McDonald’s Hot Dog: Here’s What Many People Don’t Know

McDonald’s hot dogs, also called McHotdogs, were launched in 1995 at some mid-western location store. However, the hot dog project was a massive flop.

Years before other burger stores experimented with hot dogs, Ray Kroc, a co-founder of Mcdonald’s vowed never to allow his franchise to sell hot dogs. He claimed they lacked standard and quality, which he would permit.

Years after Ray Kroc died, the future generation of leadership didn’t adhere to his warning. Customers were enthusiastic about the relaunch, but the hot dog lunch quickly met its waterloo. It is considered one of the biggest business flop in history.

In this article, I will discuss McDonald’s hot dogs, why Mcdonald’s doesn’t sell hot dogs anymore, and other products that were considered failed.

What is McDonald’s?

McDonald’s is an American fast food chain that was established in 1940 in San Bernardino, California. Richard and Maurice McDonald were running the restaurant.

This fast food chain is one of the most popular in the world. It became a franchise when the Golden Arches logo was introduced at a location in Phoenix, Arizona in 1953.

In 1955, Ray Kroc joined the company as an agent, but he later went on to buy the company from the McDonald brothers. Now this company is a well-renowned franchise, with outlets in over 100 countries with millions of sales daily.

McDonald’s is best known for its hamburger, French fries, and cheeseburgers. Although, they feature a variety of other dishes, such as chicken, milkshakes, salad, fruits, etc.

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Does McDonald’s sell hot dogs?

According to a New York Times report, McDonald’s actually started out as a hot dog company. But the McDonald brothers quickly changed the hot dog stand to a regular hamburger stand.

At other times, certain McDonald’s outlets ventured into making hot dogs. They were presented as seasonal menus, but they were considered flops. 

Even though many customers recommended it, Ray Kroc vowed not to make hot dogs as he considered them an unhealthy fit for the standard of the restaurant.

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Why McDonald’s doesn’t sell hot dogs?

McDonald’s co-founder Ray Kroc revealed in his autobiography in 1977 that he prohibits the sale of hot dogs in this franchise. Regardless of the numerous demand for this dish.

He claimed that there was no telling what was inside these hot dogs’ skin, and he considered them unsanitary and unhealthy. And that the standard of McDonald’s would not permit that kind of item.

Ray Kroc died in 1964, and a few years later, the future generation of leadership did not heed this warning. The McHotdog was launched in 1999, and it failed almost immediately.

Customers became unenthusiastic about the product; most times, they complained the product where served burnt. For most customers, they claimed it did not live up to standards.

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What other McDonald’s products were considered failed?

The McDonald’s menu features hundreds of items, but for every successful merchandise, there are also failed ones. Apart from the McHotdogs, some other failed products include;

1. McLobster

The McLobster consists of lobster meat shoved in hot dog buns, shredded lactose, and McLobster sauce. Although it appears once in a while on most outlet’s menus in England and Eastern Canada, they were considered a flop product.

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2. McGratin croquette

The McGratin croquette contains deep-fried macaroni, mashed potatoes, and shrimp. It was created specifically for the Chinese market, with a fluffy and creamy taste.

It was considered a flop as it didn’t match up to the standard expected of the Japanese audience. Although the McGratin croquette still pops up on a few menus in Japan.

3. Hula burgers

The hula burgers were invented by the co-founder Ray Kroc, although, he had countless successes with other products. Unfortunately, the hula burger was one of the worst products.

This burger was targeted at Catholics who abstained from meat every Friday. Since the hula burger was made without meat, they were assumed to be the perfect product. 

Instead of chicken or beef, it contained pineapple slices and was topped with cheese. The idea behind this product made sense, but people simply did not like it.

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4. McPizza

In the 1980s, McDonald’s pushed to serve dinner items such as pizzas, but this plan had problems right from the get-go.

The competition in the pizza industry was overwhelming, it took longer for McDonald’s to deliver the pizza, and people eventually grew tired of it.

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5. McSpaghetti

The McSpaghetti is another on the dinner menu that just didn’t take off. It quickly went down along with other dinner menus. Although, it is still available on some international menus.

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6. McAfrika

The McAfrika was one of the most catastrophic products released. It contained tomatoes, beef, salad, and cheese in a sandwich and was released in 2002 during the famine season in southern Africa.

The product was pulled out of the market, and an apology was tendered. It also resurfaced in the 2008 promotion of the Olympics, but it also met the same fate as before.

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7. McDLT

In the 1980s, the McDLT was introduced, a burger with lettuce and tomatoes. However, the public drew concerns about the package in which it came in, and since McDonald’s had no other alternative in serving this product, it was put to an end.

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Why are the items on McDonald’s menus different in every country?

McDonald’s stated that they try to adjust their menu to reflect different tastes and traditions in each country.

What is the most sold item on the McDonald’s menu?

The McDonald’s French fries are one of the most commonly sold items.

Was McDonald’s a hot dog stand originally?

Yes, it was. The franchise started out as a hot dog stand in San Bernardino, California. This was before it was revamped into a hamburger, French fries, and cheese franchise.

Does McDonald’s sell other non-food-related items?

Yes, they do. They are one of the biggest toy-selling franchises as well.

Conclusion: McDonald’s hot dog [Is it a failed product?]

McDonald’s hot dog products are considered one of the biggest failed products in history. This simple delicacy never caught on because the customers just didn’t equate the brand with the type of food.

Although the founder vowed never to sell this product again, it was later reinstated but still met the same fate as before.

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you did, you should also see how to tell if hot dogs go bad.

Thank you for reading this article.