Are McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Bad For You?

McDonald’s is one of the biggest fast-food chain restaurants in America. Their chicken nuggets also called “McNuggets” are one of the great delights they serve. But the question is; are McDonald’s chicken nuggets bad for you?

Yes, they are bad for you, because they contain a high level of fat and sodium. Chicken nugget is even breaded and battered before it is fried, adding even more fat to it.

People also prefer to eat this delicacy with ketchup, soda, and sauce which are also high in sugar. This can also spike your blood sugar level making them unhealthy for you.

In this article, I will discuss what McDonald’s chicken nuggets are made of, why they are bad for you, and other McDonald’s items that are unhealthy as well.

What are chicken nuggets?

Chicken nuggets are products that consist of boneless chicken meat that is ground up into a chicken mash. They are then combined with stabilizers and preservatives and then it is breaded and battered and then deep fried or baked.

The cut of chicken used is the chicken breast, they are cut into smaller pieces and then cooked until they are perfectly crisp. They were invented in the 1950s, and have since become a popular restaurant item.

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Nutritional information on McDonald’s chicken nuggets

According to McDonald’s, a 159-gram serving of chicken nugget contains;

  • Calories:  410
  • Fat: 23g
  • Trans fat: 0.2g
  • Saturated fat: 4g
  • Carbohydrate: 25g
  • Cholesterol: 70mg
  • Sodium 750mg
  • Carbohydrate: 26g
  • Protein: 26g

It also contains a low level of calcium, iron, saturated trans fat, cobalamin, magnesium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6.

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Are McDonald’s chicken nuggets bad for you?

Even though McDonald’s chicken nuggets are loaded with vitamins and minerals, they are not healthy for you. If eaten once or twice a week, they are fine, but if taken regularly or in large proportion, they can be harmful.

Some of the side effects of eating McDonald’s chicken nuggets include;

1. Heart disease

McDonald’s chicken nuggets are bad for your health, this is because they contain large amounts of saturated fat. This can disrupt blood flow, clog arteries with fat, and cause heart stroke, and even heart attack.

Also, you risk having a high cholesterol level if you keep consuming chicken nuggets. You should do your heart a favor and reduce the intake of this delicacy.

2. Obesity

Most people believe you can eat McDonald’s chicken nuggets and lose weight, but they are wrong. The chances of gaining weight are higher when consuming this delicacy in excess.

They have loads of calories and fats which promote the storage of fat cells in your belly. This can cause obesity and other health problem such as organ failure.

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3. Diabetes

Many people enjoy their chicken nuggets with ketchup and sauce, which have high levels of sugar. Most people also add smoothies and carbonated drinks, which contain even more sugar and can lead to diabetes.

4. High blood pressure

The high level of sodium in chicken nuggets can cause high blood pressure. This can further develop into headaches, hypertension, stroke, and even heart attack.

5. Brain stroke

Because of the high levels of fats in chicken nuggets, they are mostly stored as fat cells in the arteries. This may affect the arteries that take blood to your brain, and this may lead to stroke.

Also, since oxygen is transported to the brain through the blood cell, the flow might be disturbed. This may hinder the proper performance of the brain.

What other healthy alternatives can you try at McDonald’s?

If you are looking to try other healthy options or to rotate your diets, some other items you can try include;

1. McDonald’s egg muffin

A healthy choice to try is the McDonald’s egg muffins, this is because they carry two times less fat, calories, and sodium. While also containing more iron, carbohydrate, and calcium.

Egg muffins consist of eggs on a toasted English muffin, topped with butter, Canadian bacon, and American cheese.

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2. McDonald’s cheeseburger

This is another healthy alternative to try, they consist of a beef burger seasoned with just a pinch of salt and pepper. It is also topped with tangy pickles, mustard, chopped onion, ketchup, and melted American cheese.

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3. McDonald’s Sausage Burrito

This is a mixture of fluffy eggs, onions, green peppers, processed cheddar cheese, and sausage. They are all wrapped in a warm whole wheat flour tortilla. For more added nutrition you can enjoy this delicacy with Apple slices.

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4. McDonald’s chicken

Also known as McChicken, they consist of a toasted wheat bun, shredded lettuce, a breaded chicken breast meat patty, and mayonnaise.

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What are the food items you should avoid at McDonald’s?

1. McDonald’s Big Breakfast With Hotcakes

This dish consists of warm biscuits, savory hot sausage, crispy hash browns, fluffy scrambled eggs, and golden brown hotcakes with a side of real butter and the sweet flavor of maple.

They contain 1,340 calories, 2,090mg of sodium, and 25g of saturated fat, and also contain a high level of carbs, which are mostly sugar. Health experts advise against the consumption of this dish.

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2. McFlurry with M&M’s

This is another food item you should be wary of as it contains high levels of calories. They are made of milk, sugar, natural flavor, cream, corn syrup mono, etc.

They contain 630 calories, 22g of fat, 14g of saturated fat, 77g of carbohydrates, 86g of sugar, and 200mg of sodium. It is advisable to avoid this food item.

3. McCafe shakes

McCafe Shakes are made of milk, sugar, cellulose gum, cream, corn syrup, natural flavor, mono and diglycerides, guar gum, carrageenan, and vitamin A palmitate.

They are not healthy as they contain a large number of calories, sodium, cholesterol, and carbohydrates.

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4. McDonald’s frappe mocha

McDonald’s frappe mocha is made by blending a liquid Mocha frappe base (which is mostly water, sugar, cream, milk, coffee, and cocoa) and ice. Then it is topped with whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle.

McDonald’s frappe mocha is very harmful, as It contains 560 calories, 24g of fat, 15g of saturated fat, 70g of sugar, and 160mg of sodium.


Are McDonald’s chicken nuggets made from real chicken?

Yes, they are. It is made from boneless chicken that is usually inspected, as per the USDA.

Should you eat up to 10 chicken nuggets a day?

No, you shouldn’t. Excess intake of chicken nuggets can expose you to several health conditions, so it is best to reduce your intake to avoid these side effects.

What is the lowest-calorie food at McDonald’s?

The lowest calorie item on the McDonald’s menu includes; hamburger, grilled chicken wrap, and egg white delight muffin.

Is eating frozen chicken nuggets unhealthy?

Yes, they are. They are full of sodium which can lead to heart disease and some types of cancer.

Conclusion: Are McDonald’s chicken nuggets bad for you?

Yes, they are bad for you. McDonald’s chicken nuggets have been associated with health complications like obesity and high blood pressure. However, if you must consume them, it is best to eat them in moderate quantities.

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you did, you should see what many don’t know about McDonald’s hot dogs.

Thank you for reading this article.