and it will at most length achieve equal result and success. Improvisation saves time, it helps you become a great decision maker by making quick decisions and you will enjoy the moment.

How To Measure Portions With Your Hands In Your Kitchen

It is very impossible to acquire all your kitchen utensils and to fill up this gap, improvising is the best option. The quickest method to measure portions in your kitchen is to engage your hands. It is natural but requires some level of expertise and knowledge which you will learn now.

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Hand Food Measurements

1. Half Your thumb Equals One Teaspoon

When in a hurry and you need to make teaspoon portions or fillings for your baking or soups, you can use half of your thumb as measurement. You want to save yourself a little stress and do not want to look for your spoon in your dish rack. Dip in your thumb tip in the fillings and pour into your meal. Your thumb is an exact estimate for one teaspoon. You can use this measurement plan for your butter and oil.


2. Your Whole Thumb Equals 1Tablespoon

Need to make one tablespoon of portions for your salt or sugar. A dip of your whole thumb is equivalent to one tablespoon. You should however not try this measurement for your medications. You can abuse this and get it wrongly. Besides, it will not work for your drugs. Your drugs will stick to your thumb as your ingredient would.  

It goes for your sour cream, Cream cheese, Peanut butter, and Cheese. A two-finger scoop of your thumb equals two tablespoons.

3. Your Index Finger Equals One Ounce

Your dried ingredients can be measured in an ounce. Likewise, your liquid ingredient will be measured in fluid ounces. Instead of going way up into your cabinet or searching for a scale with the measurement of an ounce, your index finger will save you the stress. It is a perfect substitute for the ounce measurement.

4. Your Hand Full Equals One Ounce

 To get this measurement perfectly, know that one ounce equals 1/4 cup which also equals one hand full. A quick method of pouring in fillings or toppings for your baking is to adopt the one hand full measurement. As the index finger, one hand full measurement is a substitute for an ounce measurement.

You must also take note of this relativity. One hand full measurement equals only one ounce for tiny pieces of kitchen spices not for your pasta. One hand full for your paste is a perfect measurement plan for ½ of a cup, while two hands full is a full cup of pasta.

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5. Pinch Measurement

You can not avoid the pinch measurement when cooking your meals. It is one of the most common recipe methods for great meals. Even if you do have a measurement scale, do you want to keep measuring a pinch of your ingredient? No! More so, scales do not come with a scaling tag for a pinch. Therefore, make use of your fingers as this is what is expected of you by producers.

To use your finger, you either make do with your pinkie finger or a combo of both your index and thumb joined together in a scoop. For our pinkie finger, dip into the ingredient to the level of your first knuckle and shake it off into your preparations or mixings. For the index and thumb, you practically pinch the fillings you wish to take and spray into your meal.


6. Palm Size Measurement

Knowing how to measure portions with your palm is interesting. it is the biggest measurement substitute for your cooking processes. A  3-ounce serving of chicken or fish is generally the size of your palm and a 1-cup serving of natural product or vegetables is generally the size of your shut clenched hand. You can also use it for your cereals, Beverages, Casseroles, Soups, Fresh fruit, raw vegetables, and Salads.

The semi-closed palm measurement equals ¾ ounce plan. It is best for pork and beef. The semi-closed palm is also called the cupped hand measurement. Two of the cupped hand measurement goes for 1 ounce which is used for foods likes chips and crackers.


In conclusion, your hands are the best measurement substitute for your kitchen cooking. When you do not have your utensils complete, make sure to measure portions with your hands in the kitchen. Do not take them for granted. It is natural. Your instinct makes you know when to stop pouring and you decide the best portion for your servings.