Pizza Hut Vegan Options: The Healthy Choice

Wondering what the Pizza Hut vegan options are? Are you or your family member lactose intolerant, vegetarian or vegan, and would like to still partake in Pizza Hut’s delights? You need not worry as Pizza Hut offers numerous veggie delights that will leave you wanting more.

From the tasty Vegan Veggie to the soft and delicious breadsticks, the vegan menu offers you the best vegan-friendly treats. So when you’re in the mood for some delicious delights but your lactose intolerance won’t allow it then the vegan goodies will do wonders.

Kick your taste buds into a frenzy with some of Pizza Hut’s favorite vegan menu options. Not only is it safe, but you also won’t have to worry about eating dairy products.  

From Vegan mains, desserts, and starters to a variety of vegan drinks, highlighted below are various Pizza Hut vegan options that offer you a healthy fix with delicious dairy alternatives.

About Pizza Hut

Established in 1958, Pizza Hut is a multinational American restaurant. It was founded by Frank and Dan Carney in Wichita, Kansas, and has since then grown into a major international franchise. Serving their specialty pan pizza, the restaurant is also known to offer other delicacies such as breadsticks, pasta, and desserts. 

Not only is Pizza Hut passionate about food waste reduction, but the food chain also claims to be working on ways to drastically reduce its carbon emission by introducing more ranges of plant-based meals. 

In addition, non-dairy meals have also been implemented so that even their cheesecakes do not contain cheese! However, this is only currently available in the UK. By consuming less meat and introducing more plant-based delights, you can also help protect nature and reduce the carbon impact on the planet.

However, it is best to note that Pizza Hut is not a complete vegan outlet. You have the freedom to choose the meals you are comfortable with. 

Also, not only do they work hard to reduce operational food waste, but over half of their restaurants donate surplus buffet pizza to charity in the local area. 

What is Pizza Hut Vegan Menu?

The Pizza Hut vegan menu is an effective alternative to the regular menu aimed at vegans, vegetarians, and lactose-intolerant customers. Items on the menu are created using plant-based alternatives that taste like the real deal, as opposed to using dairy products like cheese, cream, or milk. 

It also does not contain meat, making it a suitable alternative for people who have written off meat. Pizza Hut has been offering vegan options to its customers since 2017. So it does not matter if you follow a strictly plant-based diet or you’re lactose intolerant, there’s a vegan-friendly meal for you. 

Also, the vegan option is not limited to their pizzas! They have an extensive vegan menu that covers desserts and sides too. 

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What Kind of Items Are on Pizza Hut Vegan Menu?

You’re probably wondering about the kind of ingredients and items that Pizza Hut offers on its vegan menu. Well, you no longer have to keep searching! From the crusts to the toppings, sides, drinks, and dippings, below are the goodies you will find in the vegan options.


First on the list of amazing items you will find on the vegan menu are the crusts. You can select any of the following crust options;

  • Pan-Style Crust
  • Thin n’ Crispy Crust
  • P’zone Crust (similar to a calzone or pizza pocket)
  • Classic Hand-Tossed Style Crust

However, there is a gentle warning to the vegans! Try to avoid purchasing them with the garlic-flavored crust toppings as they contain dairy hence making them unfriendly to vegans. You can however get the buttery-blend crust flavor or no crust seasoning. These two are the only vegan-friendly crust flavors that you can purchase in most Pizza Hut locations. 

Sauces and Dips

Pizza Hut offers a variety of sauces and dips that you can add to your meals. Each sauce comes with its degree of spiciness, so be sure to ask in case your body doesn’t handle pepper well. 

Sauces offered in most locations include:

  • Burnin’ Hot Buffalo Dipping Sauce
  • Buffalo Pizza Sauce
  • Medium Buffalo Dipping Sauce
  • Spicy BBQ Dipping Sauce
  • Marinara Dipping Sauce
  • Mild Buffalo Dipping Sauce
  • Spicy Asian Dipping Sauce
  • Classic Marinara (Pizza) Sauce
  • Lemon Pepper Dipping Sauce

Note that the Buffalo Pizza Sauce and Classic Marinara Sauce are pizza sauces while the rest on the list are merely dipping sauces.

