Is Cider Gluten-Free? Find Out Here

Are you a beer lover looking for gluten-free alternatives? Or do you need gluten-free liquor to use for your recipe and want to know if cider is gluten-free? This guide is for you. Cider is naturally gluten-free, and that makes it an amazing alternative to beer if you have gluten intolerance. 

As a celiac, knowing what drink is gluten-free is as important as knowing what food is safe to indulge in. Keep reading to find answers to all your possible questions about cider and its gluten-free possibilities. You will also discover a couple of gluten-free ciders that are completely safe for you. 

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What Is Cider?

Cider is a beverage that is made with fruits. The most common type of cider is one made from apples. Cider is made with fermented apple or other fruit juice and that makes it gluten-free. 

Is Cider Gluten-Free?

Yes, cider is gluten-free because it is made from fermented fruit juice. Even though cider does not contain any gluten ingredients, ensure that you always look out for additives and flavorings that may contain gluten in the cider you purchase. 

The cider you purchase may have been processed in a brewery that processes beverages that contain gluten. This leaves room for cross-contamination. Therefore, if the bottle of a cider doesn’t have a gluten-free label, it may contain some gluten due to cross-contamination. 

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Gluten-Free?

Apple cider vinegar is gluten-free. Undiluted vinegar is gluten-free. Since apple cider is fermented apple juice and is the main ingredient in apple cider vinegar, it is gluten-free. 

However, flavored vinegar may contain gluten. Ensure that you check the ingredients list carefully before purchasing. 

Is Cider Beer Gluten-Free?

Cider beer is an alcoholic beverage that contains fermented fruit and other additives such as sugar and yeast. The yeast in a cider beer may contain gluten if it’s a brewer’s yeast. However, most cider beers are fermented with gluten-free yeast. 

No gluten-containing grain can be found in these ciders and that makes them gluten-free. Yeast is not the only thing that introduces gluten to cider. The facility equipment used to brew the cider may introduce gluten to the drink. 

If a facility uses the same equipment used to brew beer or other alcoholic beverages that contain gluten to brew cider, gluten can get into the cider. This incident is known as cross-contamination. 

To be sure a cider beer is gluten-free, check if it contains a gluten-free label. If it doesn’t, it contains a certain amount of gluten which is not considered safe for you if you have any form of gluten intolerance. 

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Is Gluten-Free Cider Safe for Someone With Celiac Disease?

Gluten-Free cider is safe for someone with celiac disease or any form of gluten intolerance. You can drink this instead of beer, as most beers and alcoholic beverages contain gluten. As long as the container or bottle of the cider has a gluten-free label on it, you are good to go. 

Which Hard Ciders Are Gluten-Free?

The ciders listed below are gluten-free and have a certification label on them. 

Strongbow Gold Apple

This gluten-free brand of cider combines several varieties of apples to give the product a complex flavor profile. The balance of acidity and sweetness of this product is another reason to go for it. You can pair it with fried fish, sushi, and other seafood. 

Stella Cidre

Stella Cidre is a gluten-free brand of cider that combines three different apples to create a unique blend of flavor. This easy-to-drunk cider has sweet, crisp, and fruity. This makes it taste a lot more like champagne or other exotic beverages and not beer-like. You can pair it with spicy foods, salads, chicken, or seafood. 

Crispin Hard Cider

This is a light straw-colored gluten-free cider that has quite a unique flavor profile. It has a unique blend of green apples, lemons, and scents. The aroma is not the only thing to write about, as this beverage has a unique taste as well. It has a creamy taste alongside the lingering apple taste of cider. You can put it with light said, chili and cheese. 

Woodchuck Hard Cider

Woodchuck hard cider is an amber-colored gluten-free cider. It has a taste that always gives the ripe apple juice used in making it. It is a nice balance of both apple taste, flavor, and finish. You can pie it with pork, risotto, and so on. 

Ciderboys First Press Traditional Hard Cider

If you are a fan of red apples, you will like this gluten-free cider. Ciderboys First Press Traditional Hard Cider is your go-to cider for its sweet and apple taste. This unique blend makes this product one of a kind amongst other brands. You can pair it with cheese, clams, chicken, and seafood. 

Angry Orchard Hard Cider

Angry Orchard hard cider is quite pleasant despite its angry name. It combines flavors from Braeburn, Fuji, and Granny Smith apples. It has a rich aroma of crisp green apples that will make you feel like you are sitting in the apple’s orchard. 

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Are There Side Effects of Gluten-Free Cider?

Even though it is gluten-free, too much intake of cider has side effects. This is because of its high acidity. Drinking too much cider can damage your teeth and cause them to decay. It can also burn your throat and upset your stomach.

Drinking apple cider vinegar can cause weight loss even if you are not looking to lose any weight. Drinking too much apple cider can lower the levels of potassium in your body. This may cause your muscles and nerves to malfunction as they need potassium to work properly. 

Cider can lower the rate at which food as liquid moves out of your stomach to your intestines. This simply equals slow digestion and that can put your blood sugar at risk. You should be careful with your intake of cider to avoid these side effects. 


Is it healthy to drink cider?

Yes, it is. Cider is a healthy beverage when taken in moderation. It contains nutritional, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can help your body remain healthy. 

Cider contains polyphenols–a compound common in plants that work as an antioxidant in the body. This antioxidant property can help the body to fight against free radicals and skin cell damage. The chemical can also help to relieve inflammation in the body. 

Is it good to drink apple cider every day?

No, it isn’t. While apple cider is a healthy drink, consuming it every day is not good for your health. Drinking apple cider every day will lower your blood potassium levels and that can cause osteoporosis—weak bone density. It can also cause tooth decay. 


Cider is naturally gluten-free as it is made from fermented fruit juice. However, there are chances of cross-contamination during the production process. This could happen if facility equipment that has been used for gluten products is used for brewing the cider. 

It is important to check the bottle or container of a cider for a gluten-free label before buying. This will assure you of the gluten-free quality of the product. While cider is a healthy drink, it is not safe to drink it every day, as it can lower your blood potassium levels. 

Thanks for reading. 

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