Pizza Hut Vegan Options Toppings

You can choose from a wide range of toppings to add to your vegan pizza. Just avoid adding cheese to your pizza, as it is non-vegan cheese that contains dairy.

Toppings that you can add to your build-your-own pizza or regular veggie pizza include: 

  • Jalapeno peppers
  • Green olives
  • Beyond Meat Pepperoni (not all locations)
  • Green Chile peppers
  • Banana peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Beyond Meat Crumbles
  • Black Olives
  • Roasted spinach
  • Red onions
  • Beyond Meat Sausage (not all locations)
  • Diced Roma tomatoes
  • Pineapple Chunks
  • Green bell peppers

Dough (select your preferred pizza dough)

Build your vegan pizza with your preferred pizza dough. Choose from any of the pizza doughs below

  • Hand-Tossed Style
  • P’Zone Dough (looks lika a calzone)
  • Pan Crust
  • Thin ‘N Crispy Dough

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Unfortunately, fries are the only vegan-friendly option Pizza Hut currently offers on its side menu. The breadsticks would also suffice but you would need to exclude the parmesan seasoning as it contains cheese that isn’t vegan friendly. 


The following vegan desserts are offered at Pizza Hut. However, some modifications need to be made to make them vegan friendly. 

  • Breadsticks (Make sure to ask them to exclude the parmesan seasoning as it contains non-vegan cheese).
  • Cinnamon sticks (Be sure to order it without the icing dipping cup as that contains dairy).

Also, note that you might need to physically visit the outlet or call ahead if you wish to order the breadsticks.

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Whether you need an ice-cold soda or beer to help digest your veggie pizza delight, the drinks station at Pizza Hut offers various drinks. Also available are pitchers, cocktails, hard shakes, and mocktails.

Pizza Hut also serves beers and assorted wines at over 1,500 of its outlets in case you’re wondering if they serve alcohol. Other drinks available at Pizza Hut include: 

  • Passion fruit martinis 
  • Gingerella ginger ale 
  • The Kopparberg Cider (available in strawberry, lime, or mixed fruit flavors)
  • Drink Bulmers Cider
  • Budweiser beer 
  • Pitchers
  • Cocktails
  • Hard Shakes
  • Mocktails
  • Mountain Dew
  • Tango
  • 7 Up
  • Diet Coke
  • Pepsi

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Does Pizza Hut Host Happy Hour? 

Yes, Pizza Hut offers happy hours on weekdays from 3 pm to 5 pm. However, the prices of the deals are not specified and may vary based on the location. Also, you might be required to sign up online to be eligible for the Happy Hour deal. 

Unfortunately, it is also not certain if the vegan option is included in the happy hour deals. You might have to consult the location nearest to you on that.

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Do Pizza Hut vegan options offer plant-based meat alternatives?

Yes, Pizza Hut does offer plant-based meat alternatives. The Beyond-Meat option became available in all US-based locations in late-2020/early 2021. However, this was after an initial test period at select locations. 

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Is there a risk of cross-contamination at pizza hut?

The risk of cross-contamination is extremely low if not non-existent. Yes, indeed, Pizza Hut is not a totally vegan environment. However, it is highly unlikely that a pizza or vegan meal comes out with the wrong non-vegan ingredients being mixed in. 

How can you avoid cross-contamination in Pizza Hut vegan options?

In order to prevent cross-contamination, ask the workers to use a clean pizza cutter and put on gloves. 


The Pizza Hut vegan option serves a variety of authentic and tasty veggie meals aimed at improving the enjoyment of vegan-friendly treats. You can opt-in for home delivery or you pick them up at their outlet.

However, due to the recent introduction of vegan-friendly meals and numerous ongoing trials to produce more acceptable veggie meals, the vegan option isn’t quite extensive. For one, the vegan-friendly cheese that would guarantee cheesy veggie pizzas is yet to touch down in the USA. 

Finally, I recommend checking the Dunkin Doughnuts Vegan Options or CoreLife Eatery menu should the Pizza Hut vegan options not offer the vegan meals you require. They also offer enough delicious vegan treats at amazing prices. 

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading.